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Hi There, wanna go on Safari? Affordable Holiday? South Africa? Not too expensive?

Safari holiday south Africa

Looking for cheap safaris or an affordable holiday in South Africa?

Want to go with a private guide who also is your driver?

Cheap Safari affordable Holidays South Africa. Just for you and your companions or your own small group.

Check, Check and double check. You are at the right place !

Cheap Holiday South Africa

Did you know that all our Cheap safari and affordable holidays in South Africa are private? Nobody else will join you. With your own private guide – driver. Affordable and quality. Feel like a VIP on your holiday or safari.

All Safaris, holidays, tours, road trips and vacations cheap and affordable are individual especially for you and your own group or companions. Minimum of 2 persons. But you can make your own group is big as you want. Although we prefer no bigger groups than 12 persons.

South Africa Safari

South Africa The most beautiful country in the world

Go see it. You live once. Live it!
Discover the magic of Africa

Want to go on a affordable Holiday to South Africa as cheap as possible?

Don’t want to pay to much? Quality is important?

You are at the right place at the right time. We make it happen. No worries and no problems. Ntshava Safaris will go the extra mile for you. As cheap and affordable possible

Ntshava Safaris. Kruger National Park. South Africa.
Cheap Safari Holidays South Africa

Adventure, Explore, Discover South Africa

Affordable Safaris and Safari Holidays South Africa

South Africa

It’s breathtaking, fascinating, vibrant, endless … It’s South Africa! A magical moment awaits you in every province and around every corner that will inspire you. All this is supported by the wonderful people of South Africa. From city life to adventure, wildlife to culture, breathtaking landscapes to sun-drenched coasts. South Africa is always impressive, at all times. Any where, any time.

Cheap Safari affordable South Africa Holidays

Cheap South Africa Safari affordable Holidays. This does not mean it is not done right. You don’t have to pay to much for a great South African Adventure. Quality Safaris and Holidays. All done with your own private guide-driver. Especially for you and your own party. No others will join you in your private Holiday. We guarantee to do its as cheap and affordable as possible.

Minimum of two persons per booking. Maximum of twelve.

Don’t want to scroll down to read everything and go straight to our affordable safaris and holidays. You can skip reading the rest and make your choice much faster below.

Safari in the Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park Safaris Starting

$ 1095

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Blyde River Canyon South Africa

Discover South Africa Tours Starting

$ 1395

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Cheap Safari Holidays South Africa

South Africa Tours Starting

$ 1595

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Leopard at the Kruger National Park

Kruger Park Safari Vacation 8 days / 7 night

$ 1195

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Cape Town South Africa Holiday

Johannesburg to Cape Town Tours Starting

$ 2395

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Cheap Safari Holiday South Africa

Senior Safari Holidays Starting

$ 1195

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Cheap Safari Holiday South Africa Photo Safaris

Photographic Safari

$ 3595

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Luxury Safari Lodge South Africa

Luxury Safari Holidays. Very Exclusive Starting

$ 3995

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Nature Culture Wildlife Tour

Nature Culture Wildlife Tours Starting

$ 1395

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Africa holiday affordable

Short Holidays

12 days adventure

special tours

Starting $ 1895

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Cheap Safari affordable Holidays South Africa

Our cheap Safari and affordable South Africa holidays, no beaten track, always something special, and not the same standard formality. Not more of the same, over and over again. For the best possible rates.

No country where Ubuntu, the belief that all people are universally connected, resonates as loudly as in the rainbow nation deep in southern Africa.

The landscapes are just as diverse as the people. From fragrant fynbos on the rugged coasts around the Cape to the overgrown shores of Blyde River Canyon and the ocher-colored savannas in the Kruger National Park.

Ntshava Safaris why choose us

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We show you the most beautiful places, let you experiences the best, unique programs and many special encounters.

Always go one step further, go further and further until your South Africa safari or holiday is truly perfect.

Step into the world of National Geografic and Animal Planet.

South Africa safaris and holidays for everyone and every budget.

Going on a family holiday with children? Learn more



Ntshava Safaris

Ntshava Safaris offer Quality and better value for money

Cheap Safaris affordable South Africa holidays especially for you

Really we keep our South Africa safaris and holidays as cheap as possible without sacrificing quality. We always go for high-quality affordable South Africa safaris and holidays with the most affordable and cheapest possible price.

Ntshava Safaris guarantee a well-organized South Africa safari or holiday. Excellent accommodations with the best possible excursions and most affordable safaris.

How do we do it? We cut out the middle man.

Not working through and with intermediaries. Nothing gets stuck underway and what you pay for is also what you get and where you are entitled to.

Ntshava Safaris have no cost-consuming office or overhead equipment. We do everything ourselves as much as possible. We know our way around in South Africa and can offer a lot for little money. This is thanks to our many years of experience in the travel industry in South Africa.

