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Who am I from Ntshava Safaris: South Africa Specialist (they say, and I actually think of me myself also)

Curious who am I from Ntshava Safaris? Yes .. I like to keep things private. I do not tell or write anything about my family, my private life. And certainly not remotely. That’s a shame, isn’t it? I myself am not very interesting either. Just another guy who loves wildlife and Africa.

Who am I


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What is important to me. So who am I?

To spread the love for South Africa and to share knowledge. To spread my love for Nature and especially to let teach our travelers some understanding for South Africa. That is what this business is for and the reason why our company Ntshava Safaris exists.

Yah.. so, who am I from Ntshava Safaris. Fair is fair

And of course .. Fair is fair. A person must also live, isn’t it? Travelling trough South Africa and selling Safaris is my job and profession. I do this with love and all my hart. With a lot of passion. Just like the people who work together with me in and for Ntshava Safaris.

So… If you want to get to know me.. Then you have no other option than to travel to South Africa. I am afraid.. My sincere apologies for that. Booking a trip to South Africa and travelling with me, someone from Ntshava Safaris or someone we work with. Is the only way to get to know me. Our company and South Africa. Its nature, wildlife and culture. This is my honest opinion and I do not deviate from it.

Marakele National Park

Join me


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Butttttttt… ..

I have lived in South Africa for quite a long time now. You can say very long. I have been active in South African tourism for many, many years and in the South African travel business. Have been travelling in and through South Africa with and without guests for lots of years. I know almost all South African game parks like the back of my hand.

And can tell you more about wildlife and South Africa than the South Africans themselves. At least that’s what my fellow countrymen will tell you (South Africans).

So I am a South African. I feel like a South African and I think I have earned the right to be South African by now.

How modest neh? .. And so I am no longer Dutch. Yes I used to be Dutch. To be honest… I don’t really have much with the Netherlands anymore. It doesn’t mean much to me I have to admit. But I can see a lot of humor of Dutch people when I hear things from my travelers from my long ago home country. To be honest I do not like the Netherlands at all anymore… I think I am too much of an African now….

Do you want to know more?

Plunge in it and travel with Ntshava Safaris through South Africa. Make a nice Safari trip and who knows I might be your guide. But I can assure you that everyone else has at least as much knowledge as I do. If not even more.

So see you in South Africa

Pieter Blaak

Ntshava Safaris

Who am I

Want to know me?

I want to know you!

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