Accommodation in and around Kruger Park

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Accommodation in and around Kruger Park. Written by a visitor recently

Accommodation in and around Kruger Park. Stay overnight or not in the Kruger National Park.

Accommodation in and around Kruger Park.. One of the most frequently asked questions by tourists is whether it is worth spending the night in Kruger or not. One of the advantages of staying overnight in Kruger is that you can get out as early as possible and come back as late as possible because you are not bound by the times when the gates open and close.

On the other side, an overnight stay in Kruger is not cheap. Spending the night outside Kruger is often a lot cheaper, but that also means that you are classified as a ‘day visitor’ and that you are bound by the times when the gates are open and therefore cannot stay in the park until sunset, for example.

It depends where you stay..

An organized game drive at sunset (when most felines become active) is therefore often out of the question. In addition, you also pay the conservation fee every day. If you spend the night in Kruger itself, you also pay this per night, so that one night in Kruger can be cheaper than one night outside Kruger and you visit the park twice.

At the same time, your choice also depends on a bit of experience and the time you have. Personally, we would stay at least two nights in or near Kruger so that you don’t have to go straight to the next destination after one safari, which is often much further.

Accommodation in and around Kruger Park

One of the private lodges around Kruger can be a good alternative. Often on a small scale and usually meals are included. We also spent the night in a private lodge at a 40-minute drive from Kruger. Next to this lodge was also a private game reserve.

You avoid the hustle and bustle of Kruger and at the same time you can go on safari every day. By also spending the night in Kruger, we had also had the chance to go on safari early. Unfortunately, the sunset game drive was already fully booked, but otherwise we could have arranged it.

Choices to be made

The choice therefore often depends on your personal preference, the time you want to spend in the park and the budget, but also whether there is still space in Kruger itself. Because this park is very popular.

In the absolute high season, when the South Africans are on holiday, (mid December – mid January) accommodation in the Kruger Park is often fully booked well in advance.

Accommodation in and around Kruger Park. You can book it on the san parks website.

You usually have to book your accommodation well in advance. In addition, keep a close eye on the SAN Parks website.

During busy periods, there are limits to the number of dayvisitors who can visit the park between certain times. However, the high season already starts in October.

If you really want to spend the night in Kruger, then you would do well to orientate yourself well in advance.

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