Kruger Park Safari Holiday South Africa

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Kruger Park Safari Holidays in South Africa

A Kruger Park safari holiday in South Africa at the Kruger Park is not a passive experience. It’s not just watching wildlife. You are invited into their own untamed animal world. Completely surrounded by all the drama and the charm of the world’s greatest grand open air theatre. The Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Imagine just imagine …

A safari in the Kruger National Park of South Africa.

Smell, Feel and Hear the Sounds of the Big 5 in the magical African bush. “A unique experience that is impossible ever to forget!” South Africa Safari holidays in the Kruger National Park

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 Step into the world of National Geographic And Animal Planet

Elephant on a cheap safari south africa

Safaris and Safari Holidays

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Kruger Park Safari holiday, once in your life you have to get the experience.

A South African Safari is the real Kruger National Park adventure. You have to see the king of all animals for real.

Ntshava Safaris offers a wide range of Safari holiday possibilities into the Kruger National Park. Budget, cheap and luxury. You can choose the Safari holiday what suits you the best. Most off our Kruger Park Safari holidays are private safaris with your own guide.

Kruger National Park

Affordable Kruger Park Vacation

8 days $ 1195

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Cheap Safari Kruger Park Vacation 8 days / 7 nights. Starting $ 1195

This is a Real Safari Holiday. Several safaris into the Kruger and you will stay in a 4 star Safari Lodge on the boundary of the Kruger National Park. Bed and Breakfast. Well priced and more than value for money. (including 1 night Johannesburg + 6 nights Safaris Lodge + Airport and Kruger Park transfers)

Lions at Marakele

Budget Safaris Kruger Park

Multiple days

Starting $ 1095

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Budget Safaris Kruger Park Holiday. Multiple days Starting $ 1095

Well priced Kruger Park Safaris 3, 4 or 5 days. Pick up and drop off at Malelane or Crocodile Bridge Gate. 3 Days / 2 nights. 4 days / 3 nights or 5 days and 4 nights. Overnight stay at the Rest camps inside Kruger Park. Self Catering. (Johannesburg transfers can be arranged for an additional fee)

Discover South Africa 12 days

Private Kruger Park Safaris multiple days

starting $ 1195

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Private Safari Holidays Kruger National Park with private Guide. Starting $ 1195

See the Kruger Park with your private guide. You can choose between 5 days / 4 nights. 8 days / 7 nights, 12 days / 11 nights or the ultimate of 15 days / 14 nights. Self Catering but meals can be provided for an additional fee. Including pick up and drop of at Johannesburg Airport OR Tambo.

Luxury Safari Kruger Park

Luxury Safari

8 days Starting

$ 6995

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Luxury Kruger Park Safaris, VIP Safaris Holiday. Starting $ 6995

Our Luxury 5 star and exclusive VIP Safari Packages into the Kruger Park. If you want the ultimate and go VIP these are the packages to choose from. If you want luxury, exclusive and would like to be treated like kings and queens forget about the rest and choose one of these. Full board, two Safaris a day and more. Nothing can compare to this. 8 days / 7 nights Ultimate Kruger National Park. First night in Johannesburg, 6 nights in Luxury 5 star Lodges. Private driver included. Transfers included.

photographic safari

Photographic Safari

$ 3595

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Photographic Safari South Africa Kruger National Park Package 12 days / 11 nights $ 3595

We have a very special safari package for photographers who want to make the perfect photo’s in the Kruger National Park

Cheap Safari Kruger Park South Africa

Discover South Africa Holidays

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Accommodation while on Safari holiday in the Kruger Park

Cheap Kruger Park vacation accommodation

During the cheap Kruger Park vacation you will stay in a Safari Lodge on the boundaries of the Kruger National Park. Inside Marloth Park Nature Reserve. The Safari Lodge is located only 300 meters from the river. The only boundary between the Kruger Park and Marloth Park is the Crocodile River. Also in Marloth Park Nature Reserve animals roam free.

