Kruger National Park Holiday

Kruger National Park Holiday

Kruger National Park 12 days short South Africa holiday. With your own private guide in your own private vehicle. Discover the Kruger National Park in 12 days. The very best way to get to know the most famous wildlife reserve and national park in the world.

Kruger National Park Holiday affordable Safari South Africa

Kruger National Park

12 days $ 2195

15 days $ 2795

You stay inside the park

Special Kruger Park Private trip with guide-driver

A very special tour of 12 days through the Kruger National Park in South Africa. In which we go further than just the normal and standard tourist parts. We go for spotting special and not every day and rare animals. Explore the African savannah and its scenic beauty. We visit remote and very beautiful impressive places in the Kruger National Park. This is where the average tourist will not come so quickly.

The experience of the Kruger National Park, the savannah and wildlife is completely central during this Kruger National Park tour. We are not only busy with with spotting as many animals as possible. But also learning to understand them. Both flora and fauna are on the program. The Kruger National Park is so much more than just going for one safari. What do you think of the many ancient Baobab trees in the North.

Desolate landscapes in which you can see big elephants herds roaming around. Maybe you will get the opportunity to see a sable antelope or special nocturnal animals, such as a Honeybadger, Genet or Civet Cat. The sensation is twice as great when you hear the roar of a lion in the background and you really feel at one with the nature of Africa.

We do not go for mass tourism and you will quickly notice that you will be the only one enjoying these unique and unparalleled moments at many different times. If you choose a special and different Kruger National Park tour then this is the Safari trip you should make in the wilderness of South Africa.

Kruger National Park Holiday The best photo opportunities


Kruger National Park

The largest wildlife observation area in the world.

Go on safari in the Kruger National Park in South Africa. See, feel and smell the real wilderness. An experience that you must have experienced once in your life. A person will never forget this magical experience.

The Kruger National  Park. Much has been said about it and it never cannot be enough. The Kruger National Park comprises a largely unspoilt nature reserve of 60 by 350 km. With an area of ​​21,497 km2. The park fulfils the dreams of many visitors eager to see impressive herds trotting across the acacia-covered savannas. A huge area where the animals of Africa still roam freely and where humans do not intervene.

In addition to the Big 5 (Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo and Rhino) there are 507 bird species, 114 reptile species, 49 fish species, 33 amphibian species, 146 mammal species and more than 23,000 plant species have been counted here.

The Kruger Park is the size of a country the size of Israel and you can imagine that you are just not bored. If you really want to enjoy all this beauty to the fullest, a safari in an open car is really recommended. Nothing beats contact so close to nature and the experienced rangers of the Kruger Park will tell you all about this special world. The Kruger National Park leaves indelible impressions on everyone who visits it.

Kruger National Park Holiday Ntshava Safaris South Africa

Kruger National Park

12 days of Nature and wildlife

Interested? Want to join us on your special private Kruger National Park experience?

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