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Corona, Covid-19 in South Africa

Corona, Covid-19 in South Africa. How are things in South Africa now. What happened and how are things now? Were there any problems? Which? And what has happened in recent months. What are the problems for a South Africa travel organization and safari company if you are dependent on travelers from abroad.

Pieter Blaak September 2020

The Corona (Covid-19) Story in South Africa

Corona (Covid-19) South Africa. Just for the record. This article about Corona (Covid-19) was written 7 months after the start of the Corona (Covid-19) crisis in South Africa. It started in South Africa with a few cases up to the highest peak number 5 in the world. And now the borders are opening again and the Lockdown has more or less ended. At the time of writing September 20, 2020, we in South Africa have a national recovery rate (people cured) of 89.4% (global average is 64%), a relatively very low mortality rate of Corona (Covid-19) in South Africa. Africa and most of the 9 provinces are now almost gone.

Here you will find the latest state of affairs on this reliable government website.

I think South Africa is a good example of how it can be possible not to let Corona (Covid-19) destroy your country. And that with very limited resources.

I live in Limpopo Province (which is also home to Kruger Park) and we have about 500 active Corona (Covid-19) cases left out of a population in my province of nearly 6 million. Not bad right? That is why South Africa will go to Level 1 tomorrow the 21st of September and from 1 October 2020 travelers from various countries are allowed to visit South Africa again. So hopefully you too!

The daily new Corona (Covid-19) cases in South Africa are (currently) lower than in the Netherlands. South Africa has 58 million inhabitants and the Netherlands has about 17 million. I mean, draw the equation. South Africa has done very well. Here it goes down quickly. And how are you doing at the moment?

It was really tough. I would say read the story below if you are interested in it.

Our Corona (Covid-19) Story in South Africa. Ntshava Safaris

I really remember very well as yesterday. How it started in South Africa in early March this year. While corona was something we had heard of but were not doing at all. We had never heard of Cocid-19 at all. As a result, in the beginning of March, we were actually all a bit giggly about it and that often with our travelers. Corona (Covid-19) in South Africa is unimaginable. It was far away. In countries with which we do not have much to do, and which do not mean that much to us as a company and as a person. Think of China and the like.

We joked about that. Like if someone had a cough or sneezed once .. Oh you got Corona! Then just sit there and we’ll see you back in half an hour. I don’t think we were the only ones with this kind of bullshit. What did we know at the time ..

How Corona (Covid-19) became a household name in South Africa

 I was traveling with guests and messages were slowly pouring in. There was some realization about infections, about danger and because it was getting scary anyway. This can go wrong. That was about mid-March 2020. I think within a week. That’s where the messages from my people came in. One after another. And I got the messages that their travelers wanted to go back to the airport because those who stayed at home demanded that they come home again. My travelers were going home in two days. So they all thought it was exciting but were not very concerned. The Netherlands had a problem and that problem became our problem together with South Africa … We were like “Okey” “Uh” and now ..

The next day, our president came on TV with an announcement. There is Corona (Covid-19) in South Africa… Everyone, wherever we are, was sitting in front of the TV. I was sitting in front of the TV with my guests somewhere in the bush and we wait anxiously together. The original time was 6:00 pm. At 6 p.m. nothing, 7 p.m. nothing, and at 8 p.m. nothing seemed anything either. Jah moments later there was something on the screen with the message. The President is on his way.

Corona South Africa

A big Disaster..

Corona in South Africa

There came the Corona (Covid-19) Blow for us and South Africa

 With a very serious face and you can almost read the panic on his face, our president announced: Cyril Ramaphosa. The state of Disaster for South Africa. South Africa was completely locked within a few days. It is now no longer known to me how many days were in between, but there were not many.

Corona (Covid-19) had the world in its grip and South Africa had to protect itself against this at all costs. It seemed like a statement of “we are at war”. And we looked at each other and all thought the same: Yes .. it will be and now then ..

Travelers flocking from various trips to and from the airport

Our company had to ensure that everyone traveling with us in South Africa ended up at Johannesburg airport within two days. That they could arrange a flight and that they could return home. Chaos everywhere. The Corona (Covid-19) realization gradually entered everyone. Our travelers back home. There we went back home to let everything sink in with no idea what to do. From March 26, 2020 South Africa in complete lockdown. What does this mean for us now? How are things now going for as a person? Privately? And what are we going to do with the company? A storm is coming upon us now that no one could have ever imagined. I thought soon enough to call the insurance company.

The hardest lockdown in the world in South Africa

I will never forget the day before the hard lockdown started. Because through social media and all kinds of other channels it came in that the soldiers were driving in huge collones on the roads towards cities, areas, provinces and you name it. All kinds of Movies appeared, and it seemed like the beginning of war …

There came the next announcement. The predident on TV again. From midnight South Africa is in a State of Disaster for an indefinite period of time. The army had gathered together with the police to enforce this. Well indeed the next morning .. Soldiers at every crossroads. Police patrols drive around all roads and streets.

Corona (Covid-19) South Africa Soldiers

Soldiers in the street while forcing the Corona (Covid-19) Lochdown in South Africa

We were not allowed to:

1: Out of our home (no longer leaving our own property) for no valid reason. This was either for medical purposes or for shopping. Walking your dog yourself was prohibited.

