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Cheap South Africa Holidays with your own private driver-guide

Cheap Safaris South Africa and Holidays

Affordable or cheap does not mean bad.. Cheap does not mean we do not do it right. We deliver value for money

All our cheap South Africa Holidays and South Africa vacations are individual and private. Our South Africa holidays and vacations always come with your own driver-guide. The guide will drive you around and will show you the best off South Africa.

There is no better way to explore South Africa. You will be amazed about the knowledge of our guides-drivers. This will give an extra dimension to your South Africa Holiday. This will make your Holiday more special and not one out off many.

ntshava safaris

Cheetah sighting South Africa


Ntshava Safaris

South Africa and holidays

A South Africa individual holiday vacation with your own private driver- guide is really something special. Not a standard South Africa trip, no uniformity. No more of the same what everybody else already is doing. We will make your holiday a real private tour through South Africa. One that you will never ever forget.

Your private driver will show you the most beautiful places during. Giving you the best experiences. Success is assured. Together with our unique South Africa programs it will be the best. Our private drivers and guides are all qualified and know South Africa like no other. Our private holidays are truly special and of high quality.

We always go one step further in an individual South Africa holiday with a private guide-driver. You will not regret this in any way.

Our cheap south Africa safari and holiday offers:

We go for quality and all that for the lowest possible price.

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Cheap Safari Holidays South Africa

Discover South Africa Packages

Starting $ 1595

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Nature Holidays South Africa

Nature Culture Wildlife Packages

Starting $ 2095

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Senior Holidays Cape Town South Africa Holiday

Johannesburg to Cape Town Packages

Starting $ 2295

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Cheap Safari Holidays South Africa

Kruger Park Safari Vacation $ 1195

8 days / 7 nights

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Cheap South Africa Holiday

Short Holidays

12 days adventures

Starting $ 1895

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Want to go VIP on a safari. We offer very exclusive VIP Safari packages. Very luxurious and very special. Starting 8 days / 7 nights $ 3995.

Luxury Safari Lodge South Africa

Luxury Exclusive Safari Range

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More interested in a cheap safari in the Kruger National Park 3 till 6 days? Or a Safari holiday up till 15 days in multiple nature reserves and National Parks. 3 days Kruger National Park Starting $ 1095

Safari South Africa

Safaris & Safari Holidays

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Cheap South Africa Holidays with your own private driver-guide

Truly a lot has been said and written about South Africa. Sometimes good things and sometimes bad things too.

But above all, many things have been said and written about the beauty of South Africa and that it is a great and safe country to go to if you want to travel there.

South Africa has a good reputation for being the most beautiful country in the world.

Travelling around South Africa never disappoints.

Ntshava safaris

Our cheap South Africa holidays product

We offer a variety of affordable South Africa holidays. From 12 days to 32 days. Ntshava Safaris does not only do Safaris but we also do complete round trips around the country.

Senior Safaris


Ntshava Safaris

Discover South Africa packages starting at $ 1599

Cheap South Africa holidays 12 till 19 days. These are the Discover South Africa packages in range our products. Affordable and well priced Holidays what make sense. If you are interested in a Discover South Africa Tour.

Want to start to know the country. Also if you never have been in Africa. This could be the holidays for you. Of course with your own private driver-guide.

Cheap Holiday South Africa

South Africa Different product range starting at $ 2095 Nature Culture Wildlife

Get off the beaten tracks. More adventures and more wildlife, culture and nature. This is a range of South Africa Holidays what is different than normal. Most of our best holidays are in this product range. Experience the best of Africa. Go to places where not many tourist are going.

We know where you need to be. That is our slogan and in these packages we make it really happen. If you want to experience Africa to the fullest. These are the packages for you. And also these tours are with a private guide-driver.

Luxury senior holidays

Wanna go VIP

Starting 8 days

$ 3995

Learn more

Johannesburg to Cape Town road trips starting at $ 2295

If you are interested in a Johannesburg to Cape Town trip in South Africa. We can make it happen. We have a short version (and cheap) what will take you 17 days. A little bit better is the version of 19 days. But if you want to do it right you need 23 days. It is up to you.

Do you want a nature and culture experience and want the best road trip from Johannesburg to Cape Town. We can offer you a 22 days Amazing Nature road trip and the best of the best…. a 32 (!) days road trip from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

Johannesburg to Capetown

Especially for you cheap South Africa holidays with your own private driver-guide

About South Africa and why you need to visit it.

People of South Africa

Meet South Africa

ntshava safaris

The most beautiful country in the world

south africa

Nowhere in the world you will find more wildlife and more different forms of landscape. From land to water.

