Route 62 Scenic route South Africa

Route 62 South Africa

Route 62 Road trip through South Africa

South Africa is the pre-eminent country to make beautiful road trips. A well-known route is the Garden Route, but Route 62 is a nice alternative as far as we are concerned. Because from vineyards to charming towns and overwhelming nature: along Route 62 you will see a unique piece of South Africa shoot past your window.

Route 62

There are plenty of reasons for a road trip through South Africa. Enjoy the ultimate freedom and follow the well-maintained roads that lead from Cape Town to Port-Elizabeth. Take the time to cover the more than 800 kilometres and stop regularly at interesting places along the route. Below you will find an overview of the best stops along Route 62.

Cape town

Route 62 starts a short distance east of Cape Town and that makes this most beautiful city in South Africa an excellent starting point for your road trip. Plan a few days in Cape Town so you can at least tick all the highlights off your list. Of course, you cannot leave South Africa without visiting Table Mountain, Robben Island and The Cape of Good Hope, but the Bo-Kaap district and the cosy Victoria & Albert Waterfront are also worth a look.


Once you have left the city behind, you’ll enter one of South Africa’s most tasteful regions. East of Cape Town, the vineyards begin and you can drive by car past local winemakers to sample some things. Route 62 is also called the longest wine route in the world, so take the time to look around at your leisure. The town of Paarl is known for its excellent wines, but you can also take a small detour along Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. So be sure to book a spot in your suitcase for a tasty memento.

Route 62 Montagu

One of the best stops along Route 62 is the town of Montagu. Here you can take a walk to the hot springs and take a splash in the warm water. The hot springs are located a little outside the city centre, although there is also plenty to see and do in the town itself. There is a museum and there are some interesting buildings.

Barrydale Route 62

Barrydale is a tiny hamlet along Route 62. Here beautiful walks through the area begin, but most travelers stop here to visit the shop called Ronny’s Sex Shop. Although the name suggests otherwise, this is an ordinary roadside restaurant. The word Sex was once added for fun and since then it has been one of the most famous stops on the route. You can stop there for a photo and a quick lunch.


Did you know that the town of Oudtshoorn is known as the ostrich capital of the world? The climate here offers the ideal conditions for ostriches, and today you will find numerous ostrich farms. If you are in the area, it is worth taking a look at one of these farms. Besides ostriches, there is another attraction in Oudtshoorn, namely the Cango Caves. This cave system is millions of years old and consists of impressive rooms with dripping stones and special rock formations.


Uniondale is a sleepy village in the eastern part of the route. It is a feast to walk through the beautiful streets here, although most visitors come to catch a glimpse of the rock paintings. More than 500 prehistoric paintings were found in the village, from 1500 to 6000 years old. The paintings were once made by the original inhabitants of South Africa and form an important link in the country’s history.


And then after more than 500 miles your road trip on Route 62 is over. Port Elizabeth is a worthy end to your tour of South Africa and worth hanging around for a few more days. In Port-Elizabeth you will find beautiful beaches and it is also the base for a visit to the Addo Elephant National Park. Of course, you also want to have spotted wildlife during your trip to South Africa. And will you travel back to where you came from from Cape Town? Then take the famous Garden Route to Cape Town on the way back, for a whole new look at South Africa.

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