Hout Bay Cape Peninsula

Hout bay Cape Peninsula

Hout Bay is a fishing town on the Cape Peninsula. You can still see many old (still in use) fishing boats in the harbour. Furthermore, there are many restaurants where you can have a lunch. You may already be able to see seals swimming in the harbour. Hout Bay is the place to take a boat trip to ‘seal island’. Here you can see dozens of seals lounging or swimming in the ocean.

From the port several times a day a boat sails along this island. Please note that the boat usually departs in the morning and has hardly any sailings in the afternoon. The trip takes about 45 minutes.  You can buy a ticket from Drumbeat Charters. A ticket costs 80 Rand per person.

Hout Bay is a nice stop on the way to the Cape of Good Hope. It is also possible to reach this place with the Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing bus.


Chapman’s Peak Drive (also called Chappies) is a 9 km route between Houtbay and Noordhoek, known for its many beautiful views. The road consists of all kinds of bends and after each bend another fantastic view follows. Tolls are levied in order to be able to maintain the road.

The only way to avoid the toll is to get a ‘Daypass’ in Houtbay. Then you can drive about 3 kilometers, get off at a picnic area, possibly picnic and turn around. The toll rates can be found on the website.


On the Southern Peninsula, you’ll find the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. Known for Cape That Good Hope and Cape Point. This beautiful nature reserve is protected and has a rich flora and fauna. The most famous point is Cape Die Goede Hoop. The southwestern tip of South Africa. Here is the world famous sign that everyone likes to take a picture with. There is one golden rule and that is that you wait your turn and stand in line. Unfortunately, not every tourist adheres to this.

From here you can walk to Cape Point. This route is about 3.5 km but is not a long way straight ahead and has altitude differences. On average, this trail takes 2-3 hours if you would walk back and forth. From Cape Point you can of course also take this walk. You can drive to Cape Point by car and follow the signs ‘Cape Die Goede Hoop’ or ‘Cape of Good Hope’ from the parking lot

Cape point.

Another fun route from Cape Point is a walk towards the lighthouse. This is a tough walk because there are some steep stretches in it, but it is easy to pass. Back and forth will take you a little hour, the trained hiker can do it in 40 minutes. There is also a little train going to the lighthouse.

The Two Oceans restaurant is also located at Cape Point. Here you can go for an à la carte menu. If you want to eat cheaper, there is next to a take away food with sandwiches and pizza. If you choose to eat, you can eat your food on the go. Watch out for the baboons. These spoiled monkeys are trained to take food from humans. This also applies to the birds. Before you know it, they are going to take your slice of pizza right out of your hands!

If you go with your own transport from Cape Town to Cape De Goede Hoop Nature Reserve, fill in “Strandfontein” in Cape Town first. Arriving in this place fills in your Cape of Good Hope. You can now drive along a scenic route to the nature reserve where you can occasionally stop for a photo along the way.

Entrance to the park costs 125 Rand per person.


Simonstown is a nice town, named after Simon van der Stel, a Dutch Governor of the Cape Colony at the end of the 17th century. However, most people do not come here for the town itself but for the nearby Boulders Beach. Thousands of Jackass Penguins live here and it’s a nice sight to see them swimming, lounging around and waddle around. If you look closely between the bushes, you will sometimes see a nest with baby penguins. The entrance fee is 65 Rand per person.

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