The wild North

Mapungubwe National Park

The wild North with private guide-driver

The wild North. Join us for an African expedition in the wild. Africa how Africa suppose to be. A short but very impressive journey awaits you. This is truly an amazing short holiday in South Africa. Combine it with a few days extra safari. Or visit Cape Town for 6 days and your African experience will be complete.

The wild North Get off the beaten track South Africa

The wild North

12 days $ 1895

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The real thing The wild North

If you want to go for the real thing and want to see the rugged and untouched Africa then you should definitely not skip this trip. The North East of South Africa, which borders Botswana and Zimbabwe, there you will find the most spectacular parts of the African bush including the associated wildlife. Here you can still see large herds of elephants crossing the limpopo river and the lions in their most natural environment. Undisturbed or disturbed by human intervention. Lots of history and lots of culture.

This real Africa adventure is and feels like an expedition and voyage of discovery into the great African unknown. This is truly one of the most beautiful trips we offer. Our personal favorite.

The wild North Nature Culture Wildlife Tour

The lost kingdom of Mapungubwe museum

a must see

Global itinerary: Unspoiled North in 12 days

Day 1 Arrival at Johannesburg International Airport where your driver and guide will be waiting to take you to your first overnight address in Johannesburg where you can recover from the flight and enjoy a good night’s sleep before we leave in the morning to the Waterbergen .

Day 2 and 3 We leave Johanesburg and heading north and go to the Waterberg. This hidden beautiful area is unknown to many and that benefits its beauty. In the beginning you have the feeling that there is not much going on, but once you are in the Waterbergen you do not know what is happening to you. We will therefore use the next two days to explore this area and look for our first big game (Here is Big present like lions, elephants, leopards and also Rhinos and of course a lot of smaller game) you will experience it till the max.

Day 4 and 5 We leave the Waterbergen and go to the Soutpansbergen. South Africa’s northernmost ridge where you can find the salt pans that have been supplying people here with salt since prehistoric times. Together with the unique vegetation that occurs here, this area makes it worthwhile to be explored by you.

Now it really starts

Day 6 and 7 Via the Soutpanbergen we go to Mapungubwe. Mapungubwe is rightfully untouched and undamaged. The history of Mapungubwe goes back to long before the year 0. Here the first kingdom of Southern Africa was created. The history of the rise and fall of this kingdom is very fascinating. Unfortunately there are few remains to be found, but the desolate rugged wilderness exudes history, history and culture. We will therefore spend the next two days here.

Day 8 and 9 We go a little further today and go along the mighty Limpopo River that forms the border between 3 countries (South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe) to the far north of the Kruger National Park. We will spend the night in the park at Shingwedzi and of course we will explore the northern part of the Kruger Park aswell. Mass tourism is very far away here and authentic wildlife is very close.

Day 10 and 11 Something completely different for the next two days. Magoebaskloof. Here we are going to relax a bit in a surprising green and fairytale mountain-like environment. We are going to enjoy all the beautiful things around us and all the beautiful things we have seen.

Day 12 Unfortunately we go back to Johannesburg from Magoebaskloof with regret in our hearts because this perhaps rounds off one of the most beautiful expedition-like voyages of discovery of what we and South Africa have to offer.

Not a joke

Without kidding and nonsense, this is an unbelievably beautiful and wonderful journey. For true nature lovers. Discover and experience unspoiled nature, wildlife and the ancient culture of South Africa.

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The far North

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