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What will the wheater be like on your Kruger Park Safaris

The Kruger national Park is situated at an approximate altitude of 500 m above sea level and enjoys relatively comfortable temperatures throughout the year.

Summer is from October to March. Daytime temperatures can reach highs of up to 45°C and lows of 20°C. Summer is also when most rain falls in this area, which receives about 550 mm of rain annually.

The colder winter months of May, June and July experience daytime highs of around 26°C and night-time lows of about 8°C.

Spring and autumn are more temperate seasons with less variance between day and night temperatures, and generally range between 12°C and 28°C. Game viewing, however, is excellent throughout the year at the Kruger National Park.

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During the summer months

The summer months extend from August to April, with the hottest period being between October and February - which is also the time of year when rain is possible. Rainfall generally takes the form of thunderstorms, which last just for an hour or so, after which the weather clears up again.

During the winter months

Winter in the Lowveld area of South Africa where the Kruger National Park is located is from May to July, with the coldest period being from the end of June and throughout July.

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