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Kruger National Park safaris

Game viewing in the kruger National Park

Game viewing from open safari vehicles and on foot in the Kruger Park has to be one of the ultimate safari experiences in Africa. Enjoy the tranquil ambience of Africa, while its natural sounds and breathtaking views weave a magical spell around you and captivate your soul on these adventure safaris through Kruger National Park.

Kruger Park Sunrise Safari

The smell of fresh coffee indicates the start of a new day. After some snacks, you will set out on a morning game drive in the Kruger National Park. The guide might find Leopard or Hyena tracks, and interpret the events that happened during the night. The guide will tell you about the habits of the wildlife encountered. A morning safari is exiting and starts with a sunrise in the African Bush. Early morning you normally have the most activity and we hope to find some of the large cats Lion, Leopard, Cheetah and Wild dogs before breakfast as they might still be hunting or feeding on the kill of last night. After breakfast a quick turn at the river or waterhole to see animals coming to drink as the day heats up. You expert & experienced safari guide and driver will keep you informed and try to show you the best sightings for the day possible for the morning.

In between morning and afternoon Safari

Spend some time relaxing in camp, enjoying the facilities. In the early afternoon enjoy a siesta before continuing your adventures in the cool afternoon.

Kruger Park Sunset Safari

Late afternoon is a good time for game viewing, and as evening approaches, nocturnal animals become active, and guests are able to experience at first hand the amazing colours of an African sunset. Once the sun has set, and night begins to fall, the spotlights are switched on. In the quiet of the darkness, guests can expect a different safari experience from that of the daytime, and as they become aware of their surroundings they will see smaller, more elusive, shy and rare creatures, not usually seen during the day. Delve deeper into the scenic bush of the Kruger National Park on this afternoon game drive. Travelling at a leisurely pace, encounter animals such as Buffalo, Kudu and even the regions smaller creatures such as a Mongoose or Steenbok. The birding is excellent and you may see a Kori Bustard or even a Ground Hornbill. Continue to discover the abundant wildlife of the region. In the evening gather round the warm glow of the fire and reminisce about your experience, enjoy supper at camp, before heading to your bungalow and falling asleep to the distant whoop of a Hyena or call of Lion.

Kruger Park Full day Safari (only included in the Safari Lodge packages)

It has been said that even an hour in paradise is a rewarding experience and this can also be said to be true of Africa's greatest wildlife sanctuary, the Kruger Park. An hour is rewarding, but a whole day is a life-changing experience. For an authentic safari experience, our full day Kruger Park safari will give you an unbelievable overview of this iconic destination.

You start your day early with an exciting open vehicle game drive. During the course of the day you will make a pit stop at a peaceful, scenic picnic spot or a Rest Camp where you can get something to eat before setting off to explore more of the Kruger National Park.

Kruger National Park is well-known for its boundless opportunities to spot the famous African Big Five - Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino and of course Lion. Day safaris are conducted in open 4 x 4 safari vehicles.

The day trip is an ideal tour as it provides for a good overall experience at a relaxed pace. You will experience South Africa's natural beauty, capture boastful wildlife photographs and have amazing African wildlife encounters. With so much on offer, a full day Kruger Park safari is the best way to experience the park if you have limited time and want to learn more about the park from a knowledgeable guide.

Kruger Park Bush walks early morning or Afternoon

Up to eight guests are taken to interesting places in the surrounding wilderness areas adjacent to most of the camps. The walk itself is relaxed and experienced and armed guides use their knowledge of the bush to explain natural wonders. Trained field guides with backup rifles take groups of up to 8 people out into the bush for a few hours. They track rhino, elephant and lion on foot and learn and observe fascinating facts about the African bush.

The Kruger Park is renowned for its walking safaris and this Meandering Adventure is right up there with the best in Kruger. More than a Big Five safari experience in South Africa, the stay at this classic lodge will provide the perfect antidote to the glossy brochure version of Africa, for here is an experience that can truly be considered classic Kruger.

Not only do you get the Big Five safari experience in South Africa on this classic Kruger package but you also get to understand the rhythm of the Kruger Park wilderness on informative, leisurely paced walks. Guides live this experience every day, putting them in the perfect position to share their passion with you on this walking safari.

Enjoy discovering the mysteries of the bush on game drive during your Kruger Park Safaris.

Kruger National Park safaris Kruger National Park safaris


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Imagine a safari in the Kruger National Park,

smell, feel and hear the sounds of the big five within the majestic African Bush.

An experience impossible to forget!

Kruger National Park safaris

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