Senior Holidays South Africa with Safaris and a private guide-driver

Senior holiday safari south africa

Especially for our senior travelers we do it different

Senior Holidays South Arica. Ntshava Safaris. Senior holidays South Africa. Always something special, no standard seniors holiday, no uniformity. Don’t travel the same standard as usual anymore what you will experience with other agencies. Yes we show you the most beautiful places during our senior holidays. As a senior you will experience the best of South Africa with our unique programs. We always go for the extra mile.

Who doesn’t dream of Africa…. Always wanted to go? The time is right! The time is now! Why wait any longer?

Our team always go one step further with our South Africa holidays for the elderly. Whether you’re 50+, 60+ or ​​70+. South Africa elderly holidays for everyone and every budget. All seniors and elderly holidays are with a private driver as guide / tour leader.

South Africa senior holidays. See, experience and discover more. Much more

Ntshava Safaris
Safari in the Kruger National Park


Kruger National Park Safari Holidays for seniors

Starting $ 1095

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Senior Holidays South Africa


Discover South Africa Tours for seniors

Starting $ 1395

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Senior Holidays Cape Town South Africa Holiday

Johannesburg to Cape Town Tours for seniors

Starting $ 2395

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Cheap Safari Holidays South Africa

South Africa Tours for seniors

Starting $ 1595

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Senior Holidays South Africa

Kruger Park Vacation for seniors

8 days / 7 nights

$ 1195

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Luxury Safari Lodge South Africa

Luxury Safari Holidays. Very exclusive

Starting $ 3995

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Senior Holidays South Africa

Nature Culture Wildlife Tours for seniors

Starting $ 1395

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South Africa senior holidays, see, experience and discover more, much more.

Our senior South Africa holidays. Always with a private guide-driver.

We like to keep our South Africa seniors and elderly holidays as cheap as possible without sacrificing anything in quality. We are going for high-quality holidays. And as much as possible the cheapest and most reasonable price.

The guarantee from Ntshava Safaris for seniors

Ntshava Safaris will guarantee you a well-organized senior holiday in South Africa. Great accommodations with the most beautiful excursions and safaris possible on all our senior holidays in South Africa. Always we take into account the limitations that might be there. So don’t worry. In Africa we say “ Boer maak a plan” meaning: We always make a plan for everything what might pop up.

Ntshava Safaris in South Africa

Senior Safaris

Ntshava Safaris

How do we make this possible for the eldery?

Ntshava Safaris does not work through and through intermediaries or booking agencies. No funds will get stuck on third parties. This means what you pay for is also what you get and are entitled to. That is our opinion. After all, going on a holiday to South Africa is not something that happens every day. And certainly at an elderly age.

Ntshava Safaris does not have a costly head office or expensive overhead equipment. We do everything ourselves as much as possible and within reason. This goes for all our South Africa holidays.

Ntshava Safaris South Africa


Ntshava Safaris

Accommodations for the elderly

All accommodations, lodges and guesthouse that we use are especially for our elderly and seniors travel equipped. Ntshava Safaris selected them with the greatest care. Accessibility and location. We use the best accommodations available that is suitable for the a bit older travelers. All places that we use and visit will have a restaurant or a restaurant in a very close walking distance. If we stay overnight at the more remote locations there are no restaurants on the premises. We always try as much as possible to choose an accommodation where you can find everything under one roof.

Care and medication during your senior road trip or holiday

South Africa has a very high standard of care and health care. The private hospitals and doctors are among the best in the world. The general practitioners are very highly trained. (Contrary to the public hospitals, but you will never go there) For about 15 dollars you can already visit a private doctor or visit a private hospital. Your medical coverage from your country covers the costs that you might incur from your countries health insurance.

Transport during your senior holiday in South Africa

We use comfortable SUVs or minivans for all our holidays. All safaris are in an open safari vehicle. It does not matter whether you are a bit older or belong to the seniors. All the cars in use are comfortable enough and have enough space. Whether or not equipped with air conditioning if the weather conditions require it.


See more, Experience more, Discover more

Ntshava Safaris

What you do really have to take notice off as an elderly person.

South Africa has no sidewalks or anything like that. If you are less agile, it can be a bit difficult to reach your goal here and there. However, it is not so dramatically bad that you cannot manage it at all. All locations that we visit during our travels are perfectly suited to visit as an elderly or senior. This does not have to be an obstacle in any way.

Walking help or wheelchair use during your trip

If you use a wheelchair or something that helps you to keep balance. Please make this clear to us so that we can take this into account when choosing accommodations. The problem you can run into is that the doors are not wide enough, or that there is a step to the entrance of your room. We would like to make it as good and complete as possible and it is very useful if we can take this into account in advance

Suitable senior Holidays

At the basis, most of our South Africa holidays and Safaris are suitable for the elderly and seniors. Whether it is a Safari in the Kruger National Park or a complete road trip through the whole of South Africa. If we have the information in advance. We will take the appropriate measures to design your South African holiday as comfortable as possible. Feel free to choose from our holidays and safari range and we will arrange a perfect South Africa Holiday for you.

Africa wishes for disabled people

Special Needs?


Something what needs to be there?

Let us know

Ntshava Safaris

Special needs?

If you have special wishes or requirements for the food or if something is not allowed or you are not allowed to eat. Please let us know in advance. All chefs in South Africa during your holiday are happy to take your wishes into account. See more, experience more, discover more, during your South Africa Holiday. That’s what we’re all about.

South Africa seniors on Holiday with the local expert people from South Africa.The beat of a drum. A lion roaring, Hyenas howling, the campfire burning and the stories of South Africa are being told. All our seniors and elderly holidays are very personal and very pleasant.

