Pretoria Capital of South Africa


Pretoria Imposing capital of South Africa

The city of Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa and a city with many beautiful sights.


Pretoria is a great city to visit during a holiday. This city can be found in the eastern part of South Africa, in the province of Gauteng. The city is not only known as the administrative capital, but has also gained notoriety with the university, which is the largest in all of South Africa. Pretoria has been the capital of the South African Union since 1931.


Thousands of tourists have already identified Pretoria as their favourite holiday destination and return there regularly. This is not very strange, because the city is a beautiful, colorful and very atmospheric place on earth. Colorful is still a bit soft, because it is a rainbow that you see all around you. This applies to the special architecture and to nature. The city is divided into blocks, so you don’t have a very far view. This means that you always have new surprises around every corner. Pretoria is also called the City of Jacaranda, because there are thousands of Jacarandas to be found. These are beautiful plants that complete the atmosphere.

Church Street

If you want to get acquainted with the versatility of sights in the city, then you really need to be on Church Street. This street is the beating and bustling heart of the street, and not only that. Church Street is also the longest street in the whole world. It is therefore not very strange that most of the sights can be found here. You can visit De Munt and the various old buildings, including those of some banks and the post office. In addition, the Palace of Justice is located on Church Street and there are beautiful architectural structures along the street. An absolute highlight among the sights of Church Street is called the Anglican Cathedral.


If you are looking for a nice piece of rest and relaxation in the city, then you can visit Bryntirion. This is a park, the largest park in the city, where you can not only enjoy peace and a beautiful surroundings, but where you will also find some interesting buildings. Here you can, for example, visit the presidential residence. So on the face of it you wouldn’t think it’s a presidential residence, because the impressive structure actually has more of the look of a large palace.

If you’ve already made a trip along Church Street, visited all the sights and visited the city’s largest park, you’re certainly not done sightseing. There are also some museums in the city that are totally worth while. For the true art lovers there is the Museum of Fine Arts. In addition, you can also visit the Art Gallery and the Museum of Kruger is also highly recommended. If you want to know more about the times of war and have an interest in the army, you can visit the Military Museum.

Botanical Garden

Real peace can be found in the botanical garden. This is a beautifully landscaped garden where you can really come all the way to yourself in the hustle and bustle of the city. The most beautiful botanical garden to be found in South Africa is the Cape Town Garden. The Botanical Garden of Pretoria is certainly not inferior to this garden. There are plenty of plants to be found that are very rare. By the way, near this botanical garden is also a beautiful national park, where you can not only find an impressive nature, but also admire beautiful fountains and interesting statues.

Eastern Pretoria

A day of shopping, a delicious meal in a specialty restaurant or a nice night out? Then it’s best to move to the eastern part of the city. Here you will find a large collection of nice cafes, good restaurants, attractive shops and various cozy entertainment venues that are open for a long time.

Eastern Pretoria consists of many new neighborhood’s and you would think that this part of the city is less attractive to nature lovers, but nothing could be further from the truth. Also in the newest districts of eastern Pretoria you can find beautiful avenues, large parks and lots of greenery. The tall buildings that can be found in this part of the city are mainly made of a combination of glass and concrete. Simple and without too much fuss, so it still fits well with the quiet, friendly and rural environment.

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