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Ntshava Safaris reviews, experiences and ratings. Here you will find a number of reactions, reviews and / or reviews from our travelers from the recent past. What emerges from this is that we are not a standard travel agency. Personal and always an adventure. Different from others and above all full of praise. There is nothing like exploring South Africa with people who know what they are talking about.

A small selection of the reviews and ratings:

Hello Pieter, How are you after our adventure? Were you able to sleep in a bit? We returned home safely and had to get used to the European climate again. In retrospect, we were very happy with the room you had arranged. Later that day the weather changed, it started to blow and there were also a few drops. We would like to thank you again for the fun and adventurous holiday we were able to experience together. We wish you all the best, Kiabonga, hopefully it is well written! Greetings, Frank and Anita

Hi Pieter, Now you are sitting in your chair…. we have already booked again for next year. We fly again with KLM, back to Cape Town and back from Johannesburg. The flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg has also already been booked: on Tuesday we will land at Johannesburg at 10:40 am. We will find out for ourselves what we want to do in Cape Town. But for the 2nd half we already have some ideas if this is possible: The waterfalls in Nelspruit, 2x Kruger park, 1x Marakele park, 1x Mapungubwe park, Day trip to something from Zimbabwe / Botswana / Mozambique. We think it would be nice to stay with you for a few days when the new Eco Lodge is ready and of course again at Elmer. We would like to hear from you about the possibilities and the prices ……….… Greetings from a cold Netherlands, Henri and Anneke

Hello Pieter, in the meantime we have landed in Europe again. The last part of the journey – Drakensberg – was beautiful, the view from the lodge phenomenal. We want to thank you again for the “night out” that you gave us. The song and dance of the Matsamo group were the topping on the cake. We wish you the best of luck with Ntshava Safaris! Kind regards, Ronald Willemsen and Astrid van den Berg

Dear Pieter, We would like to tell you that we are having a great time. We really enjoy our house, Marloth Park, Africa, but certainly also the kind and good care of Rina and her husband. Today we went out with Jerry, a sweet good guide. In short SUPER. We just wanted to let you know. Regards, Sylvia and Bonita

Hello Pieter, I just wanted to let you know that we have returned home safely. The journey went well. The shuttle service was well organized. The men got us safely to the airport and we got there faster than I expected. It took us exactly 4 hours with 1 break. Thank you very much for this fantastic week. Our stay was very pleasant. The animals have left a big impression on us. We look back on a very nice holiday which was made possible by you. Thank you very much for this. Greetings Pepita and Dinand

Hi Pieter, How are things there in beautiful South Africa. Of course we have already picked up the thread of everyday life again, but in the meantime we are still enjoying ourselves. View photos, muse and follow you further on instagram. And… ..a nice prospect. My vacation for August has also been agreed! Now we actually want to extend our next trip to South Africa. We think it’s a pity not to spend some days extra. You guessed it alreafy, we’re going to ask you for suggestions. Maybe you have nice tips, Cape Town is possible… but other suggestions are of course welcome. Surely there is still plenty to explore. In any case, we can repeat it in August / September. greetings Henk and Truus

Dear Pieter, Yesterday evening we left a very rainy Johannesburg around 11 am, we are now home in a sun-drenched boring country… Flight went smoothly. Thank you again for the three special weeks of vacation we have spent in a great but also a very beautiful South Africa. As soon as we get everything back on track and we have processed all the photos, we will share a few more memories with you. Good luck with the upcoming trips, greetings to the others and hopefully we will meet again in the future. Greetings Nelly and Henk

Hello Pieter, We have been home for a few days (- 15). Nevertheless, I would like to thank you for the great tour and the much information you have given about South Africa. I have become very enthusiastic about the Kruger Park in particular. Also people in my area have through our photos and stories. got a different view of South Africa. I will definitely come back to Kruger Park. Mrs. Herman

