Discount & Booking Policy

Discount & Booking Policy

Group Discount

We can offer you on some cases a group discount. If you are more than 6 persons a discount might be possible. But.. and there is always a but..

  • If sharing rooms only (2 persons per room)
  • Children must stay in the same room as the parents. Adults must companion their children. minimum of adults per room is 1. No children below 12 can stay without at least one adult in a room.
  • There is no discount possible on excursions. It is just as in an aero plane.. a seat is a seat.. This is not because of us, but this is the way it works.
  • In a group. single rooms are possible for a extra charge of 35% per room per single of the total sum.

Discount is depending of the kind of Holiday, Vacation, safari or tour what is being chosen. Some trips (mostly safari trips) unfortunately no discount will be possible.

Maximum booking 12 persons. More persons might be possible but only by arrangement and depending on the kind of trip and witch transport is needed. Please contact us as early as possible if you are a big group..

Child policy

Children as from 12 years and older are being charged and counted as adults. Children below 12. Rates are 50% but only if they stay in their parents room. And only if they are being companioned by two adults.(parents, grandparents etc.)

Keep in mind that there might be activities where children are not allowed to participate. Like walking safaris for example. The guide or ranger is the one who makes the decision if it is safe or not. Especially inside the Kruger National Park it is very strict.

South Africa is great for children. Don’t let it stop you to bring your children with.


A minimum booking is 2 persons. We cannot arrange private safaris. holidays and vacations with transport a guide-driver for one single person. You can book for 1 person. But the additional cost will be 100% (You come as one and pay for two…)

Deposit and rest payment

To confirm your booking a deposit of 25% will be asked to secure your booking. If the deposit is not paid there is no booking and no agreement. The deposit must be paid within 5 days of booking. Non payment is a cancelation without given notice.

The rest payment of 75% must be paid in full 6 weeks before arriving in South Africa or the departure date of your holiday, Safari, Vacation or tour.

The 25% deposit is a non refundable deposit.

Cancelation policy

  • From the date of confirmation till 6 weeks before departure 25%
  • Cancelation 5 weeks before departure 50%
  • 5 week till start departure 100%

If there are special circumstances. Contact us in time. Most of the time we can postpone your holiday, safari, tour or vacation up to 1 year. It can happen and you never know. Some things you cant foreseen.

If you have any questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Going to South Africa is most of the time a once in a lifetime adventure.

It is always and must be based on trust.

Ntshava Safaris