Soutpansberg mountains Limpopo

Soutpansberg Limpopo South Africa

Soutpansberg mountains Limpopo

Soutpansberg mountains Limpopo. This soutpansberg mountain range is located in the Vhembe district in Limpopo, in the north of South Africa. If you drive up north via N1 to the border of Zimbabwe. When you approach Louis Trichardt You will get the full view. The name Soutpansberg is African and means Zout Pan Berg.

This Unique ridge extends for about 130 kilometers from left to right and is part of the Vhembe Biosphere reserve. More or less connected trough the waterbergen. Also included is the Kruger Park (part), the Blouberg ridge, the Makgabeng plateau. The Makuleke wetlands and the world heritage site Mapungubwe landscape.

Soutpansberg Limpopo

Soutpansberg Mountains

Limpopo South Africa

The Soutpansberg Ridge is South Africa’s most northerly ridge and is a gateway to Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. It is really a different world compared with the surrounding area. Biosphere, vegetation everything is different.

Soutpansberg mountains Limpopo

Very abruptly the ridge rises at the village of Vivo and Louis Trichardt then heads westward in a formation of wild peaks before slowly fading towards the northern boundary of the Kruger National Park. Going to the Zimbabwe border post. Beitbridge you have to cross the mountain ridge..

In the early past settlement at the Soutspanberg started in 1848 when a village called Zoutpansbergdorp arose by Jan Valentiyn Botha. When in 1855 the village leader Stephanus Schoeman called the growing settlement Schoemansdal and the population narrowed to 200 souls. At the time it was a very successful Ivory trade center. And today more or less still is. Trading with Zimbabwe and the surrounding villages is still the hart of the Soutpansberg.

Soutpansberg Limpopo

Lake Fundudci

The secret and holy lake of the Venda people

Here you will not only also find the largest Baobab tree in South Africa. 38.2 meters high and a diameter of 10.47 meters. You are sure to view this enormous tree with awe and admiration. On top of this it is the gateway to Lake fundudci, The secret lake of the Venda people

In the Soutpansbergen you will find South Africa’s largest natural inland lake in the Northern part. Lake Fundudzi. To visit the lake you need special permission from the Venda Leaders. Who is the Modjadji rain queen. Because it has a more mystical atmosphere and is said to contain a submerged Venda village and thus declared a sacred territory.

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