Hi there, We enjoy this trip to the fullest, nice program and especially you have a wonderful host. I am happy to be able to hang out with someone like that, share my passion of traveling. Find out everything that is nice for the guests to experience. Street food, cooking on wood at Boeba, delicious. Greetings Jiminy

Hello Pieter, Sunday morning we landed safely at Schiphol, but I haven’t really landed here yet. The smell, atmosphere and culture of South Africa have indeed penetrated all the way to my very fibers. What a fantastic trip it was. Thank you very much for making such a special experience possible. When someone asks me now what I thought was so special, I say: that we could pass the tourist stage, that we really got to experience this part of Africa from within. Good luck with the organization of these beautiful trips, with which you also give other blind people a great chance for an unforgettable experience. Kind regards, Jody

Hello dear Pieter, We would like to let you know that we had a great trip home. We have already told our first stories to our children and some close acquaintances. They were also very enthusiastic about what we had all experienced. We made a wonderful and educational journey together with you and thank you very much for that again !! Lots of love and greetings, also to your dear wife. Jeanne and Joop Harmsen.

Hello Pieter, How are you, already busy on a trip or just take it easy after the busy Christmas period? With us, everything goes smoothly again, on the bike to work, through all weathers, at temperatures between 0 and 6 degrees. Plenty of time for indoor activities such as polishing all South Africa photos. I promised to send you a link from a site where I put up some pictures of our trip. Not all photos are on it yet. Greetings, the plant freaks;)

Dear Peter, We sent the enclosed email to Elmer for new ideas for our next trip to South Africa. The previous trip was fantastic and we wanted to experience this experience for the 2nd time. I hope you can make something nice out of it and we will hear from you soon. Kind regards, Marcel & Diana

Hello Pieter, We are still enjoying our family vacation over the last Christmas period. Yet new plans are also forged for a new journey together. This time we want to spend about 12 days together. Actually a bit in the same way as we did at Christmas. So preferably from a fixed location somewhere in South Africa make different trips. Do you have a trip or an idea what could be suitable? The planning is only July August 2022 so this time there is enough time to find suitable accommodation I think. Hope you can / want to help us with this. Greetings Marianne

Hello Pieter, We look back on a wonderful journey, we enjoyed the beautiful South Africa from day to day. We have seen so many beautiful things and so varied! We also found traveling very relaxed, excellent car and a good driver / travel guide. Thank you very much for all your efforts to make this trip a true success, the stories and explanations about the culture and the environment were very interesting and made us understand a little about this beautiful country, we had a great trip! A good choice also to travel at a slower pace, we did not really get tired.

The excursions were also very easy for Boudewijn to do, we will certainly pass that around to acquaintances in comparable circumstances. The accommodations where we slept were fine, occasionally beautiful beyond expectations, as with the men. The lodge at Niel was also beautiful, very nice to stay in the middle of the park, only we would have preferred not to have dinner there. The food contrasted very negatively with what we were used to at other lodges.

Unfortunately we had no other choice as we had no transport and had to stay indoors due to the roaming lions, a somewhat disappointing experience. We hope to come back again, perhaps in the lodge you are building, we are quite curious about all the beauty that we have not yet seen. We will certainly contact you again for our next Africa experience. But first, Boudewijn is operated on, believe it or not, but the call from the hospital came when we got off the plane in the Netherlands 😆. It is scheduled for July 16.

We also wish your wife the best of luck with her foundation and would like to take a look into the distant future, how these types of projects contribute to the further development of this beautiful country over several generations. If you want us to put an abridged version of this writing in the guestbook, we would like to hear how we should do that. Warm greetings from sunny Amsterdam, Boudewijn and Martha

Dear Pieter, I wanted to thank you very much for the unforgettable journey of my father through South Africa. He enjoyed it a lot. He is short of words. Very nice company, good guides (also Elmer thanks for this). The rest days were also well built in. And he does not get spoken about his birthday party either. Moreover, we saw the entire big-5, unfortunately even more than we do (we still miss the leopard). Despite my finger in advance, he has occasionally “misbehaved”. Hopefully people have not been offended by that. Thanks again and maybe see you soon (we have also become an Africa fan, coming to Namibia next summer). Regards, Mike

