Safari Kruger National Park guided?

Safari Kruger Park

Safaris Kruger National Park


Safari Kruger National Park. There are several ways to go on safari in Kruger. You can go out for yourself. Or you can book an organized safari. It is best to get out your bed and into the car as early as possible. During the day there are sometimes fewer animals to be seen than in the early morning or afternoon or early evening.

The best times for safaris are from sunrise to about 11:00 am and from late afternoon till about sunset. This does not mean that you cannot do a long safari. A full days is the most fun. The most important thing is that you get out there as early as possible.


If you want to go out yourself, you can only do this with your own car. Under no circumstances you can walk into the park yourself !! A “self-drive” safari gives you the opportunity to decide for yourself what and when you do in Kruger Park.

You have complete flexibility; except that as a “day vistor” you have to keep to the opening hours of the various gates and also close the rest camps at a certain time. Make sure you have a good map when you enter the park, so that you can orient yourself and have a good overview of where everything is.

In addition, you should check the times on the permit carefully, so you know when you have to leave the park or return to your rest camp.

The main roads are asphalted, but a large part is unpaved and consists of gravel. Never drive “off-road” and do not drive on roads marked “no entry”. In principle you can do this with a 2WD.

Safaris Kruger National Park. What kind of car..

If a road is in such a condition that a 2WD is not an option, it is indicated. It is different if there has been heavy rain. Then most unpaved roads are not passable. An advantage that is often mentioned is that you are higher in a 4WD than in a 2WD; but whether it’s worth renting a 4WD for your entire trip is up to your other destinations.

You can also arrange an organized game drive. In the entire park you are allowed to drive 50 km per hour on paved roads and 40 km per hour on gravel roads. Keep in mind that speed checks are also held here. On unpaved roads you cannot reach that speed with a normal car.

You have to drive carefully anyway. Animals are not deterred by cars and feel free to cross the road when you are just arriving.

Never leave your car, except at the designated places (for example the rest camps). Although videos on youtube sometimes suggest otherwise, you should never have your body parts outside the contours of your car, as well as the lens of your camera.  

Safari Kruger National Park. The animals see the car as “a whole” as long as no abnormalities are visible; a deviation is, for example, a protruding arm or a lens of a camera. This registers an animal as a possible enemy and can trigger a reaction that you would rather not see. A roof of a car that can be opened seems very nice, but you should never come out with your body or lens above the roof.

Kruger Park has rules..

This is one of the official park rules and is therefore checked. When the animals arrive towards your car, be sure to close all your windows. The door of the car must be kept closed anyway. If your car breaks down and you are in a location where you are not allowed to get off. Then stay in your car!

The best way. And if you really coming from far away. Sat in an aero plane for hours and hours. Saved a lot of money. Spend months of watching National Geographic and Animal planet.. And what do you do.. You hire a car. Go to the park. Drive in places what you don’t know. (Internet does not help with finding your way in the Kruger)… AND SEE NOTHING……. Safe your money a bit longer and get value for money. A guided safari holiday. Learn more

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