Marloth Park Activities Things to do

Marloth Park Activities Things to do

Martloth Park activities things to do

There you are. At Marloth Park looking for activities and things to do

Martloth Park activities things to do. En now what?. Where do I go and also where can I go? Ntshava Safaris offer a wide range of activities what you can do while on holiday in Marloth Park.

It is not that difficult when you stay in Marloth Park.

There are several things what you can do. Guided or by yourself. Lets start with guided by Ntshava Safaris.

Marloth Park Activities and Kruger National Park.

Marloth Park Activities

Kruger National Park Safaris

Half day / Full day

Early morning or Sunset game drives

Pick up and drop of Marloth Park
Marloth Park things to do

Kruger National Park Walking Safaris

Marloth Park birding

Kruger National Park


Guided by the best birding guide!

On your own

Of course you can go for a selfdrive and figure out everything by yourself. It can be lots of fun. If you have been to the Kruger more often. It is a good idea. You can go in and leave whenever and wherever you want. Maybe It will be your first time.. We highly recommend for your first time to go with guided tours. The guides know the Park like it is their own back yard. (For most of us it is)

Marloth Park Activities things to do

What about a guided day tour?

Activities Swaziland

Day tour


Activity you can do from Marloth Park
Marloth Park Activities

Day tour


Easy in reach of Marloth Park
Blyde River Canyon

Day tour

Panorama route Blyde River Canyon

Marloth Park activity what you can do

This is just a selection of the activities and what you can do while you stay at Marloth Park

Also on Marloth Park is lots to do. Lets give a few examples. some are for free and some are not that expensive:

  • Crocodile River drive (or walk)
  • Make your own game drive in Lionspruit with your own car
  • Quad bike riding (Quads are next to Gate 1)
  • Visit the viewing points at the river. Relax there, lunch there or take your breakfast with.
  • Mountain bike riding within Marloth Park

Things to do and activities outside Marloth Park

What Ntshava Safaris also can offer you as a activity or something what you can do while on Marloth Park

Marloth Park Braai

Bush Braai (BBQ)

Bush Dinner

In or outside the Kruger National Park

We can cater for you while you are celebrating your holiday on Marloth Park.

  • Breakfast Packages
  • Lunch Packages
  • Dinner Packages

Cooked and prepared for you like it is from a 5 star chef!

Activities marloth Park

Eishhhhhh…… Yummy yummy… One of the best activities or things to do at Marloth Park…. Enjoying good food !!

Interested? Contact us we will quote you or point you in the right direction.

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