Marloth Park Kruger National Park South Africa

Marloth Park

Marloth Park Kruger National Park

On the southern border of the Kruger National Park you will find Marloth Park. Marloth Park is a holiday destination for many South Africans and many visitors from all over the world. The park is not really a park. Martloth Park is a nature reserve. Some people call it a wildlife sanctuary. The size is more or less 4000 hectares from which 1500 hectares contains place where people build their house, holiday house, lodge or safari lodge.

Animals on Marloth Park

On Marloth Park the animals from Africa roam free. The privately owned plots are not fenced and animals move from and in between houses and lodges. They have enormous spaces in between. Giraffe, zebra, kudu wildebeast to name a few. Although the dangerous game cannot get to where the houses and lodges are. Inside Marloth Park there is a big space fenced off (3500 hectares) where you also will find 4 out of the Big 5. There are no elephants present at Marloth Park. That would be to dangerous for the people who live and celebrate their holiday at Marloth Park.


It is possible to go on your own game drive in the fenced of area (Lionspruit) insode Marloth Park. It is not allowed to go on foot. But that would be obvious with lions present..

The best way to describe Marloth Park is a Safari Town. Everything is about and breathes Kruger National Park. Some call it a holiday township but that does not describe the complete package what you will find or experience at Marloth Park.

Marloth Park shopping

On the park you will find two small shopping centers (Marloti and Bush center) where you can buy some groceries. There is a butcher, hair salon, dry cleaner, liquor store and a few other shops. A small petrol station and a small post office. For some of your daily needs you can find some here.

For your bigger shopping you can go to Komatipoort. What is the nearest town. Some big supermarkets and lots of other shops you will find in Komatipoort. Komatipoort is more or less 15 km from Marloth Park Gate 2. (It depends on where you stay in Martloth Park). Not to far and just far enough.


There are 4 restaurants present at Marloth Park. And a few of them are really good.

From gate 1 it is about 30 minutes drive to Malelane. A bigger town than Komatipoort with more shops and supermarkets and all kind of other shops whatever your needs will be.

Close to Kruger National Park

Crocodile bridge is the nearest entrance (Gate) to get into the Kruger National Park. A 15 km drive will get you there. This area around Crocodile bridge might be one of the highest density of animals from the Kruger National Park. Lower Sabie is about a 40 km drive if you take the tar road. Sometimes you get lucky and can spot the big 5 within an hour. Also hyenas are often seen here. Just around the corner is hippo pools where you will spot hippo’s in the crocodile river.

The other not that far entrance (Gate) into the Kruger National Park is Malelane Gate. The way to Berg en Dal and rhino area. If you want to spot rhino. This is the area where your changes will be pretty high to get lucky. Also Leopard you can spot here often. If you go straight you will get to Afsaal a great place to have some food and a rest.

Mozambique and Swaziland

Marloth Park is perfect to make a day trip into Mozambique, The border post is only 30 minutes away. Via the N4 you will drive straight to the capital from Mozambique, Maputo. More or less a two hours drive.

Also you have easy acces to Swaziland. the borderpost Jeppes Reef is about an hour drive.

From the International airport to Marloth Park

Marloth Park is within the Mpumalanga province of South Africa. Very easy to reach and to find if you come from the airport at Johannesburg (OR Tambo International). More or less a 4 to 5 hours drive from the airport. Via N roads (12 and 4) easy to find and easy to drive.

Holiday house and lodges

There is a wide range of holiday houses and lodges at Marloth Park. Something suitable for every budget. There is only one but.. pre booking is essential. The houses are especially for public holidays and south African holidays very fast fully booked and it can get very difficult to find accommodation..

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The perfect stay over to discover and experience the Kruger National Park and spend a few days in the bush. Take a daytour into Mozambique and Swaziland. Visit Nelspruit and shop till you drop and you are alive again. Silence, tranquility and the beautiful nature of Africa. All is present.

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