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5 days Kruger National Park Safari

Kruger Park Adventure

Kruger Park Adventure. This is an translation of what I wrote in Dutch a while ago.. If its not really the great English… please forgive me. I did my best…

It is an honor to write something about my experiences about traveling in the Kruger Park and South Africa. I have been living in South Africa already for a long time and have traveled a lot and seen a lot in this beautiful country, I can write a book about it… maybe an idea to do this once.

What I think is a great book is the book by Kobie Kruger (All things nice and wunderfull) who I think lived with her family in the Kruger Park for 16 years (her husband is a Kruger Park ranger), as far as I am concerned, nobody can writing a better book about the Kruger Park or South Africa ..

Best experience ever and adventure in the Kruger Park

I will start with some experiences of mine in the Kruger Park, the highlight in South Africa number 1, at least for me. I am a true wildlife and safari man. Give me the wilderness of Africa and I am happy.

I still remember a few wildlife cases in and around the Kruger Park .. Elephant on the road at closing time .. Giraffes fighting over a female .. Ostriches that kept running in front of the car .. Three Cheetahs catching a kudu at 3 meters for my car .. and there are much much more ..

I realize that for many people it can be stories out of an adventure book, but if you spend a lot of time in the Kruger Park, you experience a lot.

Cheetah Attack in the Kruger Park

The most beautiful and best thing I experienced in the Kruger Park was with Cheetahs.

I was on a Kruger National Park tour for 15 day days with a eldery couple. In the morning of the day in question in the Park, there was actually not much going on and not that much spectacular to see. In other words it was a bit of a dull morning.

We had lunch at Satara Restcamp and we were only just on our way to Olifants when we saw a nervous group of zebras at the junction with the old Olifantsroad. I pulled the car over to have a closer look and saw not only Zebras looking back and forth nervously but also Wildebeest and Kudus.

We were really like … here’s a little bit consternation. Until then, no trace of Cheetahs. we decided to stand for a while and see what it could be what made these animals so restless. After fifteen minutes of watching nervous animals, we were like, Noh not really something going on.

Something was moving…

But something was moving behind a bush near us … and yes … a Cheetah was secretly peeking at the Zebras. He was acting a bit disinterested and looking like … pff you do but I’m not hungry anyway. Very slowly the different animals came closer. Meanwhile, Impalas had also arrived the scene to see what was happening.

The Wildebeest were the bravest and they ventured closest to the Cheetah and grazed comfortably and were aware of no threat. Gradually the Zebras and Kudus also came closer (for those who don’t know, a Kudu is a very large antelope species, larger than a Wildebeest or Zebra. The second largest Antelope in Africa (The African eland is the largest))

Everything was calm and relaxed.

And suddenly like the shot of a gun, 3 (Three!) Adult Cheetahs shot out of the bushes at full speed towards my car. Goosebumps! At full speed and that is more than 100 km per hour they flew towards the zebras that were right next to my car .. The front Cheetah went so fast that he missed their common prey and at full speed and in full flight he turned around and grabbed a somewhat younger Kudu who was unaware of any harm.

The Kudu didn’t stand a chance. The Cheetah got it right and never let go. The Other two Cheetahs walked up leisurely and began to keep the rest of the animals at bay while the Cheetah who had caught the catch was smothering the Kudu.

The Wildebeest, Zebras, and other Kudus began to approach threateningly and the two Cheetahs had a hard time keeping them away from their prey. What a great sight, how cruel and how beautiful nature is.

The Cheetahs took turns filling their bellies while the others protected their prey and the one who was eating. And all this just a few meters from my car …

I live in the Kruger National Park and that is an adventure

I can live in South Africa for another 100 years and drive around in the Kruger Park, I will never experience this again .. Unfortunately and certainly this trip very stupid I almost never take a photo camera with me and unfortunately I was not able to take photos. I can still hit myself every day… My mobile phone was in my pocket and I had forgotten it .. luckily one of my guests was able to take some pictures with a kind of mini camera so that they could anyway have been able to collect evidence .. I saw them later and yes it really happened and really for our car. Unbelievable..

We have continued our journey very silently and impressedly this day and have spoken little more .. everyone was busy in their own way processing these impressions and incredible experience. In the evening in Letaba camp we did not get over it. Not for the rest of the trip either ..

It never gets better…. Or right? I am far from done driving around in South Africa and in particular the Kruger Park.

Pieter Blaak

Next time about the Ostriches or the lions cubs… or ..

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