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Some general information South Africa (officially: English: Republic of South Africa; Afrikaans: Republic of South Africa), is a republic in the south of the African continent. RSA (Republic of South Africa)

How big is South Africa?

The total area of ​​the country is 1,123,226 km2, excluding the former so-called “independent” homelands: Bophuthatswana, Ciskei, Transkei and Venda and Walvis Bay. including these areas: 1,225,765 km2.

South Africa is thus 30 times larger than for example the Netherlands. Only the Kruger National Park already has the size of a country like Israel. Lesotho and Swaziland are also surrounded by South Africa but are two independent kingdoms. South Africa is rich in minerals such as gold, uranium and diamonds.

The country is full of contrasts both in nature and between the population. The fact that there is now a democracy does not mean that the problems have been solved. 70% of the country lives in poverty.

Every general information about South Africa always tell people. We are the rainbow nation.

South Africa advertises itself as ‘the whole world in one country’. To be honest, apart from a good winter sport, this country offers absolutely everything you can think of as a traveler. An ancient black culture of different tribes, modern infrastructure as a result of colonization. A truly wonderful climate throughout the country. Nature reserves from sub-tropical beaches to desert-like and an abundant of wildlife in the hundreds of state and private game parks.

South Africa is affordable

Other than that, South Africa is an affordable destination, especially for travelers from out side the country. With everything from five star luxury to a paradise for travelers and backpackers. There are so many great hostels, many with eccentric cafes, fantastic entertainment and adventures just around the corner. Almost all can provide rental cars, flights, train tickets, tours and safaris.

Also find out that there are B & Bs and hostels everywhere. Especially along the south coast (garden route) there are many things to do and there. The opportunities to sleep are everywhere.

The Baz Bus is South Africa’s transportation specialist for backpackers. Who want to hop on and off the bus door to door. Fast, fun and easy. This bus stops at the most beautiful places in South Africa !! Backpacking through this beautiful country is definitely also very recommended.

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