But we are a small but very experienced organization and act accordingly. Our safaris and holidays in South Africa are good and as cheap and affordable as possible.

Ntshava Safaris South Africa stands for:

Cheap South Africa Holiday

Affordable Quality

Ntshava Safaris

See more, experience more, feel more, smell more, discover more, that’s what we’re all about

We are not a tourist, holiday factory or mega tour operator but an organization of lovers of Nature, Culture and the well-being of South Africa, her people and her wildlife. After all it is being called:

“ Mother Africa”

We have incorporated our personal experience into all our safaris and holidays. Each of us has gained a lot of knowledge that other travel organizations cannot match. Only that will make our safaris and holidays different than usual.

South Africa, The most beautiful country in the world

Much has been said and written about South Africa. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. Some are the reason not to forget why South Africa is the most beautiful country in the world. In between all the challenges, it’s easy to forget that South Africa has a reputation to uphold for being the most beautiful country in the world. An article by Buzzfeed said this about South Africa:

Unparalleled wildlife and mountains, whales and waterfalls, architecture and antiques, the world’s most beautiful city and the world’s most beautiful spring, plus a lot of national treasures make South Africa “the most beautiful country. in the world ”and a must see travelers and tourists dream.

Make your South Africa dream holiday of your lifetime and don’t pay too much.

Travel around in South Africa with us and you will have a quality tour as cheap as possible. The most beautiful experiences, the best sceneries, see more, do more and more of South Africa in your Holiday or Safari.

Cheap Safari Holidays South Africa



Only in the Kruger national park
Baby Elephant South Africa


Think BIG and be GREAT

South africa holiday

Cheap Safaris affordable South Africa Holidays also means you do not miss anything:

South Africa is full of beauty, natural and man-made. A must see.

Cape Town as a whole contains both, with the beautiful oceans and views but also the special architecture and culture. The coastal roads are far above the rest. Chapman’s Peak and the Garden Route are coastal roads that everyone should see, once in a lifetime. The diverse ecosystems and wildlife. Much of South Africa’s wildlife can be seen in the National Parks, which protects, cares for and maintains the ecosystem.

Not only is South Africa home to the big 5 and many other protected species such as African wild dogs and the Pangolin, but there is also an enormous variety of marine and aquatic life. Where else in the world can you see a whale from the shore and see an elephant grazing with its herd. The diversity in flora. Despite the fact that there are a number of exotic plant species in South Africa, there are an incredible number of native plant species.

The Unique mountains and what they include. The most famous mountain is Table Mountain, one of the new 7 wonders of the world.

Yes there’s more. Much more and it can be very affordable

Safari South Africa



ntshava safaris

Cheap Safari affordable South Africa Holiday Wishes? Going on a honeymoon?

Ntshava Safaris has a South Africa holiday for everyone and every budget. However, there are always exceptions and special wishes that can make a holiday better or more complete. Do you have special wishes, would you like to see or do something special or do you have a dream that you would like to make come true.

Send us a message without obligation and we will see if what we can do for you. Because we have been in South Africa for a long time and know the country through and through, it must be very strange if we could not help you with your special South African dream.

People of South Africa


South Africa, nature, culture, wildlife and more

the rainbow nation
Drakensberg South Africa

Short 12 days Holidays

12 days adventures

Learn more

Ntshava Safaris

Want to go for a cheap Safari honeymoon or affordable honeymoon Holiday to South Africa?

Do you want to go on a real African honeymoon and do you really want something special and not paying too much? Let us know your wishes and we will go start to work for you and arrange it.

Tailor-made cheap South Africa Safari affordable Holiday in South Africa?

Do you have your own wishes and ideas about what your South Africa trip should look like? It is possible and we can put together a specially tailored, unique and just for you South Africa holiday.

If you have decided to some travelling in South Africa, you will end up in a beautiful country with an impressive past. The impressive places you can visit during your holiday through South Africa cannot be counted only on one hand. Let alone the number of sightings in places that are less known. This fascinating and varied country makes always an indelible impression on every traveler with reason.

Feel free to contact us.

We will give you the best offer

View Kruger National Park



ntshava safaris

Our Cheap Safaris and affordable South Africa Holidays

Our cheap Safaris and affordable South Africa holidays are not only cheap they are also good. We aim for quality for the cheapest possible price.  An amazing South Africa holiday can be cheap and really does not have to be that expensive. We guarantee beautiful and good accommodations in beautiful and good locations all over South Africa.

Transport in a comfortable SUV or with larger groups in a minivan.

Good, affordable and cheap can go hand in hand. It is possible.

Cheap quality travel through South Africa. And a dream safari holiday with your own private guide. A grand tour straight trough South Africa is also a trip from one landscape and climate to another. And an introduction to countless ethnic and cultural groups, each speaking their own language. Add the great wealth of flora and fauna. And you know why the popularity of tours through South Africa is huge and don’t need to be further explained!

