Disabled Safari Holiday South Africa

Disabled Safari Holiday South Africa with private guide-driver.

Cheap Holiday South Africa

Affordable holidays and safaris in South Africa for the disabled and people with a handicaps

Are you handicapped in any way. Disabled and would you are interested in a disabled Safari Holiday South Africa. Or want to make a tour all the way through South Africa. Then you’ve come to the right place. With or without guidance, you are welcome to join us. Get into the wild, Ntshava Safaris offer Kruger National Park Safaris and South Africa holidays also for someone with a disability.

Handicaps or disabled in any way? Going on holiday to South Africa is possible also for you. Safari? Not a problem. We make it happen.

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Whether you are physically or mentally handicapped. All this does not have to be a problem. We move heaven and earth to make a safari or a holiday in South Africa possible for you too. Unique and very special for you! Individual safari holidays especially for you and your travel companions. No groups or other people will join. The magic of Africa is guaranteed especially for you. Everyone can go on Safari despite their disability, mentally or physically. We are going to make it possible for you too.

Do you dream of experiencing real wildlife in South Africa? Handicapped and disabled and want a South Africa holiday or a Kruger Park safari. It really is possible! For sure

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You only live once

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Our Discover South Africa range also for disabled persons. Starting $ 1595 per person. We will make it suitable for you if needed. Private Guide-driver.

Senior Holidays South Africa

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$ 1595

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Disabled safari holiday south africa

Disabled or not. You can also visit South Africa on holiday

Ntshava Safaris

Disabled Safari Holiday South Africa with private guide-driver

Are you wheelchair dependent or have walking problem? Not so steady anymore? Do you still have the dream of going for a holiday of South Africa. Are you dreaming off a Safari holiday? Want to go in an open safari vehicle? With or without special transport we can offer you the most amazing South Africa holiday or Kruger National Park Safari.

Do you have a mental disability? There are also plenty of South Africa and Safari options for you to. If you travel with guidance, the possibilities are almost unlimited.

If you travel with a group or individually, we are happy to make your South Africa dreams come true, what could be better than making your African and Safari dream come true.

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Interested in Nature Wildlife and Culture? Also we can organize a disabled holiday to South Africa for you where you can enjoy it till the max. These holidays are bursting of Nature, Culture and Wildlife starting $ 1395

Nature Holidays South Africa

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All our Safaris and Holidays are private. No other group, people or party will join you. Every holiday or Safari is with a private guide-driver. Also yours if you are a person with any kind of disability.

Disabled person on holiday South Africa

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Ntshava Safaris

Don’t want to read all about us and disabled holidays and how we do it. You can go straight to our holidays and Safaris. It will safe you a lot of reading. But if you are really interested its worth it to read the rest about us. Our holidays and how we do it.

Keep in mind that all our safaris and holidays are private with your own guide-driver. Nobody will join you on your vacation.

All the Safaris and holidays we will make it tailor made especially for you according to you wishes and possibilities

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Cheap Safari Holidays South Africa

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Want to do something special? This Kruger National Park vacation might be perfect for you. Staying in a Safari Lodge in Greater Kruger Park.

Disabled group on safari

Kruger Park Safari Vacation

Staying in a Safari Lodge

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Over the years we have had quite a few guests who have travelled with us with a physical or mental disability. Often this was on their own initiative. Mostly with great success for both sides. For people with disabilities because they have had a great South Africa experience and that their African dream has come true.


Always wanted to see South Africa?

We will make it happen

For us because it is simply a great and amazing thing to do. Making people happy with a disability. Seeing them enjoy Africa and the African animals. That is the crowning glory of our work as a travel organization in South Africa.

Now we offer already quite a while South Africa holidays and safaris for disabled and disabled people on a permanent basis.

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Great variety of disabilities

The great diversity of disabled guests has shown that for an South Africa experience there doesn’t have to be many restrictions. We found out that common sense you can get very far.

From extra care to special transport. If you use your common sense and keep your head straight. You can make Africa dreams come true for everyone and with almost any disability.

The restriction or disability is different for everyone, almost every trip is tailor-made and in some cases needs quite a lot of adjustments to be made. Of course we had our challenges to put together the perfect South Africa safari or holiday. Make it suitable. But we always succeeded!

Ntshava Safaris in South Africa

Get to know South Africa

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We even might be able to help you with a grand tour. From Johannesburg to Cape Town. To fulfill a journey like these, you need a certain fitness. These grand tours can make you very tired. If you are not fit.. But check it out. We might ne able to arrange something. Who know. Lets try.

Johannesburg to Cape Town South Africa Holiday

Grand Tours. Johannesburg to Cape Town

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Who can come to South Africa for a holiday and for who are our safaris suitable.

For anyone who is interested and has the opportunity to fly. If you can handle the flight to South Africa then you can certainly handle the South Africa Holiday and the safaris.

The costs of a holiday or disabled safari trip in South Africa

This is very difficult for us to indicate exactly on the spot.  To give a price in advance for a holiday with disabled people through South Africa. Or make price for a Kruger Park safari would be extremely difficult. Everyone is different and all disabilities are not the same. Every disabled holiday is therefore tailor-made. We use our standard South Africa holidays and safaris which are adjusted where necessary. To make them suitable for you we have to change things here and there. The costs of this are therefore different per holiday, safari and per person. What we ensure in every case is that it is done as cheaply as possible without making concessions to quality.

