Cape of Good Hope Cape Peninsula

Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope South Africa’s magnificent attraction

It is the place where many ships went down. Cape of Good Hope, where the Flying Dutchman is haunted and where the base for Cape Town was laid. The Cape of Good Hope and the accompanying Cape Peninsula, And is a wonderful piece of nature in South Africa. More than a great day trip from Cape Town.

Cape of Good Hope

The Cape of Good Hope marks the southernmost tip of the Cape Peninsula, a mountainous peninsula south of Cape Town. This place is seen by seafarers as the transition between the Atlantic ocean and the Indian Ocean. And was the place where the VOC established a refresh post in the 17th century. This place later grew into present-day Cape Town.

Cape of Good Hope hiking trail

The Cape of Good Hope Hiking Trail, or Cape or Good Hope Trail. This is one of the most beautiful walking tours in the Cape Town area. The total lap is 33.8 kilometers long and it takes you two days. The walk starts and ends at the gateway of the Cape of Good Hope and will be marked by spectacular views and dramatic cliffs on the first day. After an overnight stay in a comfortable cottage. Continue your way for the second day and stroll along the Atlantic coastline, through fragrant fynbos and over deserted beaches. Do you have more time left or are you an avid hiker? Then you can also walk the five-day Hoerikwaggo Trail.

Cape Point

A 40-minute walk from the Cape of Good Hope is Cape Point. A beautiful stretch of coastline with rugged cliffs over 200 meters high. You will find a restaurant and some souvenir shops, but also beautiful hiking trails and spectacular viewpoints. A good reason to linger in this special nature reserve after your visit to the Cape of Good Hope.


The highest point of Cape Point is marked by the old lighthouse. The blue and white structure dates from the year 1859 and towers 238 meters above the sea. A narrow path takes you up to the lighthouse, from where you have great views over the ocean. On a clear day you can look for miles, a great sight. From this point you can also walk further to the newer lighthouse, about a kilometer away and located a lot lower.

If you have a bad leg, or just don’t feel like climbing. The possibility is there to reach the old lighthouse by cable car Flying Dutchman. The legend of the ‘Flying Dutchman’ tells the story of Captain Hendrik van der Decken. Who got into trouble with his ship in 1641 at the Cape of Good Hope. According to the stories. Its the devil who ensured that the ship and its crew continued to sail at sea forever. A story to think about when you’re up in the bin. The cable car runs from the parking lot to the lighthouse and you won’t be the first visitor to look for a sign of the ship.

Whale watching

If you are in South Africa between June and October. Recommended and it doesn’t hurt to pack binoculars during your visit to the Cape of Good Hope. Wrong season? Nature here also has plenty of other beauty to offer. Here you will find no less than 1100 plant species that bloom nowhere else in the world. About 250 different bird species and animals such as the Cape mountain zebra, the African moose Africa’s largest antelope.


The original name of the Cape of Good Hope was Storm Cape. This was because of the severe storms and rough seas that sailors had to deal with. The many shipwrecks found here and there in the area are a reminder of worse times. A special wreck path takes you along the 26 faded ships some hundred years old.


The Cape Peninsula is blessed with some beautiful beaches. The pristine stretches are surrounded by spectacular rocks and are often hidden from the larger hordes of tourists. One of the more popular beaches is Buffalo Beach, a popular picnic spot with spots for braai. Also nice to visit is the impressive Diaz Beach. You can see the beach from the lighthouse, but it is also well worth taking the descent and taking a walk between the steep cliffs. After all, Platboom Beach is the most pristine beach in the entire region. Here you can enjoy the overwhelming nature in peace, without encountering anyone.

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