Other Safaris Kruger Park holidays

We stay for our other safaris inside the Kruger Park and use the self catering chalets and tents in the various camps in the Kruger Park. During your safari you will stay in the Kruger Park itself. The chalets and tents that we use are all furnished and most of them have a kitchen with the accompanying equipment. Each chalet and tent has his own BBQ and a private terrace where you can relax during your safari.

All camps in the Kruger Park have restaurants where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. In each camp there is a shop where you can stock up on supplies for safari or if you want to cook your own meal.

Exclusive Luxury Safari holiday

We only for our luxury Kruger Park safaris 5 star accommodations and 5 star safari lodges. These exclusive safari lodges are all located in the best wildlife areas of the Kruger Park. All luxury safari lodges have all the comfort and luxury you could wish for. Staying in the Luxury Lodges is on full board (drinks excluded)

Dreaming off Africa

Who doesn’t dream of Africa and going on safari to the Kruger Park. See the wild animals of Africa in their natural environment and see for real what you can normally only watch on TV.

Hear, see, feel, smell

A Safari is more than just watching wild animals. You will go on Safari in Africa with all your senses. Hearing, seeing, smelling and feeling will go hand in hand.. The scent of the bush smells better than the best perfume. Seeing the wild animals is beyond your imagination. A life-sized Elephant in its natural environment is unparalleled enjoyment.

The shimmering silence of the bush and the explosion of wildlife action are the most beautiful and exciting sounds you can hear. A surprise can wait behind every tree or shrub. Often you hear it first and then suddenly you see a lion mother with her offspring. Phenomenal!

An safari in South Africa’s Kruger Park feels like an expedition. An expedition into the unknown. No two days are the same and every experience is different.

Nature Culture Wildlife Tour

Nature Culture Wildlife range

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The Kruger Park

The uncrowned king of all game parks in the world and one of the best game viewing areas is the Kruger Park in South Africa. If you know that the Kruger Park that stretches across the Limpopo Province and Mpumalanga Province and along the border with Mozambique to the border with Zimbabwe. The Kruger National Park is therefore the most famous wildlife park in the world and in South Africa.

National Park, the Kruger Park is located in the north-eastern part of the country and includes a largely unspoiled nature reserve of 60 by 350 km. The wildlife figures speak for themselves: 507 bird species, 114 reptile species, 49 fish species, 33 amphibian species, 146 mammal species and more than 23,000 plant species have been counted here. Going on a Safari in the Kruger Park of South Africa gives you the best chance to see many of these special African animals.

Ntshava Safaris South Africa


Ntshava Safaris

The Kruger Park is Big, very big

South Africa’s Kruger National Park is 60 km wide and over 350 km long with an area of ​​21,497 km2, imagine an area the size of Israel! This wildlife Park fulfils the dreams of many safari visitors eager to see impressive herds trotting across the acacia-covered savannas.

And don’t forget the Kruger Park is also the home to the big five (elephant, leopard, lion, black rhino and buffalo).

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The Kruger Park is not a Zoo

Wildlife parks like the Kruger Park in South Africa are not a zoo where you see lions first and elephants five minutes later. After all, all animals roam freely in a huge nature reserve, and sometimes you drive around for half an hour without seeing one animal. And during the next hour you suddenly see three of the Big Five.

A Safari is always a bit of luck, the animals are there, but they have to come out at the right time in the right place and in your field of vision. Then you see them for a moment, sometimes ten seconds, sometimes two minutes, sometimes half an hour. And suddenly they are gone again.

Nah, what do you think? Are you going to join us with a Kruger Park safari holiday?

We also offer roundtrips covering several nature reserves. You can go on a camping safari. Or do a Big 5 Safari covering 4 National Parks. If you are interested you can even make a grand tour from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Cape Town South Africa

Johannesburg to Cape Town

Grand Tours

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Want to go on something complexly else? You also can choose a South African Holliday Tailor made. Very easy. Just send us a message..

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