Legends of Klein Bolayi Mapungubwe

Klein Bolayi

Legends of Klein Bolayi Mapungubwe

The rainmakers stone

Balobelo tribe.

Legends of Klein Bolayi Mapungubwe. The whole community dating back to 450 AD or even earlier gathered around the huge granite rock. Everyone went through a cleaning process.

The rock was believed to be hollow inside and that a very large “serpent man” remained inside to protect the treasures of the ancestors. Even in later times the millions of Kruger, whom they also believe to be hidden within the rock.

The woman

The women (virgins) collected wheat or barley as well as various herbal plants in the field. Placed them in pots which they then dedicated during the rainmaker ritual with the sacred steps (sacret steps) upwards. The stairs were difficult to climb, some slipped and fell from the high rock and the serpent man caught them and swallowed them.

Those who got to the top placed their pots in front of the witch doctor, who then began the cleaning process. There was singing, eating and dancing (fire played an important role) and prayers were made to the ancestors to send rain.

The rainmakers process

When it wasn’t raining, the ancestors were not satisfied and started the 2nd process which involved the same ritual as the first. But now a 10 day old lamb male was slaughtered and chopped and cooked on top of the rock by the medicine man.

Again they sang, danced and ate and prayed for rain for the ancestors. If it still does not want to rain then a third process has been started, namely the sacrifice of a + – 10 year old boy.

The young boys

All the boys of the community were led up the sacred stairs to the top of the stone and there the medicine man smelled to the boys which child is the suitable candidate for the ancestors.

The child was killed there and sacrificed as an offering to the ancestors. Then approval was given by means of a bolt of lightning from the ancestors and then the rain began to fall.

Legends of Klein Bolayi Mapungubwe The fig tree on the side of the rock.

It is probably the most photographed tree in South Africa. The unique rock fig that grows out of the rock. It is believed that the tree gets its energy / food from the energy of the contortionist who lives there.

The snake has been seen to come out and mate with 2 other pythons and then use the tree for the mating process. This tree is a milestone in this area and has been featured in several publications.

The relationship between the serpent man and the dassies that stay on the rock.

On the big rock at Klein Bolayi + – 400 dassies remain. This is very interesting because if there is any danger threatening them. They will all run to the fig tree growing out of the rock, because that’s where the opening to the inside of the rock is where the serpent man lives.

They will close the opening and the leader Dassie will call the snake man and notify him of the danger. The snake man will then come out and see where the danger is and then scare it off.

Danger on the rock

When the danger is over. The Snake Man goes back into his rock and the dassies quietly move on to graze and bake in the sun.

However, there is a condition attached to this protection that the snake man offers to the dassies.

As in the ancestral legend, the dassies also occasionally sacrifice their young to him when the serpent man is hungry.

Legends of Klein Bolayi Mapungubwe The story of the Kruger millions

Pres. Paul Kruger instructed Genl. Jan Smuts to get the Kruger millions out of the reserve bank before the English could confiscate the coins.

Through all these years it has always remained a mystery what has become of the millions.

Even Siener van Rensburg predicted that at some point the millions would be discovered. Which would help build the Afrikaner people.

Klein Bolayi was part of Paul Kruger’s hunting farm. Next door was the Dongola Reserve where Jan Smuts / Paul Evans spent much of their time.

Paul Kruger / Jan Smuts?

Where would you have buried your Kruger Millions?

Legends of Klein Bolayi Mapungubwe??

Of course on your own Klein Bolayi farm !!