Game drive or Game walk? Guided?

Game drive or Game walk

Game drive or Game walk Guided or not

Game drive or Game walk that could be the question.. Or both? Guided or not guided… Written by one of the visitors in the Kruger National Park.


With an organized Game Drive or Game Walk you go out with a ranger from the Kruger Park. A ranger has knowledge of the flora and fauna and knows what to look out for to spot animals.

Stationary cars

Of course the stationary cars and jeeps betray where possible animals are, but a ranger also knows how to estimate whether there is something else in the vicinity based on the behavior of the animals. Thanks to the knowledge of our rangers, we witnessed a leopard attack on a group of impalas.

The ranger not only saw a group of impalas standing together (indicating possible danger) but also an elephant flapping its ears wildly to chase “something” away. That something later turned out to be a leopard hiding in the tall grass.

Finally, the leopard took hold. Of course it was soon known very well. Many cars gathered at this place. All for good reason and then hope that you can get a nice spot.

The rangers are in contact with each other and if one guide has found a special animal, they inform each other. They often do this in a language that we cannot understand and they work with code words. After two days on a Game Drive, we had by now figured out what the “signal” was for leopard, for example.


Of course there are also limitations to a guided game drive. You have to be lucky that the animals appear just in relation to your spot. You are in a safari jeep / truck with 9 to 10 people (there are also larger trucks). Sometimes you are lucky and there are fewer people in the car.

It can happen and sometimes do that the animals were just on the opposite side. And where you are or the view is limited by a tree. With your own car you can position the car as you want, for example to take a nice photo or to take a closer look at the animals.

You can book both a sunrise drive and a sunset drive. Nowadays night drives are also offered. In addition, it is necessary that you stay overnight in the park itself.

It is also possible to go out for a whole day (from sunrise to the end of the afternoon). You will stop at regular intervals for breakfast, lunch, coffee or a toilet stop.


Meals are for your own account. Make sure you bring some food and drink for the road because sometimes you may find nothing to eat or drink. Always listen carefully to the rangers and obey the rules.

Even now, “nothing” may protrude beyond the contours of the car. If an animal becomes aggressive, the ranger will tell you what to do.

Guide Game drive though..

Another option is a Game Walk. Walking around with an armed ranger. You learn and start looking for animals on the basis of tracks. You will travel shorter distances, but it is a special experience. A walking safari always departs from one of the rest camps in the early morning and this is only possible if you also spend the night there. Wear good shoes and socks, bring a hat, sunscreen and plenty of water and food.

You can book a safari through accommodation or through SAN Parks. Read more about the different types of drives on the Kruger National Park website and more about the prices of a game drive in Kruger National Park.

The best way of exploring the Kruger National Park is with a guided Safari holiday. Learn more

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