Off the beaten tracks 16 days

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Off the beaten tracks 16 days + 4 days extra

Off the beaten tracks 16 days. If you want to get to know Africa. Really want to know. Go to places where the average tourist are not going. Get into the wild. Discover the magic of Africa. Get off the beaten track for 16 days. And extend it with 4 days extra. This is the tour what you have to do. No compromise. Not a fake Africa. This is real. Get off the beaten track and go where you have to go. We show you our country how it really is.

Off the beaten tracks 16 days

Off the beaten track

16 days $ $ 2395

4 days extra $ 695

The best South Africa has to offer

Ntshava Safaris

South Africa tours and Safaris. On vacation to South Africa. Do you feel like it too? The Magic of Africa. Tour through the rough north and the Kruger National Park. 16 day nature, culture and wildlife tour (extendable to 20 days).With private driver-guide!

Off the beaten tracks 16 days

Off the beaten track

It does not get any better

Off the beaten track 16 days

Our South Africa tours always go off and from the off the usual and beaten path. We show you the most beautiful places in South Africa and the best Experience South Africa has to offer. Always we go that one step further, very demanding for ourselves and for your South Africa trip. We will always go ahead and will definitely not stop before your South Africa trip is completely perfect.

Our goal is very simple: Delivering worry-free South Africa tours for our travellers, to see more, experience more and above all enjoy it more. Travelling in and through South Africa is our passion. We wake up with it and we go to bed with it. And that is very noticeable during all our South Africa tours. If you join us. We always deliver travel programs with that very needed little bit more. Carefully selected Accommodations in special and beautiful locations.

Off the beaten tracks 16 days

Nature, Culture, Wildlife

Get off the beaten track

Unique programs, special meetings and a lot of unexpected experiences. You will find out yourselves with our passionate tour guides. Our tour guides know South Africa thorough. After all, they have lived in South Africa for a long, long time. They speak the language and know the people, the region and the country. You shall notice that the personal way of handling during your South Africa trip makes it more beautiful and more interesting. Your guide will always advise and assist you. And make your South Africa trip perfect. Familiar while travelling through South Africa we know where you need to be.

Safari South Africa


Ntshava Safaris

We are stand for while we go off the beaten tracks:

See more, experience more, experience more, discover more, That is what we are all about.

We are not a tourist, vacation factory or mega tour operator but an organization of lovers of Nature, Culture and the well-being of South Africa. We have incorporated our personal experience into all our trips. Because we have been for years  living, working and living in South Africa each of us has gained a lot of knowledge where other travel organizations cannot match. That alone makes our travels different than usual.

Africa the best

Join us to discover Africa

Ntshava Safaris

Who does not dream of Africa .. We invite you to enjoy with us Africa and everything this beautiful country has to offer you. We show you the best and what South Africa has to offer. Africa a place full of wonderful magic and beauty. It’s still there and we’ll show you where.

The beat of a drum. A lion roars, Hyenas howl, the campfire burns and stories of Africa are being told. All our trips are personal and friendly. You come as guest and leaves as a friend. Don’t forget… Once Africa is in your heart it will never go away.

Your off the beaten track trip:

The best South Africa Trip Ever.

Blyde River Canyon

Blyde River Canyon

Panorama route

If you book the 4 extra days. This is what you get:

Off the beaten tracks 16 days + 4 days. One day Greater Mapungubwe including Heritage tour. Extra day Kruger Park with stay in Letaba rest camp. Extra day in Hoedspruit with visit HESC (Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center. Two extra days in Marloth Park with a visit to the Jane Goodall Chimpanzee Centre.

16 days to long? we offer a short version of 12 days learn more