Cape Town’s Botanical Garden, Kirstenbosch, is arguably the city’s best-kept secret. In contrast to the busy center at Waterfront and Longstreet you will find an ocean of tranquility at Kirstenbosch. The botanical garden is surrounded by gigantic mountain peaks, because Kirstenbosch is located against the eastern slopes of Table Mountain, and in the garden itself you will find the most beautiful flowers.

From bird of paradise flowers to beautiful proteas, the most beautiful plants are in bloom in the right season. But be sure to take a short walk over the winding suspension bridge that is built above the trees in the garden, here you not only have a very cool view but you can also take the coolest photos.

Walking through the most beautiful botanical garden in South Africa: Kirstenbosch

Cape Town’s Botanical Garden, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, was created in 1913 and covers some 560 hectares. When you walk through Kirstenbosch you will see native plants, beautiful flowers and there are green paths that take you to secret places in the garden.

If you have spent a few days in the center of Cape Town, this is a really cool place to be. Here you will not be bothered by the noise of cars, busy people or towering buildings. You are really in the middle of pure nature, a perfect place to escape the chaos that you sometimes find in Cape Town.

In the botanical garden you can admire bird of paradise flowers and beautiful proteas, this is not fynbos but sugar forest. The King Protea is probably the most recognizable protea. You can also encounter beautiful birds with bright green, blue and red feathers.

Those birds that you can watch for hours and want to take thousands of pictures of. From the Canopy Walk, the suspension bridge, you also have a beautiful view over the garden, so do not skip this part. This walkway is a little over 100 meters long and curves above the trees.

More than just a botanical garden

Kirstenbosch is also a place where events are organized more than once. There are often performances, which often take place in the summer. But the garden is also used as an open-air cinema and a large screen shows well-known and lesser-known films.

You can also participate in birdwatching in the garden, because you will find many colorful birds in the trees and by the flowers. During such a special walk and tour you will learn all about these creatures. If you are curious about the upcoming events, it is best to check the Kirstenbosch online agenda.

How to get to Kirstenbosch from the center of Cape Town?

If you have a rental car, it is of course easy to go to Kirstenbosch. You simply enter the address, Rhodes Drive (Newlands), and drive there. From Longstreet it takes a little less than half an hour. Another option is to take the bus. Hop-on, Hop-off buses run from the center to Kirstenbosch, if you buy a ticket for these buses you can often also go to other highlights in the city.

The sightseeing bus stops several times at Kirstenbosch. Golden Arrow buses also stop at the Botanic Gardens, departing from Mowbray Station.

Kirstenbosch opening hours

The opening hours of the gardens are generally from 08:00 to 19:00. In the months of April to August (this is during the South African winter) Kirstenbosch closes a little earlier, namely around 6:00 PM.

Check the website of the gardens for the current times. You also have to buy an entrance ticket if you want to enter the gardens, these generally cost R65.00 for adults. Children pay a lot less, namely R15 and if you are younger than 6 even nothing. You can buy your ticket on the spot or online.

Picnics & Restaurants in the botanical garden of Cape Town

You are allowed to have a picnic in the Cape Town Botanical Garden, all you really have to do is take all your rubbish outside with you. So make sure you tidy up when you leave. There are also several restaurants at Kirstenbosch. There is a coffee bar, but also a tea house.

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