Luxury Kruger Park Vacation

Kruger Park

Luxury Kruger Park Vacation with private Guide-driver.

A Luxury Kruger Park Vacation. Your luxury very close to the Kruger National Park. If you choose this Kruger Park vacation you will be staying in walking distance at 300 meters from the boundary with the  Kruger National Park in a 4 star Safari Lodge.  The only boundary between you and the Kruger Park will be the Crocodile River. Tranquility, very peaceful and surrounded by the animals of Africa. Hear the lions roar at night. Listen to the sounds of the African bush. Walk to the Crocodile River and watch the African animals drink. Enjoy your cocktail at the cozy bar and having a great meal in the Boma cooked on fire.

Do you feel it? Is Africa getting in to you? This Luxury Kruger Park vacation will give it all. Africa will surrender to you. But you will surrender to Africa. Don’t ever forget. If Africa gets you… you wont let It go. Its in your vain. Never will it get out of your blood again.

Luxury Kruger Park Vacation South Africa

Luxury Kruger Park Vacation

Ntshava Safaris

Luxury Kruger Park vacation. What do you want more. It cant get any better.

Your luxury Kruger Park safari vacation includes more than you think. Value for money as they say.

8 days / 7 nights safari vacation in the Greater Kruger Park. Bed & Breakfast at a 4 star Safari Lodge. Excursions are all included. Pick up and drop of at the Safari Lodge. Airport transfers included (from and to Johannesburg / Kempton Park). Private guide-driver just for you.

Including 1e overnight stay close to the airport at Kempton Park in the Aero Guest Lodge and 6 nights at the Greater Kruger Park at Beyond the Boma in Marloth Park nature reserve. On the border of the southern part of the Kruger National Park.

Luxury Vacation Kruger Park

Luxury Safari Lodge

Beyond the Boma

Beyond the Boma Safari Lodge is a 4 star Lodge and only 300 meters located from the Crocodile River. The Southern border between the Kruger Park and Marloth Park nature reserve. At Marloth Park nature reserve. Just like in the Kruger Park animals roam free. Don’t be surprised if walk into a giraffe or grazing wildebeest at the parking lot.  You never know but it happens that warthogs will join you for Breakfast. The 4 star safari lodge is located in a very nice and quit part of Marloth Park nature reserve. A big variety of Animals around you for sure on a daily basis.

Luxury Kruger Park Vacation $ 2395


– Transfers to and from the Johannesburg Airport OR Tambo. – 1 night accommodation Johannesburg 4 star Aero Guest Lodge +  Airport transfer + breakfast + free wifi. – 6 nights bed and breakfast in the Safari Lodge in Marloth Park Nature reserve + free wifi. – Kruger Park safari all day in open Safari vehicle. – Crocodile River drive drive Marloth Park nature reserve. – Sunset drive Kruger Park (evening safari) in open Safari vehicle. – Visit Local community + Matsamo Cultural Village


– Kruger Park entrance (Conservation fee). – Other meals and drinks. – Personal expenses and tips.

Ntshava Safaris South Africa


Ntshava Safaris

Extra offer for your luxury Kruger Park Vacation

Second  week bed and breakfast at the safari Lodge For only $ 1195 (Or $ 175 per extra day). Your private guide will stay and can assist you to fill in this extra week Safari possibilities at the Kruger National Park.

Luxury Vacation


Luxury Vacation

Some extra Information about the Safari vacation.

The start just before your luxury Kruger Park safari vacation with staying the first night at the 4 star Aero Guest Lodge in Johannesburg (Kempton Park). Very close to the airport. You will be picked up from the airport at any time and whenever your flight arrives.

Your big benefits during this Luxury vacation in South Africa

You are going to be picked up at the airport in Johannesburg. OR Tambo international airport and brought to the aero Guest Lodge for the first night. The next morning after breakfast you will be picked up at the Guest Lodge. The transfer to Greater Kruger Park will be there with your guide-driver. All transport for your holiday is included. There is no need for you to drive or rent a car for yourself. Your guide-driver will drive you around you’re the whole time that you are with us.