Ceap safari holiday south africa



ntshava safaris

For all our affordable South Africa holidays and safaris:

  • All prices are based on a minimum booking of two adults
  • Arrival and departure time of your choice
  • Private guide-driver
  • Transport in SUV or Minivan (depending on your group size)
  • Safaris in open Game drive vehicle


Get into the wild

South Africa tours and Safaris. On vacation to South Africa. Do you feel like it too? The Magic of Africa. Tour through the rough north and the Kruger National Park. 16 day nature, culture and wildlife tour (extendable to 20 days).With private driver-guide!

Our South Africa tours always go off and from the off the usual and beaten path. We show you the most beautiful places in South Africa and the best Experience South Africa has to offer. Always we go that one step further, very demanding for ourselves and for your South Africa trip. We will always go ahead and will definitely not stop before your South Africa trip is completely perfect.

The magic of Africa

Meet South Africa

Ntshava Safaris

Our goal for your South Africa holiday

Our goal is very simple: Delivering worry-free South Africa tours for our travellers, to see more, experience more and above all enjoy it more. Travelling in and through South Africa is our passion.

We wake up with it and we go to bed with it. And that is very noticeable during all our South Africa tours. If you join us. We always deliver travel programs with that very needed little bit more. Carefully selected Accommodations in special and beautiful locations.

Our programs in South Africa and our Cheap Safari and affordable Holidays South Africa

Unique programs, special meetings and a lot of unexpected experiences. You will find out yourselves with our passionate tour guides. Our tour guides know South Africa thorough. After all, they have lived in South Africa for a long, long time.

They speak the language and know the people, the region and the country. You shall notice that the personal way of handling during your South Africa trip makes it more beautiful and more interesting. Your guide will always advise and assist you. And make your South Africa trip perfect. Familiar while travelling through South Africa we know where you need to be.

senior holiday South Africa

Explore the real Africa

Ntshava Safaris

We are stand for, to make your South Africa holiday perfect:

See more, experience more, experience more, discover more, That is what we are all about.

We are not a tourist, vacation factory or mega tour operator but an organization of lovers of Nature, Culture and the well-being of South Africa. We have incorporated our personal experience into all our trips. Because we have been for years  living, working and living in South Africa each of us has gained a lot of knowledge where other travel organizations cannot match. That alone makes our travels different than usual.

Who does not dream of Africa .. We invite you to enjoy with us Africa and everything this beautiful country has to offer you. We show you the best and what South Africa has to offer. Africa a place full of wonderful magic and beauty. It’s still there and we’ll show you where.

Soutpansberg Limpopo


Ntshava Safaris

The beat of a drum. A lion roars, Hyenas howl, the campfire burns and stories of Africa are being told. All our trips are personal and friendly. You come as guest and leaves as a friend. Don’t forget… Once Africa is in your heart it will never go away.

Off the beaten track South Africa

Join us in South Africa

It is your holiday

South Africa the rainbow nation

South Africa is meekly described as ‘the rainbow nation’ thanks to its numerous varied landscapes and endearing peoples, a diversity that it embraces wholeheartedly. It’s an epic land on the tip of an epic continent.

Here you will find an abundance of extraordinary national parks and wildlife, a delicious culinary offer and fantastic vineyards, a vibrant nightlife and sun-drenched daytime hours.

Even thunderstorms are indescribably beautiful and impressive here, just like the starry sky over the Karoo, the majestic Drakensberg and the 2798 km long, striking coastline.

Together they write your story as you probably cannot experience it anywhere else in the world.

Apartheid is part of the past. The welcome you receive here is so warm that it instantly melts away any resistance you might raise and leaves you longing to stay longer and explore more. So, make sure you don’t see one day in your planning whether you at least plan a next trip.

South Africa, the rainbow nation

South Africa Shangaan Culture

The Rainbow Nation

South Africa

Our individual tours, safaris and holidays with private guide-driver. Cheap and affordable Safaris and Holidays South Africa

The individual tours through South Africa that you book with Ntshava Safaris. They leave you a lot of space for your own interpretation. Ideal when you go on holiday together and want to make a longer stop somewhere.

It also makes our tours very suitable as an adventurous family trip. Because you visit places with your partner or your children that appeal to the whole family.

Go on a game drive together to see elephants, lions and rhinos or take to the open sea to spot dolphins and whales.

During our individual tours and safaris in South Africa with your own family, there is also plenty of room for relaxation.

Think of a few beach days on the Indian Ocean where the children can play and water sports while you enjoy a good glass of South African wine!

View on Lesotho



What are you waiting for? South Africa is waiting for you.

Interesting in reading some articles about South Africa, safari and the holidays we offer. Or just want some extra information about our beloved country? You will find them here

Cheap Safari Kruger Park South Africa

Join us in your Safari or Holiday in South Africa

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