Would you like to go to South Africa. Please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities together. Send an email without obligation or fill in the contact form and we will start working for you to make your Africa dream come true.

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Cheap Safaris South Africa and Holidays

When can you come to South Africa and what will be the best time?

South Africa is easy to travel all year round and we will organize your trip at the time you wish. Every season has its charm and its special features. You can therefore spot wildlife all year round and South Africa has an average temperature of 26 degrees all year round. In other words, the weather is always nice..

We do need to know in time if you plan or want to book your holiday to South Africa. Preparations needs to be made. If you plan to travel to South Africa with us. The preparations to make your African dream come true sometimes take quite a bit of time and the reservations that we have to make must be done well before your arrival in South Africa.

For us there is not much of an obstacle. If you feel like it and have time, you are more than welcome.
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Ntshava Safaris

What can you expect from Ntshava Safaris during your South Africa holiday or Safari:

→ We take care of and select all accommodations that must be suitable for your handicap. If desired, we can even make holiday homes suitable for you and your group. In some cases we make a tour for which we only use holiday homes. Nice and private and very handy.

→ We provide adapted transport or special transport if necessary. For a small group of two people, this can be an adapted wheelchair car or a bus that is suitable for several wheelchair users.

→ If you wish, we can even deploy extra caretakers from South Africa. If you need extra care, we can take this into account and respond to it. Health care and nursing care in South Africa is of a high standard. You do not have to worry about this.

→ With every disabled and disabled road trip through South Africa and Safari with more than 6 persons. There are at least two of us on the road trip. (Unless it is a road trip or safari for people who are only wheelchair dependent and do not need extra care.)

→ Excursions and safaris suitable for your handicap. We try as much as possible to offer you all the excursions that we can offer. From a Safari in an open vehicle to a visit to table mountain in Cape Town.

→ knowledgeable and qualified guides and drivers.

→ We adapt the pace of our South Africa road trips to your handicap or abilities. We do not hurry. It is of course the intention that you do not return to your own country exhausted.

→ Safe and responsible South Africa holidays and Safaris.

Nature Culture Wildlife Tour

We know where you need to be

Ntshava Safaris

All our disabled and disabled trips are private for you and your own travel group.

The South Africa tours that we offer have been specially put together for you and your own group or companion. Without nuisance from others and without nuisance from other non-disabled travel companions. That makes our disabled trips extra special.

Almost all our trips and safaris can be set up for you as a disabled or designed as a disabled trip. Depending on your handicap and the adjustments that need to be made, there will unfortunately be an additional cost. Not always, but sometimes. All disabled road trips and safaris are therefore in principle tailor-made. But for an indication you can easily estimate with these prices whether a South Africa holiday or safari is something for you and will be feasible.

We have had serious thoughts and that for quite a long time. If we can and want to arrange this type of tourism. But it became a.. Yes. Definitely yes. A very big Yes. It’s really great for us to do something like this. Happy faces is the key.

So are you deaf, blind, wheelchair dependent, disabled, mentally or anyhow less able to go on a normal (what is normal?) holiday or safari in South Africa. Join us and we will make it happen.

South Africa Safari holiday packages
By the way. Our trips are very suitable for people with autism or any other mental disability.

We have noticed that people with a form of autism in particular benefit greatly from a trip and especially a safari in South Africa. The reactions and the coming to life and even changes in behaviour are quite remarkable. Africa and the African animals seem to do something extra for people and for people with autism especially. Down syndrome is the greatest off all to have as guest! This is our personal experience and not scientifically substantiated. The fact remains that an Africa adventure do miracles with people.

South Africa holidays and Kruger National Park Safaris. For everyone with a disability is really possible. If you are fit enough to fly then you are fit enough to go to South Africa or to go on safari. No problem. Our handicapped and disabled trips are well accompanied by us and only by highly experienced guides and drivers with a heart for South Africa and nature. And of course for people.

Safari Kruger Park

Luxury Safaris Starting 8 days

$ 6995

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Group trips to South Africa

At special request of healthcare institutions, agencies, associations or organization. We can offer tailor-made group holidays or safaris without any problems. Up to a maximum of 12 people. No Larger groups. The quality of a Holiday or Safari will go down very fast if we take larger groups. We want only the best. The best for our disabled guests in South Africa.

OK did you read enough? Do you still have more questions? You getting interested and want to know more? Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
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Special Africa wishes?

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We make your African dream come true

Ntshava Safaris

To do some homework. You can read some articles about South Africa. If you are interested you will find them here

Also all our holidays in South Africa and safaris are including:

  • Arrival and departure of your choice
  • Pick up and drop of at Johannesburg International Airport
  • First night stay close to the airport (Kempton Park)
  • Accommodation B&B (Except Kruger Park this is accommodation only)
  • Excursions
  • Transport
  • Private guide – driver

Excluding in our holidays and safaris are:

  • International Flight
  • Other meals and drinks
  • Personal expenses and tips
  • Entrance National Parks (Conservation fees, these needs to be paid at the entrance)
Disabled safari holiday south africa

Join us on your holiday or safari

You will not regret it

Cook and Barbeque your own food in Marloth Park

We know where you need to be

Matsamo Cultural Village

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What are you waiting for? An safari for the disabled or a safari holiday is just as fun as any other for anyone. You can do it!

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