Tips for visiting Kruger Park Preparations

Tips for visiting Kruger Park

Tips for visiting Kruger Park What to do and what to take.


Tips for visiting Kruger Park.

Malaria sometimes occurs in Kruger Park. If so, mainly between October and April. Ask your contacts in South Africa. Or your guide for your holiday. Before you start taking tablets what is not needed. What is a must is taking precautions against mosquitoes. They can be a pain..

You always have to register when entering and leaving the park. Show your voucher from your accommodation if you have booked an overnight stay in the park.

Day visitor

If you are a day vistor, make sure you know the opening times of the gates and through which gates you ultimately want to go out again. Also check the times on your permits.

If you are going to spend the night in Kruger Park, make sure you are in the park before closing the gates, otherwise you will not enter and inform your accommodation in advance when you need to be inside the accommodation itself. The rest camps also close their gates at a certain time.

There are hardly any cash machines in Kruger Park. In principle, this does not have to be a problem. We have always been able to pay by credit card or by pin both at the accommodation, and at the various restaurants / coffee shops and the shops.

Provide non-flashy clothing. That means: no bright colors! That frightens the animals. It is best to wear neutral colors in the form of black, blue, brown, khaki or green. In addition, it is recommended that you wear several layers of clothing or take with you because it can be very cold, especially in the morning hours. During the day, especially when the sun is shining, it can be a lot warmer.

If you stay overnight in Kruger, make sure you know what is included in your accommodation, there is a fridge and whether it is possible to prepare a meal yourself. If you want to prepare a meal yourself, make sure you buy the provisions in advance as much as possible. The shops do have a range, but this is more limited than in a regular supermarket outside Kruger.

Don’t forget your drinks

Always have something to eat and drink during a safari. Although there are several rest camps with facilities, something can always happen, making it handy that you have something to eat and drink with you. Especially in the summer it can be very hot, so water is not an unnecessary luxury. Make sure you have enough water during a Self Drive, so that if you accidentally break down, you have something to drink.

Sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses are not a luxury on sunny days and if you plan to do a guided game drive. After all, you are in a largely open car.

Please read the Kruger Park Code of Conduct carefully before entering the park.

There is limited coverage with a mobile phone in Kruger Park. In addition, there is only wifi available at a few rest camps.


You can visit Kruger National park all year round. The seasons in South Africa are the opposite of ours. Summer is in December / January and winter in July / August. In the summer months it is considerably warmer here than in the winter season. It is regularly above 30 degrees. At the same time, it is also the season with the most rain and therefore a lot of vegetation. Vegetation makes seeing the animals considerably more difficult, at the same time it also gives a beautiful appearance. Most animals are born at the end of November to January. You will then see many more little ones walking around.

In winter it is considerably drier and that also means that you can look further. The grass is low and there are no more leaves on the trees. In addition, animals are easier to find because they look for water and gather near rivers, dams and ponds. Usually animals gather here in the morning or in the evening.


Kruger Park is approximately 420 kilometers from Johannesburg. Durban and Cape Town are 752 kilometers and 1,842 kilometers respectively. There are 9 gates through which you can enter and exit the park from South Africa. Check the Kruger National Park website for current times and directions.

Tips for visiting Kruger Park

The biggest Tip for visiting the Kruger National Park… Enjoy a guided safari holiday. Learn more

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