You come as our guest and leave as a good friend for sure. In the mood? Feel like coming to South Africa? Want to join us for a holiday? don’t wait and go for it. Contact us and we will make it happen. Also for you

Senior Holidays South Africa

If you are a Dutch speaking person you can visit Zuid-Afrika reizen en Luxe Zuid-Afrika reizen van Ntshava Safaris

senior holiday South Africa

Get to know South Africa

Ntshava Safaris

Our Ntshava Safaris seniors South Africa Holidays

We from Ntshava Safaris knows their way around and almost every our road in South Africa. We know South Africa very well and can offer you a lot of quality for as little money as possible. Thanks to our many years of experience in the travel industry in South Africa. We manage our holidays very well. Especially for seniors this is a very good and trustful thing.

Very experienced and well known that’s important. We are not a huge but a very experienced travel organization in South African tourism and always act accordingly. A holiday to South Africa from Ntshava Safaris is always well organized and planned very well. On top of  that our South Africa holidays are also very good and affordable

Senior Safaris

Senior Safari Holidays

Starting $ 1095

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Safari holidays starting from $ 1095 with private guide-driver

If you as a senior are interested to go on Safari. We have several safari packages available for you. Starting from a few days up till complete safari holidays. You can make a choice from each and everyone off them. Let us know you are a senior and we will make it suitable for you. After all we offer private holidays and safaris. These safaris and safari holidays will be done with your private guide-driver. 

Senior Kruger Park vacation

Senior Kruger Park vacation

8 days $ 1195

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Kruger Park Safari vacation starting from $ 1195 with private guide-driver

We offer a complete Kruger National Park vacation. This safari vacation is very suitable for seniors and the elderly amongst us. You will stay in a 4 star Safari lodge. Lots of excursions and transfers and first night stay in Johannesburg included. Fully taken care off and no fuss. We will pick you up at the airport and drop you off the last day. Starting at $ 1195 per person. If you want a well taken care off and a perfect safari holiday this might be the holiday for you.

Senior Discover South Africa

Senior Road Tours

Starting $ 1599

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South Africa road trips from 12 days and longer starting from $ 1599 with private guide-driver

Do you want to travel around in South Africa and want to know the country. The best way to explore South Africa is to go on a road trip. As a senior it is always nice to get in contact with locals and the friendliness of Africa. Explore South Africa and choose a road trip. We offer South Africa Tours where you can explore and discover South Africa to the fullest. If you are interested to discover South Africa than this is the way to do it.

Special Holiday or Africa Wishes

If you have special wishes and things that might be arranged, or things that matters to you. Or something that needs to be present? Let us know in advance and we will take care of it. There are no problems big enough without us having a proper solution. On top of that familiarity and a good holiday is very important after all. Especially when you are traveling with your own private guide-driver. Travelling through South Africa for seniors and the elderly is perfectly possible and don’t have to be a problem at all. Let us guide you around. We are very happy to do it and give you the best possible South Africa experience.

Safari Kruger Park

We will guide you

Let us be your guide in South Africa. Familiar and well cared for on a road trip. Specially selected accommodations for the elderly and seniors for all our holidays. Slightly higher cars which makes getting in and out easier. Comfortable and with air conditioning. Big enough and with enough space

Our Goal for our senior travelers.

Our goal is very simple: to deliver carefree South Africa holidays where especially our a bit older travelers, see more, experience more and above all enjoy more. Providing good road trips in South Africa is our greatest passion. We wake up with it every day and we go to bed with it every day. And you will notice that during your South Africa senior or elderly road trip or holiday

You will appreciate our holidays in South Africa

You will appreciate during your South Africa Holiday that the personal way of working and the personal way of approach what makes your South Africa holiday more pleasant. Your holiday becomes even more beautiful and interesting doing it this way. Your driver-guide will always advise and assist you wherever he or she can. This will ensure you that your South Africa senior holiday is more than perfect. We take our seniors and elderly travelers seriously and ensure that they lack nothing. Safety, care and trust, that’s what it’s all about.

Luxury senior holidays

Want to go VIP?

Exclusive and Luxury

Starting 8 days $ 6995

Learn more

Also all our holidays South Africa and safaris for seniors are including:

  • Arrival and departure of your choice
  • Pick up and drop of at Johannesburg International Airport
  • First night stay close to the airport (Kempton Park)
  • Accommodation B&B (Except Kruger Park this is accommodation only)
  • Excursions
  • Transport
  • Private guide – driver

Excluding in our holidays are:

  • International Flight
  • Other meals and drinks
  • Personal expenses and tips
  • Entrance National Parks (Conservation fees, these needs to be paid at the entrance)
Senior safari holiday south africa

Special South Africa wishes?

Ntshava has a South Africa trip for everyone and every budget. However, there are always exceptions and special wishes that can make a holiday better or more complete for you.

Do you have special wishes, would you like something special or do you have a dream that you would like to make a reality.

Send us a message without obligation and we will try to do something especially for you. We can realize a lot. Because we have been in South Africa for a very long time and know the country through and through, it must be very strange if we can not help you.

On the road in Marloth Park

Senior Safaris in South Africa

We will make it happen

South Africa. You love it or you hate it. There is no other way.

luckily more than 75% of our visitors will come back to South Africa. They cant get enough. Africa is magic and the feeling of magic wiil keep on hunting you. You only will relax again when you are planning to make your next trip to Africa.

At least that is what we noticed. We will see at least 60% of our travelers back within 3 years. This means we must be doing something right.

South Africa for seniors

Join us for your holiday or safari.

You will not regret it

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