Accommodation Kruger National Park


Accommodation Kruger National Park

Some information about accommodation and the restcamps in the Kruger National Park.

Punda Maria

Punda Maria is located in an area full of fascinating history and history. It is also the best place in the Kruger Park to spot the shy Nyala Antelope in the Kruger Park. With large herds of Elephants and the rare Tsetsebe and Sable Antelopes regularly seen around the camp. That make this a great camp for wildlife and nature lovers.

The name of the camp was given in 1919 by the first ranger to be placed in this area. Captain JJ Coetser. He accidentally named the camp Punda Maria because he thought it was the Swahili word for Zebra. As this was the first big game he saw when he arrived at his post. However, the correct name for Zebra in Swahili is Punda Milia which means striped donkey. When he was pointed out his mistake. He decided to keep the name Punda Maria as a tribute to his wife Maria from whom he had 12 children.

The camp

Punda maria is full of history and rich in history. Because the camp is in the most Northern part of the Kruger Park and only 8 kilometers from the Punda maria Entrance gate in the Zandveld region. It is a nature lover’s heaven.

The sandstone hills and the old Baobab trees that mark the area together with the Fevertree forests. This is also called the botanical garden of the Kruger Park. Nowhere in the Kruger Park you will find such beautiful vegetation in such large quantities. If you go for the Out of Africa feeling then you are completely at home here.

Accommodation Kruger National Park

The Pafuri region and the border area which is deposited by the Limpopo river completes the picture. You will not find large numbers of tourists here either. This is a place for true lovers of nature, wildlife. You have to put in some effort to get there.

Accommodation Kruger National Park

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Skukuza is the administrative headquarters and main camp of the Kruger National Park and thus also the largest camp in the Kruger Park far away. The camp is located on the southern bank of the Sabie River in Mpumalanga province. The name Skukuza was given by the local Tsongas as a nickname for James Stevenson Hamilton which could be translated as wiping clean. This was because Stevenson-Hamilton was assigned to clear the area of ​​poachers and other criminals. Skukuza was a tsonga village until 1905 when the government decided to relocate them near Hazyview, which was already home to a large concentration of Tsonga people.

Skukuza has a number of historical sites and houses three museums and a library. There is a nursery close to the camp where native plants can be viewed and purchased. There is also an airport called Skukuza Airport with direct flights to Cape Town and Johannesburg that are operated daily.


Skukuza is located in the Southern part of Kruger Park and is the most popular and most accessible camp and one of the best to see the Big 5. The nearby Lake Panic is also a frequently visited destination. The Camp itself overlooks the Sabie River where you can actually always see Elephants, along with the Hippos who have made it their home. The trees along the river have been appropriated by a large group of chacma baboons who can be very noisy. The many facilities that you can find in Skukuza make a stay there very pleasant. You can find restaurants and various accommodation options, shops even a cinema. Skukuza is also the only accommodation for many people and that makes the other camps nice and quiet and more accessible.

Accommodation Kruger National Park

Berg en Dal Restcamp

Kruger National Park


The Ambiance of Satara is all about old colonial Africa with its red roofs of the public buildings and grass-covered rondavels. Satara is the best camp in Kruger Park for spotting lions, leopards and cheetahs and is the third largest camp, located in the central part of Kruger Park.

The chalets give a beautiful view and you can often catch a glimpse of the hyenas that stroll along the fences in the night. Because there is so much grassland around the camp, there are large concentrations of herds of antelope species, which in turn attracts many predators. Satara is known as the (big) cat camp of the Kruger Park.

Accommodation Kruger National Park

In the late 1800s before the Kruger Park was declared a national park, the citizens of the newly proclaimed Transvaal Republic explored the region and identified it as a possible settlement. One of the researchers, an unknown man from India, wrote down the current Satara on his card as Satra, the Hindi word for 19

Satara is a fairly busy camp and is frequently visited by day trippers and is a regular stop for many safari companies operating in this part of the camp. The nearby Hoedspruit and the many private reserves in this region west of the borders with the Kruger Park make this area very rich and very popular. However, it is not the case that you stumble over the safari cars. The area is very large and widely distributed.

The visitors’ area has recently been completely renovated and meets all desired standards. The shop is well stocked and has a wide range of souvenirs and foods.

