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Photographic Safari South Africa Kruger National Park

Want to go on a Photographic Safari South Africa in the Kruger National Park. Take the most beautiful photos of The Big five in South Africa, travel to the best photo locations with your own private guide.

Do you like travelling, wildlife, Africa and is photography your job or your favorite hobby?

Then consider taking a photography Safari to the Kruger National Park in South Africa. The best place in the world to make you photo’s.

This photographic safari is accompanied by a professional qualified guide. Who will take you to the best location to make amazing photos.

And can tell you everything what you always wanted to know about wildlife, South Africa, the Kruger National Park and the landscapes.

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photographic Safari in the Kruger National Park


ntshava safaris

Photo Safari South Africa

Photographic Safari

$ 3595

12 days / 11 nights

ntshava safaris

Nature and wildlife photography in the Kruger National Park of South Africa.

More and more hobby and certainly professional photographers have the dream to capture the beauty of wildlife in South Africa and take the most beautiful, optimal and ideal photo. Capturing special moments of wild nature with a camera is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have.

With the African setting sun, Real African and very special landscapes with unique natural beauty, photographing wild animals in South Africa makes all this together phenomenal. There is no better place in the world to combine a safari with wildlife photography.

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Photo Graphic

Up Close and Personnel

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Very important to be there

It is very important if you want to photograph the wildlife of Africa that you are in the right place at the right time. It is often a matter of a second too soon or a second too late. And that applies not only to the animals on land, but also to the animals in the air and in the water. Many animals are busy all day travelling and they do not stay in one place for very long. Territories are carefully scoured by the animals of Africa on a daily basis.

It is therefore of the utmost importance if you want to take beautiful and good pictures. That you know where the territories are and what the behavior of the animals is. You really need this in order to spot them at the right time and preferably with the right light. Not an easy task to fore fill.

photographic safari

Always be at the right spot at the right time

ntshava safaris

Our South Africa Wildlife Photographic Safari in the Kruger National Park

In order to make photographing wildlife in South Africa a success. Especially in the Kruger Park, we have designed what we believe is an ideal Photographic safari of 12 days in and around the Kruger National Park of South Africa.

A big advantage of this 12 days photographic safari.

That there is enough time and opportunity for better photography of wildlife.

No hasty and quick setting up and leaving again.

There will be plenty of time to do where you came for.

And that is to make the perfect photo of wildlife in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

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Nobody Else 

We take all the time needed and no other group of people is involved. You get plenty of time during this photographic safari. No problems with other people who can get in your way while you have just set up your photo equipment.

You will stay at the same place for several nights. You will not lose too much time packing and unpacking. The accommodations are of a good standard, located in the most beautiful places and of course they are comfortable.

You will go on a photographic safari several times in an open vehicle with your own private ranger guide. The open safari vehicle is therefore not shared with other people. Just for you and your companions. You and your companions will have your own open vehicle and your own ranger guide for the whole duration of the photographic package for twelve days.

Leopard at the Kruger National Park

It is all about wildlife

ntshava safaris

During this photographic safari package you will stay in two private nature reserves and of course in the Kruger National Park itself. All accommodations are located in the middle of a wildlife area. There will be given to you plenty of opportunity to take the most beautiful pictures of wildlife inside and outside the planned photographic safari excursions.

Not a standard trip but a real photographic Safari. It is all about wildlife.

This is not a standard trip.

But an exclusive photography safari of almost 12 days.

That is dedicated and fully focused on taking exclusive images of African wildlife and birds. This photographic safari in South Africa’s Kruger National Park is therefore small-scale.

Because you really need it that way, to be able to successfully return home with beautiful and good wildlife photos.

ntshava safaris
Elephant on a cheap safari south africa

Nothing Beats the Kruger

ntshava safaris

How does this photographic Safari South Africa looks like.

Your own open safari Vehicle for the whole duration of the photographic Safari. With your own ranger guide.

Marloth Park nature reserve Greater Kruger Park

4 nights at the edge of the Kruger Park on the border with the Crocodile River. The river is the only boundary between you and the Kruger National Park. Marloth park is also a private nature reserve with a wide variety of wildlife. The photo possibilities here are therefore endless. From Marloth Park nature reserve we organize a wide variety of photo excursions in and around the Kruger National Park. Every day you will be on the road under our ranger guidance to take the most beautiful wildlife photos. And that’s what you come for after all.

Skukuza Kruger National Park

4 nights in Skukuza the main camp of the Kruger National Park which is located in the middle of the Kruger National Park. From Skukuza you will be on a photo safari for several hours a day in an open vehicle. With your own ranger. Photographing in the Kruger National Park itself is an experience on itself. Various wildlife spots are being visited from Skukuza. These huts and scenic point are the ideal place to take the perfect photo. In addition, during the open vehicle safaris you visit various waterholes and viewpoints. Everywhere you go, you will get enough time to put your photo material in perfect position.

Hoedspruit Greater Kruger Park

3 nights on a large private game reserve in Hoedspruit Area. Located also on the border off the Kruger National Park. Of course with a truly fantastic view into the reserve and the Kruger National Park behind. This place is really, really great for photographers and wildlife is more than adequate. Here too you go out as much as possible with an open vehicle. We give you the opportunity to take special photos of the abounded wildlife around you.

Great picture of Zebra's

We know where you need to go

ntshava safaris

10 tips from Brutus Östling Wildlife photographer

Who better to get wildlife photography tips from than one of the best wildlife photographers in the world. Swedish wildlife photographer Brutus Östling travels around the world. To photograph wildlife in their own natural environment. Especially for Canon. Brutus Östling wrote 10 tips at the time to be able to take the most beautiful photos of wildlife in the most challenging circumstances.

1. Protect your equipment
2. Use stabilization technology
3. Bring lenses with a fixed focal length and shallow depth of field
4. Get up early for warm light and action
5. Also enjoy bad weather
6. Keep moving yourself
7. Also pay attention to the position of the sun
8. Be careful
9. Wind direction is essential
10. Photographing wild animals is not a competition!

We have added number 11 ourselves.

Always listen to your accompanying ranger guide.

If something is not possible, it is not possible…

Your guide is there to give you the greatest possible pleasure and satisfaction during your photo safari.

But he will also always watch over your safety.

That is always his number 1 priority. Your safety above anything else.

ntshava safaris
The best photo opportunities

Always the best

ntshava safaris

Want to go for a real photographic Safari. Go visit South Africa in the Kruger National Park? Contact Ntshava Safaris and we will make your African dream come true.

Of course you can make the most amazing photo’s while joining us in other South Africa adventures. All our holidays and safaris are with a private guide-driver.

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If you cant find what you need.. Send us a message and we will make your wishes come true. Tailor made photographic safari in South Africa is not a problem.

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