Flexible Taxi Service is included

Taxi service with your private guide-driver on Martloth Park nature reserve is for free (within reason). And taxi service outside Martloth Park reserve for a small fee (also within reason) if you have special wishes.

Extra excursions can be arranged

Additional excursions in and around the Kruger National Park and Marloth Park nature reserve can be arranged. Just consult with your guide about the possibilities. He or she we will help you organize or go with you. Even if you are interested for a day trip into Mozambique or Swaziland. Mozambique and Swaziland are not far and very interesting. Within 1 hour to reach you will be there. Quad bike riding, Horseback safari. To name a few.

Luxury Kruger Park Vacation South Africa

Private Luxury

Ntshava Safaris

Your Luxury  Kruger Park safari vacation day to day

Day 1:

You can  arrive at Johannesburg airport OR Tambo with any flight of your choice. The Aero Guest Lodge will pick you up from the airport at any time. This Aero Gust Lodge is also the Lodge where you are going to stay for your first night.  Your luxury Kruger Park Vacation starts here.

Day 2:

After a good night rest your driver-guide will pick you up at the Aero Guest lodge and will take you to the Greater Kruger Park at the Marloth Park Nature reserve. The thrilling sounds of the animals at night in Beyond the Boma. Sounds like background music and the real start of your safari vacation has begun.

Day 3:

After your first night In the African bush, today you  have the opportunity to explore Marloth Park nature reserve. You will meet your first wild animals of Africa. Your guide takes you around and show you  Marloth Park Nature reserve. He or she will take you on a Crocodile River drive. The crocodile river is the only border between the Kruger Park and Marloth Park Nature reserve. Maybe you are lucky and you will see some Elephants bathing. Or maybe Lions watching who might come for a drink. After the River Drive you can spend the rest of your day as you please. Do what, where and how you want it. Enjoying the Safari Lodge. Relaxing in the African bush with the animals of Africa all around you.

Day 4:

O Yes!! Today it is really going to happen! Early in the morning let say around 5 am your ranger for today will pick you up and show you his or her favourite places in the Kruger National Park.  Plenty wildlife and of course spotting the Big 5 is the goal for today. This is the day that is worth the whole Kruger Park Vacation.

They always say “Nothing beats the Kruger “ And going for a safari in the Kruger National Park is the jewel or the crown of visiting wildlife in Africa. Getting face to face with  Lions. Or Elephants passing by at close range. That is something you will never ever forget. It will be etched in your memory forever.

Day 5:

Another day in the bush. This morning you can sleep a bit longer if you feel like doing so. Today you can enjoy the animals who might visit the safari Lodge and the bush where you stay. If you feel like relaxing this morning you can take a dip in your splash pool and enjoy the tranquility of the bush around you.

In the afternoon around 3 pm your ranger will pick you up again. This time for a sunset safari into the Kruger Park. Just like in the early morning the animals of Africa are most active during these times.

Day 6:

Today you get away from the bush for a while and get to know South Africa a bit better. You are going to have a great day with the locals today. This is certainly not a monkey watching experience but a very rewarding day.

You will experience what life in Africa is like today. All with its pros and cons. Be surprised how welcome you are and how happy the South African people are to see you. After meeting the locals you are going for a visit to a cultural village on the border of Swaziland. Here you will be treated with a drum and singing show in traditional clothing. If you want you can have also a traditional lunch with them. Great food!

Day 7:

Relaxing day. This is the day if you do not want to relax you can book something extra  in case you felt like you missed something. Or just feel like doing so. The possibilities are endless. Your guide will help you if you want.

Day 8:

Last day of your Luxury Kruger Park safari vacation.. Yes… It’s really over. Your Kruger Park safari vacation is finished.  We are very sorry.. Today we have to take you back to Johannesburg airport.

Unless .. You booked an additional week of bed and breakfast . That means you are half way now. Lucky you! There is another week waiting for you in the bush that you can arrange as you please before you really have to return to Johannesburg to get your flight.

Ntshava Safaris South Africa

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Ntshava Safaris

Interested in this Luxury Africa Safari vacation? Contact us and we will send you the brochure. This is really without a doubt worth every penny.

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