Matsamo Cultural Village South Africa

Matsamo Cultural Village

Matsamo Cultural Village is considered according to many to be one of the best cultural experiences in South Africa.

Matsamo cultural village. You will find Matsamo at the Jeppe`s Reef border with Swaziland. The Village provides the perfect and amazing introduction to the Swazi people. What makes Matsamo really special is the way they seamlessly mix education with entertainment.

All this to promote the Swazi culture. Doing this with all the friendliness to everybody as well trough singing and dancing.

Matsamo Cultural Village offers the old songs of Africa. Together with rhythmic dance performances. What’s also includes the famous Rain Dance and many more. Music with authentic African instruments. Big drums and a lot of traditional noise.

Matsamo Cultural Village visitors

Visitors can wander through the village with the many huts.Iinteracting with the villagers while they are busy with daily activities. It can be cultivating crops, preparing traditional food or creating  beautiful craft works.

Matsamo’s cultural village represent a classical Swazi culture. In addition, it is a living museum of old tradition. The village comprises of 10 huts, kraals and byres for cattle and goats, reed fences or thatched fences. Just like it was ages ago till not long ago.

The traditional Restaurant.

At the restaurant you can get traditional food and refreshments. Set in True African atmosphere and nestled in a peaceful setting with cobbling water and a panoramic view.

The show ! Dancing and Story telling Matsamo Cultural Village

The dances performed are typical traditional Swazi dances. Story telling includes stories of famous legends of the Swazi tribe. Swazi traditional fairytales and more other enticing stories.

Matsamo is giving outside performances on requests and in each of all the performances it has earned the reputation of a group that renders excellent entertainment and keeps audience hyped.

The group also does International tours on Invitation. There they rely on getting assistant on funding from various department institutions and Private sectors.

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