Blyde River Canyon Panorama Route

Blyde River Canyon

Blyde River Canyon. Spectacular gorge

Anyone who can see one of the most beautiful and spectacular views of the whole of South Africa should travel to the Blyde River Canyon (or Blyderivierspoort). This fantastic gorge is not only one of the largest in the world, it is also a very beautiful green gorge. Breathtakingly beautiful!

If you are going on vacation to spend time in beautiful nature, far from home, then the Blyde River Canyon in South Africa is a great option. This impressive nature reserve can be found in Mpumalanga, located in northeastern South Africa. The Kruger Park can also be found in the immediate vicinity. The Blyde River Canyon is one of the greenest and most large gorges in all of Africa.

The blyde river canyon

The Blyde River Canyon itself is very impressive. It is said that this gorge belongs to the most beautiful canyons in all of Africa, but there are also certainly some who see the gorge as one of the most beautiful gorges in the world. The valleys are atmospheric to watch, while the perpendicular rock faces look like red giants. In total, the canyon has a length of 26 kilometers.

The valleys are romantic, with calm streams and rivers, overgrown rocks and various mosses. The vegetation there is subtropical and is special. It is therefore very green, interspersed with the bright red and orange of the rocks. Of course, there are also many animals living in these valleys.

For example, otters, hippos, baboons, antelopes and leopards can be found. In addition, the most special bird species are also rich. The Mariepskop is the highest point of the canyon and towers at an altitude of 1944 meters.

God’s Window

One attraction that you really should not miss in the area around the Blyde River Canyon is called God’s Window, or the window of God. This is the place where you might have the most beautiful view over the entire Blyde River Canyon. You are really standing with your feet on the gorge that runs 700 meters down there.

From Panorama Route the Blyde River Canyon

If you really want to enjoy the nature reserve, there is the so-called Panorama Route around the Blyde River Canyon. The name of the route actually already indicates that this route is especially meant to see a lot of beautiful things, and that is certainly the case.

The Panorama Route is visited by most tour companies that organise both group and individual trips, in order to give the tourists as complete a picture as possible of the beautiful surroundings. The Panorama Route has many beautiful viewpoints that you should not miss.

There are several waterfalls along the route and the Blydepoort Dam, Bourke’s Luck Potholes, Berlin Falls, Lisbon Falls and Pinnacle. The waterfalls always make a deep impression on the tourists and that is not very strange. This collection of waterfalls is impressive to see, because of their beauty, by the breathtaking environment in which they can be found and also by their special collective name.

Three Rondavels

High above the impressive ravine there are a total of three rounded peaks. These three peaks were named after African huts and are called the Three Rondavels. You can visit the viewpoint that can be found here, so that you have a nice view over the wide surroundings. The three mountains themselves are of course also spectacular and imposing to see.

De Bourke’s Luck Potholes

Near the Blyde River spring, the rivers the Treur and the Blyde come together, creating several large vortexes here due to the coming together of the flowing water. These vortexes are responsible for the wear out of the bowls found in the rocks. These ingrained bowls are named after Tom Bourke, a prospector who was working in the area. These bowls, the Bourke’s Luck Potholes, are well worth admiring.

Pilgrims Rest

There are several nice places to visit, such as the places Graskop, Sabie and Kruger. In the latter, hazyview allows you to participate in various fun activities. Graskop and Sabie are mainly known for forestry and are also well worth a visit. The town of Pilgrims Rest is considered the most beautiful town in the area. This is mainly due to the fact that this town is preserved as much as possible in its original state. It is an old mining town where you can still taste the atmosphere of the past.

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