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Climate in South Africa

Climate and best travel time South Africa. South Africa has a climate that is the opposite of what we have here. The South African summer is from January to March and the winter from June to September.

The climate is fairly even across the country. In Cape Town the average temperature is 16.5 ° C and in Johannesburg 16.2 ° C. The warmest part of the country is the east coast, this is partly due to the warm sea current that flows along the art here. Durban, for example, has an average temperature of 20.6 ° C. On the west coast, the temperature is kept lower by the cold sea current.

It can be cold..

On the coast it remains a very reasonable temperature in winter, but it only gets really cold inland. This also has to do with the altitude, in the mountains it can even freeze in the winter months.

The winter watersrand mountains also determine the rainfall in the country. There is less rain above this area. Under the mountains there is rain all year round. The months of November to January are the wettest months. Usually it is a heavy shower after which the sun soon shines again.

One of the driest areas in the country is the Namib Desert, in the northwest of the country near the Namibian border. Hardly any rain falls in this area, thus creating a desert. This area is uncomfortably warm from November to March.



Cape Town Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Average temperature 27 27 26 23 20 18 18 18 19 22 24 25

Precipitation (mm) 16 15 22 50 92 105 91 83 54 40 24 19

In principle, South Africa can be visited all year round. However, if you want to go to a specific destination, it is useful to pay attention to the time of year. June to September, for example, is less warm and drier, so better if you go hiking a lot. This period is also better for Safaris. However, this period can be quite cold in the Eastern Highlands.


Johannesburg Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Average temperature 25 25 24 21 19 16 16 19 22 24 24 25

Precipitation (mm) 150 129 110 48 24 6 10 10 25 65 126 141

Christmas to January and the period around Passes are the peak season, prices are higher and accommodation is more difficult to find.

For a more complete overview of the precipitation you can look at the Tjingo website. Here you will find an interactive map that allows you to see where the most rainfall fell in the last 30 years per month. Super handy, although just like the overview above, it is no guarantee for good weather.


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