Magic of Africa 12 days

Magic of Africa

Magic of Africa 12 days with private driver-guide.

Off the beaten track. Magic of Africa 12 days. Private driver-guide. No mass tourism. Get into the wild with a private guided-driver. Discover the best of Africa and the best of the South African people. This package can be extended with 3 more days. Tree more days of adventure. What more can you wish for… The only way it gets better is go for more days. And discover more.

Marakele National Park

Magic of Africa

12 days $ 1895

3 extra days $ 395

Get off the beaten track

16 days + 4 days off the beaten track.

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Magic of Africa

Come to South Africa and see, discover the real adventure. See what Africa is all about. The magic of Africa tours are very special. It will take you to place where not many tourist are going for. They do not know what they are missing. Africa is Africa and if you really want to know the people. The landscape. Wildlife and the way South Africans nowadays live. This is the way to explore it.

Of course you can go with the normal (!) tours and see the highlights. But.. and that’s the big but.. Most people watch national geographic, animal planet and what ever they can watch. Investigating the internet for months and fall in love with what they see.. And the big joke is.. They fall in love with the real Africa. And what do the book.. Right.. a sightseeing trip.. See some highlights and go home again.

Magic of Africa never enough

Its nice. not that there is something wrong with that. But if you are into Africa.. You go OFF THE BEATEN TRACK. Where normally tourist don’t go.

We take you to places that are the real African nature, culture and wildlife places. Rough, unspoiled and untouched. The real MAGIC OF AFRICA.

The real magic of Africa. it is still out there. we show you where.

Magic of Africa 12 days Nature Culture Wildlife Tour

The magic of Africa

We show you where

Ntshava Safaris

Ntshava Safaris offers you the opportunity to experience the real South Africa. With his pro’s and con’s. You will travel with a private guide-driver and he /she will be able to explain and show you everything what there is to know. From the past lets say the history of Africa till the daily life nowadays. If you are up to it.. This is the way to discover, explore and get to know the real magic of Africa.

Magic of Africa 12 days The magic of Africa

Discover the magic of Africa

Ntshava Safaris know where to go

Your trip. we call it Nature, Culture and wildlife but it is much, much more. You are going to fall in love with Africa and it will be in your hart forever. The rest of your life you will only have one wish.. Go back to Africa. Get more. Discover more. Experience more.

Africa is for life !!!

Magic of Africa 12 days Nature Wildlife Culture

Nature, Culture, Wildlife

Ntshava Safaris

Come and join us.

What you are going to see:

  • Marakele National Park. A must see. not very well know, but it is amazing.
  • Polokwane. The capital of Limpopo province. Limpopo is the wildlife and cultural place. You go back in time.
  • Mapungubwe National Park. Explore the old kingdom of Mapungubwe 1000 AD. And the environment..
  • Musina. The border town with Zimbabwe. See the crowd and African people being busy like nowhere else.
  • Kruger National Park. The best place in the world for wildlife.
  • Blyde River Canyon (Panorama route). The greenest canyon in the world.

If you book the extra three days. Extra’s what is included are. A heritage tour at Mapungubwe. An extra day at the Kruger National Park. And a visit to the Hoedspruit endangered species center.

Magic of Africa 12 days  River Canyon

Blyde River Canyon

Panorama route

Contact us and ask for the brochure. These kind of tours are the best we offer and the best we can do. It is always amazing to see our guest enjoy it that much. The magic of Africa is really still there. We know where you need to be.

Places where you are going to stay:

  • Johannesburg (Kempton Park)
  • Thabazimbi on the doorstep of Marakele National Park
  • Polokwane the capital of Limpopo (not in the city)
  • Musina. more between Musina and Mapungubwe National Park.
  • Shingwedzi in the center of the Kruger National Park
  • Letaba (if booked 3 extra days) in the center of the Kruger National Park.
  • Hoedspruit. On the foot of the northern Drakensberg and very close to the Kruger National Park.

Ask for your brochure today, you want more and longer. It is possible

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