Hi Pieter, We really enjoyed our trip with the wonderful Elmer. Seen so much, experienced, felt, experienced, I can say that I am lost and Africa has really catsch me !!!! Elmer has told so much about your beautiful country with a lot of passion, great to have been able to experience this for yourself … my sister and mom also experienced it like this, it was an unforgettable trip with a lot of thanks for Elmer. You have a very good concept here put down Pieter much appreciation! Take this experience with you to the Netherlands and I will talk to my daughter about the app you would like to develop.

She is a bit in that industry and is a real traveller, she only wants Australia, but I have seen the possibilities here for her, also what Elmer has told. Yesterday we arrived in Cape Town in a nice guesthouse with a beautiful view… .Wood and About you can look it up. I will send some pictures of the day with the locals regarding history and living and eating, that was also quite an experience. Learned another dance and mother walked super with a pot on her head and also ate a worm of course with our hands. Elmer has given me the info where to send it.

I now also have Elmer on the app so we will certainly keep in touch .. I can see myself moving here too, away from that hasty Holland, what a beautiful country t is here ..: by the way, we spotted wild dogs that was special , because are found very difficult. Well you can see from my email that I can hardly stop talking about it, even though I ate down at the harbor what you emailed me, all super and a beautiful view over the sea there !!!

Heb trouwens nog even gecheckt op de mail over misverstand qua dagen, ik weet nu hoe dat gekomen is, jij mailde dat de 18 de dan onze laatste dag zou zijn zo is er verwarring ontstaan, maar tis geweldig opgelost mijn dank daarvoor of zoals Elmer zou zeggen thank you thank you thank you… Jammer dat wij elkaar niet ontmoet hebben, hopelijk in de toekomst. Groetjes Monique

Dear / dear Elmer, Pieter, Coco and Tini, With apologies, but no less sincere, for the late response, I would like to thank you all again for the unforgettable, wonderful dream tour that we have together through beautiful South Africa may make. By way of illustration, I also include 7 photos, viz. 1. The photo on the cover of my photo book with the Big 5 and my grandchildren Michelle and Sven as “pamperers” of the cubs.

In July 2019 they were also on a 3-week tour of South Africa together with their parents. 2. A state portrait of our wonderful host Elmer and ditto Hostess Janetta during my grand birthday party on January 23rd. In conclusion, greetings to all and you are doing well !! An intensely grateful and very happy “Uncle Frans”

Dear Pieter, A late response, please excuse that. Our expectations have been more than exceeded. What a great team you have around you. Rina is a great host, a real gem… .what wonderful she is. The house (call of africa) is a dream house, so beautiful. The service vh huis was really great…. Clothes washed, clean and tidy. The flora and fauna as beautiful as if we had arrived in God’s garden.

You and your team have more than exceeded our expectations. We say this to all fsmillie members, colleagues and friends. If we book a trip again, we will choose Ntshava for your company without hesitation. Thank you very much to you and Rina. You are a pearl in South Africa. Our journey and impressions will always stay with you. Above all expectations so beautiful. Kind regards, Richard and Lydia

Hello Pieter, I am listening to a CD with African animal sounds. How I really enjoyed the trip with you! It seems as if the effects are still declining. I am very curious how it will be in November, I think the best month to come to Africa. Who knows… Greetings from a cold Europe, Veronique

Hi Pieter, We are back in the Netherlands for a few days and we look back on a great holiday. Too bad we haven’t seen each other. Thank you very much for the great experience and please thank Rina for her fine guidance, I will definitely advertise you. with fr gr. Wilco

Travel with us through Africa, always a special adventure.

Obviously there is a whole team and hence especially thanks to the whole team of Ntshava Safaris!