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Ntshava Safaris Kruger National Park South Africa

Wondering who is Ntshava Safaris in South Africa? That would be your first question after seeing some interesting stuff on our website.. And you are right. You should.

Never heard of that company.. I don’t know if that will be alright.. Africa… Far away.. Ntshava Safaris?… Huh?

It is not strange that you don’t know us. Visiting South Africa and / or going on a safari is most of the time a once in a lifetime thing. Most persons are going on a holiday every year and even several times a year sometimes. They have their own trusted companies where they book their trip or holidays. Several place. Lots of countries and a wide variety of different holidays. Each year at the same well know huge travel companies. And now this… Ntshava Safaris in South Africa… scary, scary…

And there you got the problem spot on.

We do only South African holidays and Safaris. That’s it… You will only find us, if you are interested in that. And if you do that only once in your life.. Yah.. Than you don’t know us.. Not weird or strange right.

We are not a that big company. No Holiday factory and no Big Tour operator. That is for sure.

Our company is specialist in small scale Eco tourism in South Africa. All our holidays and safaris are therefore private. Each Vacation, holiday or safari, trip. tour whatever comes included transport and guide-driver. All personal and cozy. Normal South African people doing what they love and where they are good at. Most of us are born here or live here already many many years. All of us are bush people. We know the country like no body else.

Not only we are South Africa specialist but above all wildlife specialists. We live and breath wildlife, culture and nature.

Therefore all our safaris and holidays are up close and personnel. That’s great neh?

Ntshava Safaris in South Africa


This is us

South AFrica

Ntshava Safaris South Africa


This is us

Ntshava Safaris

Photo Safari

Up Close and Personnel

This is us

Ntshava Safaris
Cheetah sighting South Africa

We know where you need to be

This is us

Ntshava Safaris

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Want to know some thing about me? In most of the cases I will be your contact person. Read this article

Below you will find some about pricing and so on.

For all our South Africa holidays and safaris:

Ntshava Safaris Prices

→ All prices are based on a minimum booking of two adults.

Children receive a 50% discount if they are accompanied by two adults and use the same accommodation as the adults. However, keep in mind that some of the activities are not suitable for children under 12 years old. (For example bushwalks and walking safaris in the Kruger Park)

Ntshava Safaris Arrival and departure

→ Arrival and departure time of your choice.

For all our holidays and safaris you can arrive and leave whenever you want. Of course subject to availability. A lot is possible in consultation with us. It is customary for us to coordinate with you what the best departure time would be for your safari holiday. Also in connection with a cheap flight  that might be available a day earlier or later. Or a ticket that suits you better.

Ntshava Safaris First overnight stay Johannesburg

In principle, all holidays and safaris depart from Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport. Before your holiday or Safari we collect you from the airport. And you can spend the first night in a guest lodge we work with. Sometimes it is even included in your Trip. From there we depart and your Holiday or Safari starts.  (unless stated otherwise in the itinerary). All Kruger Park Safaris depart from the airport in Johannesburg. These are without overnight stay in Johannesburg (unless otherwise indicated in the itinerary)

Ntshava Safaris Transport with private guide-driver

→ Private driver / guide

All our South Africa tours and Kruger Park safaris are led by a private driver / guide. Who has lived in South Africa for many years or is born in South Africa. With a lot of experience.

→ Transport in comfortable SUV or mini van

All holidays through South Africa and to the Kruger Park for your safari are carried out in a comfortable SUV for 4 to 6 persons. For larger groups up to 12 people, the holidays and safaris are carried out in a minivan.

Larger groups are possible but only on request.

→ Transport during the Safaris

All Safaris are in an open Safari vehicles and are carried out by a local certified rangers. As much as possible. These are specialized and the most experienced in their field

Ntshava Safaris Accommodations

Cheap Safaris and South Africa Holidays

For our cheap safaris and South Africa holidays we use good and reliable 3 star accommodations. In the most beautiful locations in South Africa. Based on bed and breakfast. Overnight in the national parks is self catering.

It is possible to upgrade to 4 star accommodations upon request. On average, a surcharge of $ 105 per person per day will be charged.

Ntshava Safaris budget Kruger Park safaris

For our Kruger Park safaris, we only use the self catering accommodations in the Kruger Park. We use the chalets and tents in the various camps in the Kruger Park. These Tours are Self catering. All camps in the Kruger Park have restaurants where you can have breakfast (for your own account). And shops where you can go shopping. All chalets are equipped with kitchen and cooking utensils. Also equipped with a stove and a BBQ for when you want to barbecue.

Ntshava Safaris South Africa Holidays

why not? Why pay to much?

Join us for the time of your life

Get into the wild !!!

You also can visit our luxury Safari Holiday website if you want to go VIP

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