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Affordable Safari Packages South Africa. An safari package South Africa or a safari holiday is a dream for many. Seeing the famous animals of Africa at close range is for a lot of people the ultimate wish. Going to South Africa and especially a safari holiday. That’s for most people their long lasting dream destination. A safari in South Africa will make this dream come true. See the Big 5 (Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Leopard and Buffalo) in real life and not in front of the tv. Get away from the tv and reading magazines. Get in to the wild.

Ntshava Safaris offers a wide range of affordable safari packages in South Africa, And in different price ranges. We have several package deals what will suit your needs or wishes.

The several safari packages or all multi days safari packages with a private guide-driver.

South Africa offer to you an incredibly dazzling diversity of national parks and private game reserves for the best safari experiences possible in Africa. Ntshava Safaris offers a variety of safari packages in several national parks and game reserves across South Africa.

Safari package South Africa

Safari Packages

Kruger National Park

4, 5 or 6 days

Starting $ 1095

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Safari package Kruger Park

Kruger Park Packages

12 or 15 days

Starting $ 2195

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Safari South Africa

Safari Package

Pilanesberg, Marakele, Mapungubwe, Kruger Park

Starting $ 2895

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Kruger Park vacaction

Kruger Park vacation package

8 days $ 1195

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Photo Safari Kruger Park

Photographic Safari Package

Kruger National Park

12 days $ 3595

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Luxury Safari Package

Luxury Safari Package

Kruger National Park

Starting 8 days

$ 6995

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Highly recommended safari packages in South Africa

Highly recommend by many. South Africa as a safari destination. Not only is it home to Southern Africa’s most diverse wilderness area. The Kruger National Park. But there are also a wealth of alternative safari destinations what became a must see safari destination.

The most popular South Africa safari of course is the world famous Kruger National Park. All together with the private game reserves surrounding the Kruger National Park. They are called the greater Kruger Park Biosphere. This is the safari destination number 1 in the world.

Looking for value for money and a great safari package in South Africa. This is the place to be. We know where you need to go.

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Affordable Safari Package

Affordable Safaris South Africa

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The Kruger National Park and why do you need a multi day safari package.

The Kruger National Park is the oldest and most famous park in South Africa. And properly the most famous park in the world. It is also the largest park. It is located in the northeast of South Africa on the borders with Mozambique and a small piece of Zimbabwe. With about 20,000 km², this is not a park that you just ‘discover’ in a day.

 It is therefore advisable to explore the Kruger Park for several days. The Kruger Park was originally established in the 19th and early 20th century to protect wildlife from hunting and poaching. The former president, Paul Kruger, decided in 1898 to declare the part of what is now Kruger National Park a “prohibited hunting area” and provided a fence.

This area is nowadays the south of the Kruger Park, between the rivers Sabie and Krokodil. It was declared South Africa’s first National Park in 1926. Then it was also decided to give the park its current name: Kruger National park.

Safari Package South Africa

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Safari Package South Africa What to see?


The Kruger Park has a wide variety of animals what you can spot there. There are about 147 mammals, 507 bird species, 114 reptile species, 49 fish and 34 amphibian species.

In addition, tree lovers will also get their value of money. There are more than 336 different types of trees in Kruger, including the baobab tree.

Most people are interested in the mammals. In Kruger Park you can spot the Big Five (buffaloes, rhinos, lions, elephants and leopards). The animals that you can see the most are the impalas. You will notice that after two days of safari you can actually “no longer see any impala anymore”.

There is also a large population of elephants and zebras in the park, just like the buffalos. Some cats such as the cheetah are more difficult to find. But they are there. So is the African Wild Dog and the black rhino. But these are also rare.

You are more likely to encounter white rhinos or lions. In any case, felines like a leopard are difficult to see because they usually hide after catching their prey and can also hide in the tall grass in the summer.

There are people who visit Kruger regularly and have never seen a leopard. The chance is of course higher the more safaris you make. How better your changes are.

Combined package South Africa

Combine your packages

Combine your South Africa or Safari packages

If you are up to it. We can combine Safari packages with other nature packages. You can build your South African holiday as one big complete package. Combining packages will give you the opportunity to create your very own unique South Africa adventure. Let us know if you are interested and we can make a good offer and a nice proposal for your South Africa holiday.

The population of Animals in the Kruger National Park

The population of animals in the Kruger Park is declining sometimes. And another year it increases again. The balance is depending al lot of having water..  Water means food. Food means animals. Not only through natural selection there might be problems. After all, the laws of nature apply here, but also through poaching and the drought that prevails in South Africa.

Rangers in the Kruger Park will only intervene if there is an animal that has been injured by human actions. Or is in danger of might be dying by human actions. An elephant that gets stuck in the fence with its trunk will be helped, but if attacked by a lion, not.

Accommodation Satara Kruger Park

Kruger National Park

Accommodation Satara

The rest camps in the Kruger National Park

In the rest camps, visitors keep track of which animals were seen that day. On a map you can use a pin button in a specific colour to indicate where you saw what animal. The rangers also do the same. But animals are mobile, so it will give you absolutely no guarantee whether you will encounter these animals yourself. You also have to be lucky sometimes. It does show in which areas in Kruger certain animals can be seen.

Hyenas prefer certain tubes that run under a road as a “shelter” during the day, where you will often encounter hyenas in the early hours. Incidentally, the map is not entirely accurate because not everyone can tell the difference between a cheetah and a leopard or a black and a white rhino. But it is a useful guide to see what can be spotted in the area where you are at that moment.

Baobab Kruger National Park

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Kruger National Park

South Africa

Don’t forget the Northside of the Kruger National Park

The north is certainly worth a visit. You will see that the vegetation is different there than in the south. As specially the Pafuri area and the surroundings of Shingwedzi are our favourite spots in the Kruger National Park.

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