Shangaan Culture South Africa

Shangaan Culture

Shangaan Culture South Africa with private guide-driver

Shangaan Culture South Africa. African Shangaan Culture trip of 12 days. Get to know the local people of South Africa, their culture and customs. Make a little difference. You will never forget this trip in South Africa. Visit South Africa and make a difference.

Shangaan Culture

Shangaan Culture

South Africa

12 days $ 1895

In this trip you can make a little difference. A percentage of the funds we raise from this culture trip in South Africa will benefit the local Shangaan population. Help them further develop and raise their lifestyle to an acceptable standard of living. Despite the fact that it is a wonderful and impressive experience to see these wonderful people inside their lives. Their culture and the way today’s Shangaan lives and works. There is also a lot to learn by us Westerners from the current and past culture of the Shangaans and it does not have to be too difficult.

South Africa with private guide-driver Culture Tour 12 days

We show you the Shangaan culture in reality without frills and fuss. Pay attention! This is not a pre-created and devised program or a regular commercial township tour of several days. This is all reality. What you are about to see is real. Do not feel uncomfortable and burdened and certainly do not have the idea of ​​going to watch monkeys. These people are very grateful that you are interested in their culture and lifes and that you make the effort to come to meet with them. The pride of today’s South African radiates from it. They don’t expect anything from you, just that you like it with them. You are more than welcome and you will certainly experience it that way.

Locals South Africa

Welcome in reality

Shangaan culture South Africa

Want to know more? Join us and meet the Shangaan people in South Africa.

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