2: Yes, from now on mouth masks are mandatory at all times (actually also in the house, but that is impossible, I can tell you)

3: All shops are closed immediately except some supermarkets

4: All companies closed immediately

5: From now on all forms of transport are prohibited (Taxi, Car, you name it)

6: Borders completely locked “Everything”

7: And so on.

Nothing was allowed anymore, no activity and the Soldiers and police were on the street to enforce that .. I had never experienced anything like this. On one day all activities came to a standstill, both private and business. This is a very strange sensation.

There you are with your good behavior and the Corona (Covid-19) story.

 From the very first you start to follow the news from minute to minute. Corona (Covid-19) What is that? How bad is it now? Why do we have to be in a lockdown of this order in South Africa when we only have a small number of cases in the Cape .. That is anyway 1800 kilometers from me. The first days you’re like. It won’t take that long. If you look at other countries it is not that bad. In the Netherlands there were already many thousands of cases in a fairly short time. We are less than 1000 nationwide. So I thought… Ah a few weeks and it will be ready again.

That turned out to be different .. not ……

Corona South Africa

No more business

South Africa is in lockdown

Our future travelers started sending us emails with messages from. Sorry but we cannot come and we have to / we would like to postpone our trip. Is that possible? Yes of course you could. We were busy there for a while to postpone all future journeys to a time yet to be determined. No sooner said than done. No problem.

Then it started …

 The messages came in from the Cape. Thousands of new cases … increasing by thousands a day. Really fast to something like 70,000 at that time. (In the Cape eventually grew to 105,000) Then you still feel like “Oops, this is not good .. At that time we had no real cases in other parts of South Africa. Which way is this going?

Note: At the time of writing, the Cape has about 2,000 active cases left. The rest have been healed and some have unfortunately died. The Cape and especially Cape Town was the first province with a huge peak, but also the first province to control it and where Corona (Covid-19) was expelled with enormous steps.

It didn’t really take long and every province got cases of Corona (Covid-19). A number of provinces, some very much and some not really much like Limpopo where I live. It never really turned into a disaster for us. I believe about 13,000 cases at its peak. Kwazulul Natal (especially Durban) became the second epi center. Pretty soon the Eastern Cape (Port Elisabeth) came and then very quickly to Gauteng (Johannesburg, Pretoria) to a number of 650,000 +…. We have a problem.

In the grip of Corona

 The whole country in the grip of the Corona (Covid-19) fear. How is South Africa going to tackle and overcome this .. Level 5 .. A disaster. looking forward to Level 4 (slightly better) and feeling that it is going in the right direction .. Then it became Level 4 .. Everyone was very happy with this but actually it still meant the same as Level 5 … To Level 3! Yeah, it will work… Well that took a damn long that Level 3 .. Then we all went to Level 2 .. That was a relief .. Life became a bit normal again. We were able to drive around and shop again. The level seems pretty normal again. South African borders are still closed but all in all not badly done I thought so.

There we are now, 7 months Corona (Covid-19) later in South Africa

Seniors on Holiday in South AFrica

Hope is there again

Level 1

Maybe we can start again…

The world is getting a new change

Ntshava Safaris

Last week, a president came on TV with a happy face. South Africa will return to Level 1 on September 21st. Compliments and compassion from the president. We South Africans have generally behaved properly and the worst is over. Yes! Our freedom is back (let’s hope). And International travelers are almost allowed to come again. A list is being drawn up with countries that are allowed to visit us and where we should be allowed to go. It is really going in the right direction. Looks like we’re getting another chance. You have that feeling a bit.

 Level 1 finally

 Sitting at home after 7 months (!). In the Bush far away from the world with his Corona (Covid-19) and completely bored it seems that we can go back to work! South Africa has done well. South Africa moves up to Level 1. I have gained a lot of respect for our President “Cyril Ramaphosa”, not to mention the Minister of Health Dr. Zweli Mkhize ”without these two toppers we would have had a very different view. Think of Brazil. Mexico, India, not to mention the US. South Africa will make it!

We will definitely go for it again! At the moment still with masks and Social Distance, but we are ready for it again.

It was a struggle. and now

Corona (Covid-19) has a significant grip on South Africa and the rest of the world. Despite all the difficulties we have overcome in South Africa and all the difficulties we have had. Has the vast majority of the population in South Africa wherever they come and live. Reasonably to very well adhered to the regulations. Partly because of this, South Africa stands for the way we do now.

Hunger in South Africa because of Corona (Covid-19)

Unfortunately, Corona (Covid-19) has had a huge impact on South Africa’s economy. Terrible, but unfortunately a second pandemic has now started and it is called “HUNGER”. And unfortunately Corona has caused a lot of job loss and income loss from the informal circuit. with the necessary consequences unfortunately. You must not forget that in total these people live about 30 million in South Africa on less than 1 euro a day. Usually often with a man or 5 of this one euro ..


Corona (Covid-19) Hunger in South Africa

More than 30 million people in South Africa are now dependent on food aid from Corona (Covid-19)

 If you have any questions regarding this Corona (Covid-19) article / story, you can always send me a message. No problem. Do you have plans and do not know what to do? No problem. Feel free to ask.

Pieter Blaak

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