Types of accommodation in Kruger



Types of accommodation in Kruger, The Park has 14 so-called rest camps with all kinds of facilities. The type of facilities varies per rest camp. There are possibilities for camping as well as for booking a cottage or a simple small cabin without facilities. The options vary per rest camp.

Most rest camps are located in the south. Skukuza is the largest, but that is only logical. This is the administrative heart of the Kruger Park. Another popular camp is Lower Sabie. In the north you will find Punda Maria, Shingwedzi and Mopani.

Each camp is different in the Kruger

The prices of the rest camps do not differ much from each other. We ourselves spent the night in Pretoriuskop in a simple cabin with only beds. Pretoriuskop does not have much to offer in addition to a Wimpy’s and a small shop.

The rest camps are also accessible to “day vistors”. You can also use the eateries. Rest camps are often used for breakfast and lunch. You will notice that especially around dinner time, it is very busy. In addition to the rest camps, there are also 4 satellite camps; this are smaller rest camps.

Accommodation facilities in Kruger Park

Often with more limited facilities. There are also 5 bush camps and 2 bush lodges. Both are not accessible to day tourists and are located in a more secluded environment. The bush lodges are the smallest.

There are also private lodges in / near Kruger. A number of private lodges have access to Kruger because there are no fences between the reserve and Kruger itself.

Note: Not all private lodges are actually located in Kruger. Some advertise it when in reality they are far beyond the gates. You do well to check in advance where the lodge is located.


All accommodations in Kruger National Park on the official Kruger Park website.

You will not only find a description of the facilities, the accommodation types, but also prices. And you can book your accommodation directly here.

Most private lodges offer an “all-in” package. This means that all meals are included and often also packages with game drives. The price then seems to increase considerably, while it does not necessarily have to be more expensive if you arrange all activities, overnight stays and meals separately.

Check prices

So you would do well to look beyond the price and also see which activities you get for it and what you would pay for it separately.

It is of course cheaper to spend the night outside Kruger itself. You can often arrange at your accommodation to take an organized game drive or you can go out yourself

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