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Food Drinks South Africa What do we eat and drink in South Africa


Food Drinks South Africa. The food in South Africa is generally good. The many international influences have created a number of special dishes that are now typically called South African. Dutch, English, Cape Malay and Indian cuisine are well reflected in the food offer and there is always something to find on the menu that you like.

British cuisine can be found in the supermarket with salted butter, fish & chips, mint jelly, pies and marmite. The breakfast is usually quite English and usually consists of scrambled eggs, sausage and toast with marmalade. Many breakfast cereals with milk or yogurt are also eaten. Bread and spreads are easily available in one of the larger supermarkets.


The quantities of meat (not yet frozen) that you can buy in the supermarket is generally large. For example, you can buy a Texan steak for the braai. This is a piece of steak of sometimes 1.5 kilos and the size of a piece of meat that we in the Netherlands could eat all week.

In South Africa, such a steak is put on the BBQ in its entirety and then cut into strips and divided among those present. Very tasty, but a slightly different way of barbecuing. Ostrich steak is delicious and you must try it once.

Food drinks South Africa supermarket

In the supermarket you can buy smaller pieces of meat, often make just a bit too much for a traveler. For example, 12 burgers or other pieces of meat are not convenient for us, but ideal for South Africans who do not shop every day. You will often find your best options in the freezer compartment. Here the meat is often packed in reasonably practical quantities.

When it comes to meat, you can get anything in South Africa. Zebra, impala, buffalo and even crocodile! You have to decide for yourself whether you want to eat this, but it is available in many places. In general, nature management in South Africa is good and poaching is punishable. You can be pretty sure that the piece of “game” on your plate was grown for consumption or was left over in a nature reserve.

Food and drinks in the Kruger National Park

In Kruger National Park you can get elephants billtong in some periods. Every year elephants have to be shot in the park to manage the population and the shot animals are then processed into food. When the Billtong is finished, no new elephant will be shot. It’s the other way around. If there is an elephant, then there is Billtong!


In general, you can drink the water in South Africa. If this is not the case, it will be stated or there is a small bottle of water in your room. Bottled water is not expensive.

Wines, well what can you say about it. South Africa makes excellent wines and there is a large region worth visiting with all its tastings and wineries. In some places the wine is cheaper than the soft drinks, although of course this does not apply to the best wines.

The well-known soft drinks are widely available in the supermarket in addition to some new and sometimes very sweet varieties such as pineapple Fanta. Which is quite tasty. Also try a refreshing (and alcohol free) ginger beer or gigerale.

Fruit juices (such as apple or orange juice) are sometimes relatively much more expensive. Prices seem to depend on the brand offered and whether or not they are refrigerated, whereby a refrigerated A brand is sometimes cheaper than a C brand.


We have listed a number of typical South African dishes that you may encounter. We immediately added a glossary of terms.

Avo: the only word used for Avocado. The word avocado itself will not be easily understood. Avocados are available everywhere during the season and are much more tasty than what we find in the supermarket in your country.

Trees are everywhere and at some hostels you are even asked to help eat or take the harvest.

Braai: Barbecue the African way. The barbecue is often half an oil drum with a grid over it. You will also find braai places at numerous parks that you can use free of charge. A bag of coal and firelighters are therefore not a luxury.

Huge pieces of meat and sausage go on the braai. Only when everything is done is it put on the table and people start to eat. You eat mielie porridge with it, salads and rolls.

These are little red soft buns. The South Africans love braai as much as the Australians love their barbies! You can hardly avoid it during your trip.

Boerewors: A slightly spicy sausage. There are of course hundreds of different types. It is eaten a lot and belongs on the braai anyway. Don’t necessarily think about the size of sausage we know. It is a long spiral that goes entirely on the grill or in the pan and is then divided into smaller pieces.

Bunny Chow!!

Bunny Chow: An Indian or Malay curry in the hollow of a white bread. Very popular especially in the area of ​​Durban.

Biltong: Dried meat that is eaten as a snack. Like the beef jerkey from the United States. The biltong is available in all kinds of meat and very popular to buy at petrol stations.

Bobotie: A Malaysian dish that has become “traditional African”. An oven dish, seasoned minced meat, raisins, apple, (not spicy) seasoned sauce with eggs, served with yellow rice. The variant that you can get in the Netherlands does not really resemble the South African one.

In South Africa it is better. Despite the fact that the dish is now “traditionally African”, you cannot get it everywhere. Young people also see it a bit as an old dick dish, just like you would order potatoes, vegetables and meat or a certain stew from us.

Food Drinks South Africa. Biscuits: Very popular biscuits are the Eet Sum Mor!

Chips: Both fries and chips from a bag. So it can be quite confusing for us. Then there is the term “slap chips” which resembles fries as we and Belgians know them. Thicker than the “hard” French fries.

Local food South Africa

Tribe: Is cow’s stomach. Very popular especially with the black population. Fortunately, it is known that tourists usually have to get used to this dish, so it will not be served up just like that. On the street you can easily get it from the small take-aways aimed at the black population.

About half of the tourists think it is fine to eat and the other half thinks otherwise. The preparation of Tribe smells enormously and takes hours. Fortunately, the air has disappeared when you go to eat. We therefore strongly advise you not to prepare the dish yourself, but to buy it ready-made.

Food Drinks South Africa. We all drink beer and eat pap

Pap: In Zululand it is called Putu and in English the word Porridge is used. A word that we Dutch often associate with a sweet thin porridge for breakfast or dessert. Porridge is boiled corn flour. The staple food in South Africa. Mainly in townships and at every braai.

It looks like something between wallpaper paste and drying cement, but it is delicious with gravy (Pap-en-Saus) or salsa on top. It can best be compared with mashed potatoes, but in different thicknesses and is therefore also used in that way. If it is sweetened (and therefore thinner) it is often breakfast.

Pies: Are closed pasties filled with ragout. A tasty, filling snack that can be obtained at petrol pumps, among other things. The pies are eaten in between, like we eat a sausage roll, but two pies with fries and lettuce is also a meal in pubs.


Rooibos: The South African tea comes from the Western Cape.


Samoosa !! Yummie The best food in South Africa.

Samoosa: Deep fried triangular puff pastry envelopes with a spicy filling. A snack that you can find everywhere. Sometimes guys stand by the traffic lights selling it.

Sosatie: A type of kebab made from chicken, lamb or beef. Meat cubes on a stick with herbs, tomato, bell pepper or onion and sometimes apricot in between!

Bacon: (Cantaloupe) A deliciously sweet melon.

There are a few tasty vegetables, potatoes and tubers that are unknown to us. They are generally quite sweet. Delicious dishes are also made with the sweet pumpkin variety “butternut”

For dessert you usually get a kind of wet cake with a jug of “custard” which resembles vanilla custard but a bit thinner. You are supposed to pour a little bit of this sauce over your cake. Not that you drown the cake in it!


There are good and large supermarkets in many places in South Africa. They are often located near or even in a shopping mall and at an important or large intersection. Very nice and handy to stock some things here again. The Pick’nPay and the Woolworths are shops that you will regularly come across and have a wide range.

Food Drinks South Africa Ans paying for it

Pin as we do in Europe when shopping is possible, but still not very well known by the supermarket staff. They often think that your debit card is a credit card and you will often have to sign and in some cases leave your telephone number. Please note whether additional costs for debit cards are charged abroad. If that is the case, paying by credit card or cash is cheaper.

Prices of the food are comparable to Europe on a normal visit. Some products are much cheaper while others are much more expensive, so you spend on average comparable amounts as in the Europe.

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