Marakele National Park Waterbergen

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Marakele National Park Waterbergen

In between Thabazimbi and Ellisras you will find marakele National Park Waterbergen. Part from the Waterbergen in the Limpopo province. The park is full of all the diverse animals from Africa. Plus tree and plant species. Wildlife at marakele National Park is undisturbed and unspoiled. It is the habitat of the largest colony of Cape vultures in the world. Fortunately, this reserve and habitat is unknown to many. You can enjoy it optimally when you are there. And it is worth it.

When you arrive in marakele National Park in the Waterbergen you are expecting a normal bushveld experience. Searching for Elephants, Rhinos and Lions, you are doing Marakele way to short. The scenery is an unexpected extra. The Kransberg a pink mountain dominates the lowveld below. The Kransberg is there fore the home to the world’s largest colony of Cape vultures. Unique to see and amazing to experience.

Maybe you know that the National Park in the Waterbergs in the Limpopo province is located in savannah bushveld. Not that far from Johannesburg. And that you have a reasonable chance of seeing most of the Big 5 at Marakele. When you arrive you would not say that all of this would be there. It is a well hidden Big 5 nature reserve. Really a must see National Park in South Africa..

Dominant over everything is a huge rose-hued ridge called Kransberg, looking down on you wherever you are in the park. If you are wondering if the ridge is still always so beautiful early in the morning. You will notice the enormous camel thorn trees that stand out as sculptures against the mountains. It is an amazing sight. The large gray-green notables of the Bosveld. No questions asked.

Inside Marakele National Park Waterbergen

In the camps, the warts are kneeling on the green grass and the Vervet Monkeys (Blau bal aap) swing from a tree at an appropriate distance. It is like you are in a dream. an African dream. However, you will forever remember that this is an serious wildlife area when you catch the golden glow of a Lion. And see a group of Lions in the bush from a distance. Or you come across Elephants who love to come and drink water close to where the camps are located. There is a very impressive herd of elephants in the park. Roaming around and doing there thing. And sometimes they tear an old tree out of the ground just in front of you. De Waterbergen is a wildlife rich area in South Africa that should not be underestimated.

Marakele National Park Waterbergen

Marakele National Park a hidden treasure

Limpopo province South Africa

At marakele National Park you will also see Waterbuck, Impala, Zebra, Kudu and baboons. Sometimes all together in one statue caught under the Camel thorn trees. How much better do you want it to be? At the dams you may find the Kingfishers who catch fish under water in a dive. Most special, though, is the fairly easy journey to where the Cape Vulture Colony resides. On the grand Kransberg part of the Waterberg Plateau. All around you will see the huge gray wings as they float through the air in search of prey.

It all sounds like an African dream. And it is!

The Waterbergen is not as well known as some others of South Africa’s game parks, but you will experience that there is a lot of game to be found. The untouched and protected nature area as mentioned on the world heritage list of Unesco. They also call it the home of the rare black Rhino. Among the Afrikaners, the Waterberg is increasingly seen as an ideal holiday destination and is increasing in popularity among the inhabitants of South Africa. You will hardly come across foreign tourists here. And that is very, very nice.

Marakele National Park is located in the heart of the Water Mountains in the beautiful Limpopo province in South Africa. Travelers can find 4 of the Big 5 here during their visit, due to TB danger there is no buffalo present in Marakele. The Twana name Marakele (place of rest) is an appropriate name for the park. Guests can fully enjoy game drives, walking safaris and enjoy amazing mountain landscapes, grassy hills and deep valleys.

Mountain view


Marakele National Park

Marakele National Park Waterbergen Limpopo South Africa

The park Marakele is located between the dry west and the wet east regions of South Africa. Marakele is a bird heaven where visitors can see rare and special birds up close. The biggest attraction is the Cape Vulture Colony with over 800 breeding pairs.

Marakele is also a paradise for birds of prey. Many species use the hills of the Waterbergs as their home and search the Waterbergen for prey. They use the thermals of the Waterberg to float, which is an incredibly beautiful sight. It has been this way since the Stone Age and it probably always will be in Marakele National Park.

The park was founded in 1994 and after expansion by means of buying agricultural land it has now become an official Big 5 nature park. In 2003, the marakele National Park was opened or reopened by Nelson Mandela and Prince Bernard from the Netherlands.

All the big animals are present: lots of black and white rhinos, leopards, buffalo in large numbers, lions, cheetahs, wild dogs (re-introduced), brown hyenas and elephants. Most famous are the Tuli elephants that were released here in 1999. Various antelope species are also present, such as reed buck, eland, tsessebe, sable antelope, kudu, impala, waterbuck and many more (smaller) species

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