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Stellenbosch. Centre of South African viticulture

In the South African Western Cape province, Stellenbosch is the heart of viticulture. It is not for nothing the beginning of the wine route and of course you will find beautiful vineyards there, but the town itself is also nice.


Stellenbosch in South Africa is one large open-air museum, that is how beautiful it is. History is rich. Simon van der Stel, discovered a piece of beautiful and fertile land in 1679. Van der Stel was the governor of the Cape of Good Hope at the time. He immediately decided to start a village there, right on the side of the First River. Simon named the village van der Stel se Bosch.

The village still exists, now under the name Stellenbosch. Around the village are the most beautiful, and certainly the oldest, vineyards of the whole of South Africa.

Stellenbosch Village Street

Stellenbosch is no longer seen as a village, but more as a student city with an extraordinarily rich history. It is sometimes called the oak village. There are many old streets where you can really find the most impressive details. The old oak trees complete the whole, as well as the old buildings that seem to exude history. You can’t miss the old Village Street while you’re here.

This street is officially a national monument and you can find the most impressive old buildings in countless styles, from Victorian and Gregorian to Cape Hollands. In some of the best-preserved old buildings you can now find shops, hotels, restaurants, and workshops.

Mother Church

Stellenbosch Mother Church is really seen as the symbol of the city. The Mother Church is no longer completely original, because the original Mother Church burned down in the year 1710. It has taken more than ten years in total to rebuild the church. Then, in the year 1814, a piece was added, and half a century after that the church was made entirely as it still is today. Carl Otto Hagar, an artist from Germany, has realized the Neo-Gothic style in the design of the Mother Church.

Oom Samie se Winkel

Do you really want to shop like they did 200 years ago? In Stellenbosch it is still possible. In the Dorpstraat you can find Uncle Samie se Winkel. This shop has been around for more than two centuries and has never been adapted in the interior or exterior over the years. The store is still in its original state. You will find wines, fruits, clothing and antique utensils. The only thing that has changed in the way the store is trading is that you can now just pay with money where you used to have to trade.

The University

The University of Stellenbosch has a particularly good name, and this is certainly noticeable. As many as twenty thousand students are drawn to the place by the University. The University is therefore very complete, with the sports fields of Coetzenburg. Several major sports and athletics professionals have already been discovered here.

The University has ensured that more and more young audiences came to Stellenbosch, and this has in turn led to more entertainment venues being opened. You can also go out until early in the morning. The oldest music school can also be found in Stellenbosch.

The Village Museum

If you are a true lover of museums, then a visit to the Village Museum is advisable. The museum actually consists of four houses that have been completely restored. The interiors are adapted to the different periods that have passed and have meant a lot to the place. The Schreuderhuis is the oldest house of the four houses.

This was built in the year 1709 and belongs to the oldest large buildings of Stellenbosch. The youngest house dates from the year 1850 and can be recognized by the unique Victorian style.

Toy & Miniature Museum

Another nice museum can also be found in a unique, old house, which was built in 1815. This is the Toy & Miniature Museum. Here you can find the most detailed thumbnails in a unique structure. In addition, you can admire very old toys. There are complete landscapes with train tracks and homes to be found in miniature.

These are made of icing and that makes the whole thing perhaps even more special. You can be a bit overwhelmed by the large amount of miniatures, which makes you quickly feel like you might just miss the real showpieces. Fortunately, you can also opt for a fun tour, where you are guaranteed to get the most beautiful pieces to the attention. Are you more of modern art? Then the Rupert Museum is an excellent option.

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