Wetlands and Ocean

Elephant Coast South Africa

Wetlands and Ocean Private Tour

Wetlands and Ocean. Do you like wildlife on land and in the water? Then this is the ultimate South Africa trip for you. Unknown to many, but so, so beautiful. Let’s keep it unknown.

Wetlands and Ocean

Wetlands and Ocean

12 days $ 1995

Private Tour

Special South Africa, adventurous tour 12 days

Wetlands and Ocean a 12 day trip on the East coast of South Africa

On the beautiful east coast of South Africa in the province of Kwazulu Natal you will find the Elephant Coast, also called Maputoland. Which is rightfully the most beautiful coast in South Africa on the Indian Ocean.

Pristine, undisturbed and still unknown to many. This African pearl is the ultimate place for a holiday in South Africa full of natural beauty. Ancient African traditions and full of wildlife both on land and in the water.

Especially the coast from St Lucia up towards the border with Mozambique is very spectacular and mostly untouched. This is one of the last unspoiled parts of Africa.

Special journey

This journey takes you to the most beautiful and spectacular spots along the coast. From the World Heritage Site “Isimangoliso” along the most beautiful bays such as Sodwana Bay and Kosi Bay is an experience that is not reserved for many.

The wildlife is particularly spectacular both on land and in the water. From the Big 5 on land to the whales, sharks, giant turtles and dolphins in the ocean. The reef off the coast at Sodwana is the most beautiful in Africa.

This is a very complete and very beautiful journey. If you dare to choose the unknown and go for a surprising South Africa, this is really something for you. You will not regret this at all.

Elephant Coast South Africa

Elephant Coast

South Africa

Isimangoliso South Africa

Isimangoliso Wetlands Park

South Africa

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