Luxury Safari Holidays South Africa

Luxury Safari Holidays South Africa

Luxury Safari Holidays South Africa with private guide-driver

Luxury Safari Holidays South Africa which has all the ingredients for the ultimate luxury safari. An Luxury Safari holiday South Africa means an adventure. Untouched Africa and a huge variety of amazing nature and wildlife. Wonderful and intimate restaurants. Luxurious small-scale accommodations. Safari lodges and much more! The only disadvantage. There is so much that one luxury safari South Africa holiday will never be not enough. It always taste like more.

Luxury Safari Holidays south Africa

Luxury Safari Holidays South Africa

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Explore South Africa

South Africa can be explored perfectly by car with a private driver. This will make your luxury Africa holiday very complete. In combination with beautiful excursions and amazing safaris. This will make it worthwhile. And more than a wonderful experience. Ntshava Safaris is happy to take you to the most beautiful and exclusive places. These places brings the best out of South Africa. Afterwards you can only say: “Yes, South Africa has it all”. But I still have to see lots of it.

Luxury Safaris and Holidays in South Africa. Ntshava Safaris has a lot to offer.

Luxury Lodge


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Luxury Restaurant

Safari in Style

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Luxury Safari Holidays South Africa

When you think of holiday in South Africa. You think of the Kruger National Park. The Kruger National Park is an extensive wildlife park. Located in the northeast of South Africa. On the border with Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

In the reserves you can make the most beautiful and best safaris money can buy. However, you are most likely to spot the Big Five if you stay in one of the beautiful private reserves in and around the Kruger National Park. The luxury Safari Lodges are very private. Only the guests of these exclusive Lodges are allowed to make game drives in certain areas.

If you stay there you will always go under the guidance of professional rangers. The best experience ever.

Cape Town South Africa


Cape Town

Luxury Holiday

The best place to visit

For a Luxury Safari and a South Africa holiday. South Africa is the perfect country to go to. For an amazing safari and see the Big five. The lion, buffalo, elephant, rhino and leopard. And the undisputed number one spot is in the Kruger National Park. Which is world famous for the great diversity and the abundance off wildlife.

The Kruger National Park is truly an amazing piece of nature

Every South Africa Safari holiday can be extended with 6 days Cape Town. Luxury stay and Luxury treatment. with private guide

It is possible to book a 3 days extensions to the Victoria Waterfalls. Return flight Johannesburg – Vic Falls included. Looking for more adventure. Join us for a camping Safari Holiday. 4 national parks. Big 5 adventure in the African bush. With guide.

Luxury Safari South Africa


Luxury & Style

Kruger National Park

“Wining & Dining” at the highest level in South Africa

Without exaggeration, South Africa has one of the most exciting cuisines in Africa. The combination of fresh, local ingredients, fine wines and unbeatable views makes dining out a pure pleasure.

Want something more affordable?

If all this is a bit to much. And the pricing a bit high. Ntshava Safaris offers more affordable South Africa Holidays and Safaris. Even the cheaper ones are being guided by a private guide-driver.

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Luxury Safari Lodge South Africa


It does not get better

Exclusive South Africa

Interested in our other possibilities including overlanding under supervision of a private guide-driver. Adventure, Discover, Feel, Smell and experience Africa in a different way.

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Luxury Safari Holidays South Africa

Do we get you interested in a Luxury Safari Holiday in South Africa? If you have questions or just want us to let us know something. contact us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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Kruger National Park


Best views ever

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Luxury Glamping South Africa


Luxury Glamping

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Luxury South Africa Holiday


Luxury Cape Town

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