Satara is one of the better camps in the Kruger Park.

Accommodation Kruger National Park

Letaba Restcamp

Kruger National Park

Olifants Accommodation Kruger National Park

The views from this hillside camp are legendary. The panorama you can see over the Savannah from the platforms is really beautiful. The Olifants river flows below and is very wide and full of wildlife. You would already visit Olifants for the view alone. More than worth it.

The area to the north of the Olifants River is somewhat less rich as the mopani field starts here and the grassland becomes less. However, if you want to see very large and very old elephants then you have come to the right place. The largest Elephants with the longest tusks have been spotted here. Often they are in small groups of three or four. An old boss with two of his old secondaries. A magical and impressive sight.

Olifants is not so crowded by the many visitors to the Kruger Park, partly because it is a bit in a remote corner and there are several camps within a short distance. That makes a stay in Olifants so pleasant and enjoyable. Unfortunately, it can be very hot due to its location on a hill and the surrounding low field.

What an view

The Olifants River at the bottom of the hill is a play paradise for Elephants, waterbuck, impala and many hippos. The rocky, stone-strewn hill does keep many close to the river.

On the south side of the river is a very rich area and can be easily seen from the camp. The views that you will find around the camp together with the mighty Olifants River make the visit more than worthwhile.

You can occasionally see the rare Black Rhino emerge from the bushes to drink water from the river. When you’ve seen that, you can go home.

Photographic Safari South Africa Baby Elephants


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A green oasis on the Letaba River and close to three large ponds make Letaba very suitable for game viewing in a truly beautiful location. Letaba camp also houses the elephant museum where a tribute is given to the giants of the bush. The huge elephants that have roamed this area are honored here. The visit is therefore very worthwhile.

The idyllic camp is located midway between the southern and northern boundaries of the Kruger Park on the banks of the Letaba River and is very shaded by the enormous Sycamore Fig trees, sausage trees, and apple leaf trees. Large lawns where you can see bushbucks strolling around also gives the camp a fresh and green appearance.

Letaba means “river of sand” and the sandy river banks are perfect for wildlife watching.

In pre-historic times, parts of the present-day Kruger Park were already inhabited by groups of people who could survive successfully. Masorini ruins are located nearby. Inhabitation of this region goes back to the Ice Age.

Agent history

The remains of the villages show that long before the arrival of white people, a well-developed technological society already existed here in South Africa.

Letaba is a relaxed camp and is a favorite among Africans as a perfect place to spend time and rest in the overwhelming nature of the Kruger National Park. The camp is very neat and well maintained and it is always a pleasure to stay there.

Letaba is very suitable as a base ivory for the Kruger Park.

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Kruger National Park

Shingwedzi Accommodation Kruger National Park

Shingwedzi is located in Elephant land where you can find many large herds. The camp was mainly known for the many elephants in the 50s and 60s. However, the full Big 5 and many other appealing animals of Africa can be found here.

The fame was mainly due to the fact that the largest and oldest Elephants of the Kruger Park roamed this region a lot. These elephants were called the Mignificent Seven and one of them Shingwedzi. Who died right next to the camp in 1981 had tusks weighing 47 and 58 kilos each. His tusks are now on display at the Elephant Museum in Letaba.

It is not entirely certain where the name Shingwedzi comes from. But it is believed that the earlier Tsongas named the rivers of the region after those famous and prominent for them. Shingwedzi is said to be a combination of names Shing-xa-goli. The name of a prominent person, and njwetsi, meaning the sound of iron rubbing against each other.

Did you read the book?

The region has become well known for the book written by the wife of a famous ranger. Who had his post in this region. The Book written by Kobi Kruger is a worldwide bestseller about the life of a ranger. And his family in the remote corners of the Kruger Park. Especially the part that kobi takes care of and raises a lion cub. Very impressive and the book is more than worth it. “All things Nice and beautifull”

The region around Shingwedzi is a beautiful oasis and a lot of native bush and mopani field. Very rich in wildlife and very pristine and undisturbed. Shingwedzi should not be missing from your visit to the Kruger Park. Unfortunately, however, it is in a remote corner of the Kruger Park. It is not too far away for many visitors to visit.


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