Franschhoek Western Cape

Franschhoek Western Cape

Franschhoek Western Cape is the gastronomic capital of South Africa

The town of Franschhoek Western Cape. Bon vivants concentrate on the cape town region during their tour of South Africa. Here you will find the wineries of Stellenbosch. You can visit the place also called the gastronomic capital of South Africa: Franschhoek.

Where in the world can you combine a safari with tasting wine? That’s why you have to be in South Africa. In the morning you spot wild animals in their natural habitat. Later in the evening you sound the glasses overlooking vast vineyards. Chears!

Franschhoek Western Cape Wine tasting

For many travellers. The vast vineyards and countless wineries are the main motive for taking Franschhoek with them in the planning for their tour of South Africa. The town was founded by the French huguenots, who used the fertile soils for growing wine. Here you can immerse yourself in the local wine culture and of course taste some things. Franschhoek is only 1.5 hours away from Cape Town. It would theoretically be available to visit in one day. But that’s not ideal if you have to drive back yourself. Therefore, choose to stay in the town and take the bike to cut off the various wineries. You don’t have to make a choice, you can put on multiple spots in an afternoon.

Good food in the Western Cape

Besides good wines, Franschhoek is also known for its excellent restaurants. In fact, Franschhoek has been named the gastronomic capital of South Africa by many travel magazines. You shouldn’t let you say that a second time. The range of good restaurants is huge and there are several places where you will get acquainted with the couleur locale. For example, at the Chocolate Experience Franschhoek you can do a tasting of chocolate. Combining different types of chocolate with local wines. It is even possible to make your own chocolates here, a skill you can master in an afternoon.

Take the wine tram in Franschhoek

The best way to visit the different wineries and addresses in Franschhoek is by bike. However, if it rains hard or you are just not that sporty. It is also recommended to take the wine tram. This photogenic little tram is a popular way to move from estate to estate. You’ll see a lot of the surroundings at the same time. The tram works according to a hop-on-hop-off principle and that gives you all the freedom to taste all the different wines. Only downside. You have to settle for the departure times of the tram and can take little advantage of the quiet moments.


As if all that wine and good food doesn’t provide enough relaxation: Franschhoek is known for its many spas and wellness centres. Here you can completely pamper yourself with a nice massage or beauty treatment. The ideal way to wash the sand off the many safaris and a good excuse to let your shoulders get under your hands at the end of an intensive backpacking trip.


Besides tasting wines, you can also walk very nicely in the area of Franschhoek. This can of course be done from winery to winery, but even if you want to sober up for a day it is highly recommended to go out with the leg wagon. Franschhoek is an idyllic village with French influences and the surroundings are beautiful. You can make beautiful hikes through the hilly landscape and enjoy ultimate peace and beautiful views in many places. A nice walk can be found near the La Motte winery, where you can settle down afterwards with a well-deserved glass of wine.


Are you short on time and can only visit one winery in the franschhoek area? Make sure it’s Babylonstoren. This is the oldest Dutch farm in the Cape Town area and its history goes back to the year 1692. Now you can go there in the beautiful garden and a bite to eat in one of the two photogenic restaurants. Start your visit with a walk on the green grounds, then head into the light plant greenhouse for an unforgettable dinner of your own country’s vegetables. It is also possible to stay overnight or to attend a workshop. For example, you can learn to bake a loaf of bread or make cheese.

Travel to Fransschoek — How do you get there?

Franschhoek is located in the Cape Winelands and is about a 1.5-hour drive from Cape Town. The atmospheric town is easy to visit in a day, but it is really recommended to stay overnight.

You can leave the car, because in the village itself everything is within walking distance. If you want to visit the wineries in the area of Franschhoek, it is highly recommended to rent a bicycle.

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