There is no place in the world you will find a country with more different landscapes in one and the same country.

Not any place wherever in the world you will find the most beautiful city and the most beautiful metropolis off the world.

The most beautiful spring, most beautiful and the largest wildlife park.

The Kruger National Park.


ntshava safaris

Not only all off this makes South Africa the most beautiful travel country in the world. The perfect country to travel. And the perfect country to go to on your holiday.

You have to travel in and see South Africa, otherwise you never been on a holiday and have never really travelled anywhere.

Do you dream of a road trip through South Africa .. Would you like to go on an individual trip through South Africa? Individually and absolutely not together in a large group and then crammed into a big bus .. Then you’ve come to the right place.

Private cheap South Africa holidays with your own private driver-guide
Photo Safari

We know where you need to be

Ntshava Safaris

Don’t see South Africa through the windows of a big bus

Our South Africa holiday road trips are individual and private guide-driver. In comfortable cars and complete freedom. The guide adapts as much as possible to your wishes. Personal and well-organized individual tours by Ntshava Safaris through South Africa.

You will notice during your individual South Africa private road trip. This personal way of working during your holiday in South Africa makes your road trip even more beautiful and interesting in every way. Your private guide will adapt as much as possible and is always willing to do something extra within reason.

Private Guide-driver

Your qualified private driver -guide will advise and assist you and absolutely ensure you that your South Africa trip is more than perfect. We take all our travelers seriously and make sure that nothing is missing. Being safe, care and trust, that’s what it’s all about.

What are you waiting for? Join us in YOUR South Africa Holiday.

Ntshava safaris
South Africa Holiday packages

Back to the home page off South Africa Safaris and Holidays and take your pick.

Interested in reading some articles about South Africa? You will find them here.

South Africa Safaris

South Africa. You love it or you hate it. There is no other way.

luckily more than 75% of our visitors will come back to South Africa. They cant get enough. Africa is magic and the feeling of magic wiil keep on hunting you. You only will relax again when you are planning to make your next trip to Africa.

At least that is what we noticed. We will see at least 60% of our travelers back within 3 years. This means we must be doing something right.

South Africa Holiday


Discover the magic of Africa

Join us

Ntshava Safaris

Also all our cheap holidays South Africa and safaris are including:

  • Arrival and departure of your choice
  • Pick up and drop of at Johannesburg International Airport
  • First night stay close to the airport (Kempton Park)
  • Accommodation B&B (Except Kruger Park this is accommodation only)
  • Excursions
  • Transport
  • Private guide – driver

Excluding in our holidays are:

  • International Flight
  • Other meals and drinks
  • Personal expenses and tips
  • Entrance National Parks (Conservation fees, these needs to be paid at the entrance)
Cheap Holiday South Africa

Special South Africa wishes?

Ntshava has a South Africa trip for everyone and every budget. However, there are always exceptions and special wishes that can make a holiday better or more complete for you.

Do you have special wishes, would you like something special or do you have a dream that you would like to make a reality.

Send us a message without obligation and we will try to do something especially for you. We can realize a lot. Because we have been in South Africa for a very long time and know the country through and through, it must be very strange if we can not help you.

Marloth Park



Traveling with children in South Africa and still a cheap South Africa holiday.

Traveling with children in South Africa is really easy to do

From our own experience we can confidently tell everyone: South Africa is a great travel destination to go too with your children. During all our travels we have noticed that more and more complete families travel together in this beautiful country every year. No problems whatsoever.

Sometimes parents have doubts about a trip to South Africa. Do not. It is indeed often difficult to travel in a number of other African countries. A tour in South Africa is a real pleasure for the whole family. There is a good infrastructure and excellent medical facilities. This makes a trip through South Africa very relaxed for parents and their children.

South Africa with children

Bring your kids

Traveling in South Africa is easy

Private South Africa holiday with children:

You can book a tour at Ntshava Safaris with your family alone. That provides peace, time and space for you, your children and the guide.

South Africa is a clean country. Wherever you go, you will experience that the sanitary facilities are well maintained and always clean. There is relatively very little litter (in contrast to many other African countries) and the medical facilities are often even better than in Europe. Worrying about the conditions of the country you can leave that out and is absolutely not necessary.

Eating and drinking like at home .. Yes this is Africa after all and there is a lot but also some things not. Peanut butter, for example, is here in skin and many variants. However, chocolate sprinkles are not available. But that won’t be a problem.

Cheap holiday Africa

Join us on your holiday

You wont regret it

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